Being serious won't kill you

3:43 PM

Nasty title, right? Well, cutting short, it means that I'm angry + upset by the behavior of some folks. Names will not be given, referring to them by simple A, B, C, etc.

Let's begin with a tale.

One day, A wanted to go out with friends. Being so considerate, he sent messages to about 10 friends. Spending about RM0.50? Maxis to Maxis rate, okay. Well, he didn't want to force them to accompany him so he didn't say RSVP in his message. ^.^ It was just a friendly hanging out, not some uptight big important event.

On the same evening he sent out the messages, B responded saying that he would go. A was delighted. Then came a message from C, also saying he will come. The next day, A posted in Facebook, asking if anyone else would like to join. He stated the time, place and date for their convenience. B and C promptly commented that they would come. Suddenly, A decided to cancel it. Below was the reason why:

A: Anyone wanting to include himself/ herself in an outing this Saturday, around 2pm at Times Square? So far, B and C are coming.

B: Yes! Want to see what promotions there are having now.

C: B and his promotions! -___-

Three days before the day mentioned:

B: I'm not rich, you know. 

D: @B, so meaning you will treat us, right?

C: Yeah! B is treating us all!!

E: Yay!! Free food!!

Two days before:

B: -___- You guys want to make me poor.

C: So are you guys coming?

D: Well, if you're treating, I'll come. 

E: How about we go to C's home? 

C: Yeah, come, come. Bring your ID okay.

D: so we're eating at C's home? Yay!!

One day before:

A: Are you guys coming?

E: I'm not sure, maybe not coming.

In A's mind: What were you all thinking then??? If you are not thinking of coming, just say so instead of talking bullshit nonsense. I don't mind jokes, you think you are being funny and all, but I wanted to know whether you guys are coming or not. Then you guys are just thinking of being the joker by poking at each other. Geeesssh!! Why can't you guys realize that I was being serious?

On the day itself:

A: Hey, guys, don't have to come, okay. Going myself, alone as always anyway. Sorry, was only joking about asking you all. :P

In my own head right now:
ARGHHH!! Never mind! I'm sure that I'll be labeled as being too sensitive, courtesy of maybe the same folks.

But, you know........

Being serious won't kill you


NOTE: If you think this post is related to anything, thank you for being a smart-ass concerned. 

ps: If you're offended by my choice of words or the contents, please spam my comment box.

The outing was a failure. T.T Because I got held back by my group's APK meeting, they went ahead first. Another person dropped out. So, it's either I go myself in a taxi or just cancel ME going. Well, since I had things to do (nightmare of being a secretary came true! DAMN! Oh, okay, not saying that I'm that upset, besides I love typing, improve my typing skills right?) so I headed back to college. Altogether, I'm disappointed. :(

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  1. it's better to say they cannot go and show up later rather than say they're coming. Poor you, eh A. :)

  2. i read this entry of yours 3 times..but i did not understand your story...maybe i am too serious...and it's killing me...damn!!!!

    munsyi..ko macam nak ngurat die je..haha..saying sumtin nice to console a heartbroken gurl...


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