APK #Part1,2,3,4???

9:52 PM

Hahahahaha.... Well, I purposely don't want to post about this university course. Sorry, Mr Lecturer, but I just can't seem to focus in your class. Maybe I haven't open up my mind into the business world, you know, making and operating a business. Okay, enough about patronizing lectures, Anna! Nanti ilmu tak berkat! Meaning the knowledge is not blessed, something. I'm no pro in this translating.

Okay, already in 4th week of lecture class. Time sure does fly when you wanted it to be fast. But now you're wishing it had slow down. Because there are things you missed and would've done better. Oh, crabs! Just live in the Present and not regret the Past. Well, if it's something really, REALLY important. Then maybe you should be regretting NOW.

About the course:
APK, short for Basic Entrepreneurship Culture, is aimed to inculcate the basic elements of entrepreneurship in the students. And the rest: bla bla bla. Making it short and simple: APK is all about teaching students how to operate, maintain and at the same time, instill some business skills.

Key word- BUSINESS.

Oh, this was the group that I dislike. I'm with that #1 person loser! I can see his expression, looking down on me! F**k you, stupid bias guy! Opppsss! I let on that the person is a HE!!!

Ah, never mind, not like my readers are my friends in the same course. Some, yes, but a few. And some of these will know who I'm referring to. I really hate him because he's the type that find faults in you and the most horrible thing, blab it in front of, not only YOU but everyone around!! Yes, everyone got to hear what your bad points are. Whatever happened to being indiscreet? At least, approach the person FIRST, tell it in private. Not announcing it out when the person was not well aware about it!

Tsk tsk tsk! I've never met such a jackass mean guy! The most surprising fact: He's taken! Yes, IN A RELATIONSHIP!!! Who is this unlucky woman!!!?


Oh well, hope he falls down a stair and be in bed the whole week when the stalls are open for APK. My group is selling souvenirs. Not finalized yet though. I'm the Ms Secretary too. I'm typing letters, in Malay, not English, my beloved language. Don't fret, dear! This blog is dedicated to you! <<< Went crazy a bit there >.<


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  1. That's the problem,either sponsors or see how much we could get from UM. Need to search google or ask around what ppl would like 2 buy. goodluck!


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