1106 #part2 & 3

9:18 PM

Part 2- 17 Jan

Quite boring interesting because I didn't quite understand anything. Sorry! >.< And the rest was lost in my memory. T.T

Part 3-24 Jan

Yesterday's class. Let's see. Well, most of us were not focusing. It was about collecting data. Whether Quantitative data or Qualitative data. And the methods used to collect them Then evening class in the computer laboratory. Learning the basics of using Excel Microsoft nearly makes me cry in boredom sleepy. Oh, I borrowed a book. Going to read it during holidays while doing my projects and research. The book's title: Diary of a Real Estate Rookie by Alison Rogers. So far, it's interesting. Wonder how the ending will be.

To-do list: English class- presentation! Other than that, nothing for this week. >.<


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