1st day Sem 2

11:31 AM

This post is supposed to be published yesterday but due to the lag in UM's WiFi, I'm publishing it now. My bad. Enjoy the song at the bottom. :) (Paramore's song will be back tomorrow for you to enjoy the song at the bottom with no interruptions.)

Waited for the UM shuttle bas from 10.10am. None in sight so decided to ride a taxi. Waited again for an empty taxi. In taxi around after 11am.

1st damn!: While in taxi, saw the UM shuttle bus. Did they just started the buses? 

2nd damn!: While in taxi, again, friend got call from other friend who was at the faculty. Lecture's cancelled. And the evening tutorial with it. >.< 

3rd damn!: English class all full but I dropped my previous one already. You see, one of my courses changed the time so Wednesday morning was free. But the classes that were supposed to not clash were all full. I don't know but maybe they are invisible students in UM? Or maybe the seniors who didn't take it last semester. Or maybe those people that does not have the course in their course plan but just want to take it. Or maybe because they want Friday to be free, enabling them to go home for weekends. <<<No English classes on Friday, okay. And all those are just IFs. 

So stressed that time! Now not so because after all, there's no use getting all riled up by all that.

1st solution: Just let it go that maybe the bus drivers were caught in a traffic jam thus making them late. 

2nd solution: Went to Pekan Buku with Diba and Yaya, bought 2 notebooks. I prefer the hardcover type, the A4 size and this time 300 pages. The previous 400 pages was kinda wasted since not much writing. And heavy. >.<

3rd solution: For the time being until informed, decided to take TITAS class. 

So you see, 1st day of Sem 2 wasn't all bad. I thought of going out the afternoon but luckily not. Suddenly started raining around 2pm. Quite heavy too. 

Because it was nice and cool ( and the headache with the stress), took a nap. 

Soon Tito, one of my room mates will come back from Midvalley.


Stopped by some of my fellow bloggers. They also had a rough 1st day. 

Dedicated to all. Feel the music and the words.

Hope tomorrow is better! 


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