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This post only requires less than 10 minutes to read. If you're the fast reader type. :) I finished in less than 5.

Okay, 2010 away and 2011 in. Got your shoes and uniform and stationery ready? Oh, uniform for those still wearing them. For university students, make sure casual wear is not the sexy type, specifically yours truly the ladies, gals, women plus if you're the type of guy who have a gorgeous body doesn't mind showing off his biceps. I know you've been shopping and want to impress the guys/gals or the lecturers (Heaven forbids seducing lecturers!) BUT do cover up what must not be shown freely to the world. Save those for your husband/wife.

Skip the husband part! Study first, work and then decide on your life partner. <<< Words usually spoken by my own folks. Though I added the life partner part myself.

I purposely did this post at the last minute before 1st Jan 2011 is over. At 12am. Which is very soon! >.<

Well, nothing much right? Most bloggers had about covered all. Though there was an untimely death of an actor. May his soul rest in peace. I have to say, the speed of bloggers doing posts about his death was, well, a tad scary.

Damn! Past 12am already! Okay, I'm late for doing this post, serves me right.

2nd Jan 2011 now. Oh, I'm heading back to KL, afternoon flight. I do hope I get the window seat again.

For once I did my wishlist. Interested? Just scroll under the animated widget "I love my blog" which is under Formspring. Though I think the Dean's list is impossible for year 1. Like, 3.22 + 4=3.61. That's even if I do get a 4. Fat chance! Lesson learnt: Study harder and smarter! And avoid falling asleep in class! Aye, Captain!
ps: Can't wait for Pirates of Caribbean 4 to be out! XD

Other wishes listed is achieve-able. Who wants to sponsor the Persona 3 on my PSP? I mean, buy the game for me!
ps: That's a joke okay. No way I'm forcing anyone to buy things for me. Get that right, no force is ever used in getting followers either. So if you don't like my blog, feel free to un-follow. I won't bite you. I promise!

I'm hating returning to UM and no, I'm not changing course. I'm the lazy type and there's quite a lot to manage when I wrote down what have to be done to change course. PTPTN, meeting the Dean and that's only in UM. I'm not sure about UNIMAS later. So yeah, I dropped that plan. Typical of me actually. I never quite finish some of my projects or plans. Which made me think that I'm dreadful as a leader. Imagine coming up with a great, awesome plan and telling everyone how it will change lives. Only for that person to realize how tedious it is and call it off. Sorry, but that type of person is me.

Above is one of my resolutions for 2011. Coming handy because I just finished one of my DIY felt project. The photos are in my phone. If I have the time, I'll upload and post about it. With the Kuching trip photos too.

Uh-oh! Already 12.30am. I set how long I'm supposed to write a post. Around 30minutes to 3 hours, the hours for posts that require research. Well, enough blabbering from me here. Hope you all enjoy the firecrackers AKA mercun and bunga api. I know I didn't, even my little bro got scared. At least, be a little considerate since this is a housing area.


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  1. waah.kau maen persona jugak ke??
    xahu kau ad psp pon...haha~~


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