Countdown till...

9:43 PM

There's still a few more hours left. Time for me to play some makeover! Hehehehe, don't be surprise when you view the photos later! Bye!

ps: First post on this new blog and a short one. Tomorrow will maybe be a long post with some pictures! Oh, I'm the model and the photographer, 2 in 1 method!


Cake Search

1:12 PM

What Secret Recipe cake is your favorite?

I'm trying to decide on a cake for an important event at midnight today. ^.^

Is it this one?

Or this one?

Or these??


So many choices! But I'll have to see what cakes are available at Secret Recipe in Midvalley later.

Guess which cake will be chosen!



The chosen cake was

Chocolate Banana cake!

Well, just a slice of it but trust me, one slice is enough! >.<

And I had problems to connect my Nokia to this Dell! Huhuhuhuh, will upload the photos in my new blog.

Hehehehe ^0^


My new 'other' blog?

2:16 PM

Hi, peeps! Guess what, I'm kinda getting bored with this simple, blue layout and the slow speed when it opens. This blog is getting heavy. Hence, a MAKEOVER! The new blog is already available, you can view it through my blogger's profile. It's still empty since I'm thinking whether to import from this blog or start afresh. Better import right? Well, it will not be empty once the clock strikes 12am on 1st February.

Oh, since that blog is fresh, you'll need to leave your link okay. And there will be no Shout Box for that blog. I won't be using the Read More function either, so you can read till the end without exerting yourself to click the Read More button.

Anything else? Oh, this blog will not be deleted. It will be improvised and used as my Contest/ Giveaway blog. And I will also put my awards here plus your banners. That way my new blog is not clogged with banners and awards. I'll occasionally link them to the respective post okay.

Well, that's all.

Thanks for reading this update.


Squashed, pushed, guilt

11:10 PM

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who dislikes crowds or being pushed around. She's ROYALTY okay! Then she also dislikes beggars coming up to her with their sorrowful looks. The beggar only had a limp! He has his hands, both his hands, plus they seemed in prime condition. So why should he beg me for money, was what the Princess thought.


The Princess was me. <<< Okay, before you start rolling your eyes at this, feel free to exit my blog. Thank you.

Well, today I decided to go to Midvalley to buy food. Yes, during this one week break the college's food hall is closed. Thank goodness, 12th college's food shops were still opened. Though I forgot to ask whether they will open throughout the week. Most probably no shop is open on CNY. Except McD and KFC maybe. Should I call for delivery then? Oh, crabs! Let's move on to the rest of the story.

Let's see, I just remembered that there was going to be an IT fair. Thanks, Bad, but I wished dreadfully that I didn't go. Besides the laptop, desktop, notebook brands, there were also some banks. Had to close my heart really tight, you know. They might fool me, a full time student, who is not really earning much, to sign up a credit card. To me, now= NO credit card. Later maybe, after I worked for 10 years? Well, maybe not 10. SECRET!

ARGHHH!!!! Keep to the story, Anna! Okay, sorry. Moving on.

So, after a LOT of side trips before I went to the IT fair, I finally entered. At first from the outside I thought it was kinda crowded already. But since the crowd seemed to move, it should be fine, right? WRONG, so wrong. And the most horrible thing, it was mostly the male species. Yes, males are attracted to cool  gadgets and females to their cosmetics and apparels all. *Sigh. I regretted entering that forbidden fair. Plus, there was nothing much to see.

The worst packed hall was nearly the last, before exiting. Imagine the space, the walk way for people was like half the size of this room I'm in right now. No, you can't imagine that. Let's see. Around 3 meters? Wait, is that too big? Too small? Haishhh!! I don't know, but less than 1 km.

And there was a human traffic jam. Nice. Too bad I wasn't holding a DSLR in hand. It would make a fantastic photo. "Human sardines in a Fair"

Last but not least, the appearance of a beggar, much to the dislike of the Princess. Not to say that the Princess is horrid. She felt terrible for refusing him and freezing her heart was unbearable. But, the more YOU help them, they'll end up doing nothing but beg for the rest of their life! If I was a successful businesswoman, I'll give them jobs. That's better, they can earn for themselves.

*Sigh Until now, I feel bad. My eyes stung back then. Watching him approaching people, making them pity him. To let go your ego and beg? That's just what life could do to a person.

