1105 #Part2

4:01 PM

Since Thursday was a holiday, the class was replaced on Tuesday, 18 Jan.

LJY was funny again that day, really makes you open your ears and eyes in case you miss something. It was like 80% lecture and 20% making jokes or telling us about something that happened to him. It made the class awake and I have to say, GREAT!

Assignment progress: Discussed on Friday afternoon before APK class. We had to work out what the tasks wanted us to do. Uh-oh! We hit a road block in the foundation part. There's underground water in the ground just below where the hotel is supposed to be built. Need to work that one out first. *Sigh I feel like the engineer instead, with all the building problems and thinking of the solutions. High tech and high quality but less cost and maintenance. Yeah, I sound like an engineer instead of a valuer. Still, this is interesting so might as well soak in the knowledge!


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