Being judged

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I hate being judged. I think most of you hate it too. Like, they're not us hence they wouldn't know 100% what's good for us. Get the f*** out of my life, losers.

Normally I would put my feelings like above. Now, I'm starting to think positively. Maybe because I'm getting older. WTH!! Turning 20 is making me sound like a preacher here. Wow! Cut the crap, I'm getting off topic!

Okay, FYI this is going to be a lamentation. Not interested, just leave, I don't mind. Like who likes to read some crap and whining of a female life. I'm not some superstar somebody or some huge mega million enterpriser. Yeah, this blog of mine is my diary and I just love to halau my readers. (Intentionally put halau, I know the translation. Just following the examples of mixed languages from other blogs.) This blog is not private so why should I kick you away? No reasons, I love being mean because in person, I'm too KIND to curse or swear.


What does it mean being judged? Well, almost everything. If it's not your looks, it's your clothes. Not those, then your personality. Not that either? Your belongings, maybe.

In my OWN personal opinion, being judged is akin to being envied. <<< Yes, the irony! We're being judged because we are being envied.

"Apalaa orang itu, tak pandai cakap. Tak payahlaa naik atas pentas, buat malu sendiri sahaja."

Translated version for my International audience (Pffft! If I have any!):

"What is with that fellow, he can't talk properly. No need to get on stage, only embarrassing himself."

The above translation may not be 100% accurate but the meaning is almost the same as the Bahasa Malaysia version. ^.^

Now, if I were the 'he', I would feel so embarrassed! Yeah, people criticizing you openly like that makes self-esteem hit rock bottom! I'll want to hide myself for 5 months or more and shun myself from the crowd. Maybe even wear layers of clothes and sunglasses to hide myself from the embarrassment. 


As if possible to hide your one self from the crowd. Sooner or later, they'll recognize you as the dude who went up on stage and became a laughing stock. Yeah, life is cruel and harsh, not as beautiful. BUT, if you see it that way, you are not living your life as good as you would want it to be. Why the negative thinking? Because all of your life, people have been saying, "No, you can't do that." and "No, you'll fail." Okay, the last example is too harsh. Please tell me if somebody said it to you. That person deserves a kick in the groin for his pluck. 

Now, let's think why would the loser say:

"Apalaa orang itu, tak pandai cakap. Tak payahlaa naik atas pentas, buat malu sendiri sahaja."

When in reality, he is thinking in his mind AND heart:

"Wow, beraninya dia cakap di atas pentas. Walaupun tak fasih dan mungkin malu depan semua orang, dia berdiri atas sana. Saya tak berani seperti dia dan dah rugi banyak."

Translated version:

"Wow, he's brave! Even though he can't talk properly, he has the guts to get on stage. I don't have the courage and lose out on many things."

Or another selfish and hateful thought (only people with narrow minded thinking is like this, think you'll one?):

"Orang ini berlagak saja, nak tunjuk hebat laa tu. Orang pandai, diam saja, tak ada nak tunjuk-tunjuk macam kamu."

Translated version:

"This person is showing off. People who are really clever keep quiet and will not show off like you."


Talk about being judged and envied! Tsk tsk tsk! Humans are so complicated. Enough that you say, from a male, "Females are so complicated!" and from a female, "Males are so complicated!" It's HUMANS that are so complicated because we are not really sure what we are really feeling and thinking. We judge and we envy. 

From the above example, what can you conclude? Or did I type something you can't understand? I'm sorry but that's how I think. It's mostly jumbled up. 

In my OWN opinion, again, being judged is akin to being envied. However, not in all cases, okay! 

Bye! Lunch awaits the Princess here! >.<

ps: CNY is coming up but I'm not homebound! T.T 1week only, why waste flight ticket when I don't celebrate it, right?

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  1. Good point. I'm thinking the same thing. people like that, they're just jealous of what the other person has, courage to stand up and talk. Just be yourself and improve. ;)


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