But, limp beggar, I'll remember your face. Nothing personal, but your face is similar to this one friend of mine. He treasures friends and gets hurt easily if friends forgot about him or back stab him. Unfortunately, he and I are not friends anymore. I know this because I wished him a Happy Birthday. He didn't reply. Never ever. We met and acted like STRANGERS. Oh, how did it turned out so bad!

My birthday is coming up soon and I'm celebrating alone in my room. This is the 3rd time I'm celebrating alone without my family next to me. Gosh, I miss them. Yeah, even my annoying brothers, annoying sister, nagging dad and sweet mum. Oh, don't get funny ideas, guys, I love my family so much. Damn! This coming fever's making me emotional. For the record, I'm crying right now. I shed tears so easily. >.<

Well, truthfully, the outing idea was for me to make at least one fun memory of my teen years. I have fun memories but not much with friends. I wish Teddy was here.

Hahahaha, getting emotional there. Okay, that's a bonus read!


ps: Don't worry, okay. I've armed myself with comics, anime, projects and tutorials! I'm a tough girl! Well, soon a woman/ lady. >.< Getting older is kinda scary because from then on people, elders especially, thinks you should not blow soap bubbles. That's only what KIDS do. Whatever, I'll still make them! There's a kid in every adult after all.

University life

APK #Part1,2,3,4???

9:52 PM

Hahahahaha.... Well, I purposely don't want to post about this university course. Sorry, Mr Lecturer, but I just can't seem to focus in your class. Maybe I haven't open up my mind into the business world, you know, making and operating a business. Okay, enough about patronizing lectures, Anna! Nanti ilmu tak berkat! Meaning the knowledge is not blessed, something. I'm no pro in this translating.

Okay, already in 4th week of lecture class. Time sure does fly when you wanted it to be fast. But now you're wishing it had slow down. Because there are things you missed and would've done better. Oh, crabs! Just live in the Present and not regret the Past. Well, if it's something really, REALLY important. Then maybe you should be regretting NOW.

About the course:
APK, short for Basic Entrepreneurship Culture, is aimed to inculcate the basic elements of entrepreneurship in the students. And the rest: bla bla bla. Making it short and simple: APK is all about teaching students how to operate, maintain and at the same time, instill some business skills.

Key word- BUSINESS.

Oh, this was the group that I dislike. I'm with that #1 person loser! I can see his expression, looking down on me! F**k you, stupid bias guy! Opppsss! I let on that the person is a HE!!!

Ah, never mind, not like my readers are my friends in the same course. Some, yes, but a few. And some of these will know who I'm referring to. I really hate him because he's the type that find faults in you and the most horrible thing, blab it in front of, not only YOU but everyone around!! Yes, everyone got to hear what your bad points are. Whatever happened to being indiscreet? At least, approach the person FIRST, tell it in private. Not announcing it out when the person was not well aware about it!

Tsk tsk tsk! I've never met such a jackass mean guy! The most surprising fact: He's taken! Yes, IN A RELATIONSHIP!!! Who is this unlucky woman!!!?


Oh well, hope he falls down a stair and be in bed the whole week when the stalls are open for APK. My group is selling souvenirs. Not finalized yet though. I'm the Ms Secretary too. I'm typing letters, in Malay, not English, my beloved language. Don't fret, dear! This blog is dedicated to you! <<< Went crazy a bit there >.<



Emo-post: You're spamming! I'm angry!

10:17 AM

Lately there's been a debate about whether having a Shout Box is necessary or not for blogs. I'm using it and at first I find it useful because most bloggers like to leave their tracks and not reading my posts. I don't mind, as long as you came and not generated your footprint through cheats whatsoever. I leave my footprints in your Shout Box too and sometimes, not reading your posts. Why? Simple, because I wasn't interested. Then if some posts garnered my interest, I'll comment about it. Though I wished I could just write a smiley, meaning I like you posts. I mean, I do like what you write but I had nothing much to comment. Hence>>> :) or even :P. Oh, if I commented more, I sound like the first person who commented it.

Okay, back to title. 

Cute, angry pup not related to post.

I'm pissed of by some irresponsible folks! 

Please, yes, I said not Adverts and thankfully no STUPID, INCOHERENT blogshops dropped more than twice their advertisement there. At least they read!

