1207 #Part1

6:14 PM

Saturday class successfully changed to Monday evening from 6pm to 9pm. It will be taught by a part timer, a registered valuer himself. Nickname given: A. Reason: He wants all to think critically and understand his lectures. Thus rewarding A to those active. Easier for me to keep this in mind with his nickname being A. I can't wait for him to tell about his occupation. He's been in presence with international clients and knows how the market is for this profession. To learn the most is by being in the presence of someone who has experienced it themselves. For now, I need to find out what SOHO is and be ready to talk on Monday evening. A insists everyone to talk. >.<

ps: I'm happy that it is not on Saturday but he said it could be if he is unable to come on weekdays. Cross my fingers!


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