1106 #part1

12:36 PM

1st class since last week was cancelled. There was a surprise but I'm not sure whether I should be pleased or not. It's usually 40% continuous assessment and 60% exams right? This time it's reversed for this course. 60% is the assignments and test while 40% will be for the exam. It's going to be two assignments, carrying 20% each and two tests, 10% respectively.

Would you be happy? I have mixed feelings. For the assignment group, the lecturer will choose randomly. I'm crossing fingers that I get agreeable members, please. Or I'll be super bossy and nobody likes that even though it gets work done.

What can I say about this morning class? Nothing much, just thankful that I'm not sleepy, though bored but I really focus. Occasionally doodled so that my hands are occupied. My drawings are getting horrible. When was the last time I drew? *Sigh

Other updates:

1108 is cancelled tomorrow and I have the whole Tuesday free. I planned to go to Midvalley in the afternoon. Maybe I'll stick to the original plan or instead go in the morning. Whichever.

Well, you all know about AJL, Anugerah Juara Lagu. Quite an uproar about the result. I'm sadden that Faizal Tahir didn't win the coveted award but I'll settle for Persembahan Terbaik. I always like his songs best. Something interesting in Facebook too. Hahahahaha...... I'm too lazy to write about it so why not give traffic to other blogs? <<< Aren't I so kind?

Read here. Sorry I don't list other blogs. For now, I only found one entry about it.

Okay, that's all.

ps: I'm updating at my faculty. Damn slow WiFI at my college!


Oh, have a happy day or make it useful then you'll feel happy-lah~

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