But now I'm facing a whole new STUPID DUMB ASS wannabe adverts.

This type invades your Shout Box, leaving not their links to their blogshops!


Adverts about making money, you know this type of scheme. Where it says no modal whatever and yet you get your money back in millions. <<< If you believe them, you're just as stupid.

I don't know, I'm not some policeman or CIA agent but no modal??? That's way too fishy. A business with no modal is ridiculous! Sufficiently said.

Now another type. This one is new and okay, I give you the SMART ASS reputation.

Leaving your link to,, or whatever sites that gives you income when I click on it.

What the f**k lah you morons! *Clears throat.

And my own way of managing this? First, I ask you whether it was you who put that link. Only if I could relate you to it then I'll ask okay. Next, I'll kindly ask you not to do it again. Do a post for promoting. Not spamming that LITTLE Shout Box with your UGLY links.

Third option and will only be used if you still persist: there's a little header above right, it has the options: Is this person spamming you (or something else).

I'll just hit the YES, he/she is spamming me. Hence the clicks you got from me is invalid! Oh, you might get suspended too....

Come on! Are you just so lazy that you go this low to get people to click on the campaigns? Where's your integrity? I'm not going to say who did it. If you think you're feeling HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE and maybe thinking 'Oh, this person is so over reacting!'. Well, heads up, dumbo!

My blog, my rules! XD

You think it's okay if some STUPID jackass invaded you with links  then that's YOU. I am not YOU.


ps: My temper's hanging by a thread. Just about holding me back from giving you a proper thrashing. This post is in the MEDIUM level of the thrashings allowed. >.<

to all those losers:

I am so EVIL and MEAN today~

University life

1108 #Part4

9:26 AM

27 Jan (a day later)

This is for tutorial class. Well, it was about summarizing how the cities had progressed. From the Elements' perspectives like Economy, Building type, Social system etc. etc.

It's a miracle I didn't fall asleep this time too. ^.^

Okay, for the tutorial she had given about drawing up our own city, well, she said to cancel it, not mistaken. <<<  I was not really focusing, by this time my pencil and eraser were on the book and I'm drawing in my head. :(

1105 class after that was cancelled. I think he wanted to escape from being jeopardized by us. *wink He's a Chinese lecturer~

Well, already updated Being serious won't kill you.



Being serious won't kill you

3:43 PM

Nasty title, right? Well, cutting short, it means that I'm angry + upset by the behavior of some folks. Names will not be given, referring to them by simple A, B, C, etc.

Let's begin with a tale.

One day, A wanted to go out with friends. Being so considerate, he sent messages to about 10 friends. Spending about RM0.50? Maxis to Maxis rate, okay. Well, he didn't want to force them to accompany him so he didn't say RSVP in his message. ^.^ It was just a friendly hanging out, not some uptight big important event.

On the same evening he sent out the messages, B responded saying that he would go. A was delighted. Then came a message from C, also saying he will come. The next day, A posted in Facebook, asking if anyone else would like to join. He stated the time, place and date for their convenience. B and C promptly commented that they would come. Suddenly, A decided to cancel it. Below was the reason why:

A: Anyone wanting to include himself/ herself in an outing this Saturday, around 2pm at Times Square? So far, B and C are coming.

B: Yes! Want to see what promotions there are having now.

C: B and his promotions! -___-

Three days before the day mentioned:

B: I'm not rich, you know. 

D: @B, so meaning you will treat us, right?

C: Yeah! B is treating us all!!

E: Yay!! Free food!!

Two days before:

B: -___- You guys want to make me poor.

C: So are you guys coming?

D: Well, if you're treating, I'll come. 

E: How about we go to C's home? 

C: Yeah, come, come. Bring your ID okay.

D: so we're eating at C's home? Yay!!

One day before:

A: Are you guys coming?

E: I'm not sure, maybe not coming.

In A's mind: What were you all thinking then??? If you are not thinking of coming, just say so instead of talking bullshit nonsense. I don't mind jokes, you think you are being funny and all, but I wanted to know whether you guys are coming or not. Then you guys are just thinking of being the joker by poking at each other. Geeesssh!! Why can't you guys realize that I was being serious?

