Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Come join!

I'm joining this 1st GA by Asma's Felting Box.

Saya join GA ni kerana ingin menguji nasib. :) 

Steps to join: (For the original GA in Malay, click on the banner!)

1. Do 1 entry about you joining this GA.

2. In the entry, state why are you joining. Start with: "Saya join GA ni kerana ....... (Not more than 5 words)

3. Put the banner at your blog's sidebar and link to this entry.

4. Leave your link in the comment box.

5. Done!! :)

There will be 2 winners.

1. Lucky draw!
2. Participant with highest traffic source during Jan 2011.

GA ends at 3 February 2011, 11.59pm, Kuantan time.

I'm tagging everyone here! The more the merrier!

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