On the day itself:

A: Hey, guys, don't have to come, okay. Going myself, alone as always anyway. Sorry, was only joking about asking you all. :P

In my own head right now:
ARGHHH!! Never mind! I'm sure that I'll be labeled as being too sensitive, courtesy of maybe the same folks.

But, you know........

Being serious won't kill you


NOTE: If you think this post is related to anything, thank you for being a smart-ass concerned. 

ps: If you're offended by my choice of words or the contents, please spam my comment box.

The outing was a failure. T.T Because I got held back by my group's APK meeting, they went ahead first. Another person dropped out. So, it's either I go myself in a taxi or just cancel ME going. Well, since I had things to do (nightmare of being a secretary came true! DAMN! Oh, okay, not saying that I'm that upset, besides I love typing, improve my typing skills right?) so I headed back to college. Altogether, I'm disappointed. :(

University life

English class #4

2:59 PM

26 Jan (today, okay, it was morning)

I messed up in my presentation. >.< Die-lah! I was too damn nervous! Plus, it was on something else, not the one I had been prepared to do. She forgot about it and we were not thinking of reminding her anyway. *Wink

So Effective Presentation Skills is a speaking class. Somehow, I purposely avoid from being the first to speak up. The moment I do that, like in last week's class, the class will forever stay silent. I will be the only one speaking up. Well, classmates, find your voice and please speak up before me. Yeah, that's why I'm quiet in class. I would rather you guys and ladies, talk. You wouldn't like it if I took all the credit, right? Then, speak up! Please, I'm begging you! Your voice is damn cute, beautiful and husky is for the gentlemen.

However, I'm so pleased that some of you did speak up. * Claps enthusiastically. I'm calling for a celebration!

So, what's next on the menu? <<< I know, lame joke. -___-

REMEMBER that we need to do our introduction for our topics. It's on the 9th of February. If you're not ready, dig your own grave, okay? Set a reminder in your phone if you have the application.


ps: If I sounded mean and heartless, well, it's a harsh world we live in after all. :)


1106 #part2 & 3

9:18 PM

Part 2- 17 Jan

Quite boring interesting because I didn't quite understand anything. Sorry! >.< And the rest was lost in my memory. T.T

Part 3-24 Jan

Yesterday's class. Let's see. Well, most of us were not focusing. It was about collecting data. Whether Quantitative data or Qualitative data. And the methods used to collect them Then evening class in the computer laboratory. Learning the basics of using Excel Microsoft nearly makes me cry in boredom sleepy. Oh, I borrowed a book. Going to read it during holidays while doing my projects and research. The book's title: Diary of a Real Estate Rookie by Alison Rogers. So far, it's interesting. Wonder how the ending will be.

To-do list: English class- presentation! Other than that, nothing for this week. >.<



1108 #Part3

9:18 PM

25 Jan
Today learnt how the new cities are planned. There were quite a lot of concepts that nearly made me confused. But it proves that town planning is in existence from a long time ago. My smart move for today is wearing contacts to class. It prevents me from falling asleep. Plus, sitting straight in class helped too. I was, well, not wide awake in class, even managed to doodle but pretty much listened what she was telling. The concept that really made me interested in is the Neighborhood concept. Even Subang Jaya was planned using the concept, as said by her.

Task: Plan your City of Tomorrow. Describe or draw your city.



1207 #Part2 & 3

7:53 PM

Part 2- 17 Jan

Learnt about Fixed Deposit (FD) and interest rate. That time really focused because it was like listening to a story. How could something so dull suddenly sounded so interesting when he's the one talking? Then, moved on to how interest rate started. The country needs money for the economy/market. But when there is too many money, there is inflation. The credit market rise because they want to spend the money. Hence the interest rate is decided. Interest rate influence the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). So if they want people to spend more money, the interest rate is lowered. Oh! Now I'm able to understand, not fully but I did get the basics. However, if the country needs money, the interest rate increases. Need more reading on FD and FDI.

Determinants of interest rate is still being confused in my head. Risk-free cost of capital, inflationary expectation, the level of risk in the investment, and the cost of transaction. Need in-depth reading here!

After that was Time Value of Money (TMV). Since we had already learnt before, he said he will skip. Meanwhile I have to go back to last Semester's notes. Oh, well, CNY break will be used diligently. >.<

Part 3- 24 Jan

The topic for the test has been given out. We need to research about it during the holidays and understand the contents.

Learnt about systematic risk and unsystematic risk.

There were also Default risk, Callability risk, Maturity risk and Marketability risk.

I also learnt what is None Performing Loan (NPL). Need to read more on NPL.

Are you Risk averse, Risk taker or Indifferent risk?

That is all the recap of lessons learnt. Thank you.

Bye and happy studying!


1108 #Part2

12:46 PM

Tuesday, 18 Jan.

First, I'm truly sorry but I fell asleep! DX

It was just a few minutes then I woke up. I missed some points that she was telling. *Sigh I'm feeling sleepy since I can't always drink coffee. Yes, I didn't drink coffee that morning hence I was so sleepy that I fell asleep. I had enough sleep, well, not 8 hours but less. Still, it was okay, right?

Second, there's a reading assignment to do and the first test is coming up after CNY break. Thing is, I don't know what I have learnt so far.

Let's see. The discussion so far is about what makes a city. Well, the population, the economy and etc. etc. Next is about the history of the earliest city and the how the new city came up. Wait, she wanted the history of the new city in this week's class! OMGosh! Thank goodness I remembered while typing. Okay, reading assignment and research on the new cities!



1105 #Part2

4:01 PM

Since Thursday was a holiday, the class was replaced on Tuesday, 18 Jan.

LJY was funny again that day, really makes you open your ears and eyes in case you miss something. It was like 80% lecture and 20% making jokes or telling us about something that happened to him. It made the class awake and I have to say, GREAT!

Assignment progress: Discussed on Friday afternoon before APK class. We had to work out what the tasks wanted us to do. Uh-oh! We hit a road block in the foundation part. There's underground water in the ground just below where the hotel is supposed to be built. Need to work that one out first. *Sigh I feel like the engineer instead, with all the building problems and thinking of the solutions. High tech and high quality but less cost and maintenance. Yeah, I sound like an engineer instead of a valuer. Still, this is interesting so might as well soak in the knowledge!



English class #3

3:53 PM

Wednesday, 19 Jan.

As usual, in a class with  strangers (except me and my friends from the same faculty), it was quiet. Typical shy in a class where you don't know other people much. Well, it was nothing, not much going on. The only work given later was to prepare a presentation to give on next Wednesday. Mmmmm... but I do bet it will be boring because everyone, 17 students, is presenting the same thing, the history about some company. *Sigh

Anything but something exactly the same, please. You bet I'm going to be one of the bored ones. The same information, presented over and over again will bore anyone. Then again, I do love competing who will present the best. Especially since there's one person who has the same Band 5 MUET as me. I wonder how high was his score? Okay! I need prepare the slides!




3:32 PM

Click on image to go to original site in Nuffnang!

The Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) is one of the world’s biggest live talent competition for bands of all genres playing their original material. Only one of a truly global magnitude – up to 30 countries now involved, it is open to all bands – professional or amateur, signed or unsigned by a recording label. Yup, the aim is to find raw talent wherever it is and expose them… GLOBALLY!

For the first time ever, the World Finals for the Global Battle of the Bands will be held outside of London and – where else? – in Malaysia instead! Up to 30 bands from all over the world will rock it out in Kuala Lumpur to compete for the grand prize of US$100,000.

Our local bands will be battling for the top spot very soon, but they’ll need all your support in the qualifying heats!

Free entrance!

 Details for the qualifying heats are as below:

- Jan 22, Sat: Qualifying Heat 3 (Bangkok Connexion, Jln Ampang, KL)

- Jan 29, Sat: Qualifying Heat 4 (The Celebrities Club, Solaris Mont Kiara, KL)

So come on, show your support for your favourite local bands and hopefullly they’ll crowd-surf all the way to the finals! Malaysia Boleh!

Description and information: Credit to Nuffnang!


Being judged

1:06 PM

I hate being judged. I think most of you hate it too. Like, they're not us hence they wouldn't know 100% what's good for us. Get the f*** out of my life, losers.

Normally I would put my feelings like above. Now, I'm starting to think positively. Maybe because I'm getting older. WTH!! Turning 20 is making me sound like a preacher here. Wow! Cut the crap, I'm getting off topic!

Okay, FYI this is going to be a lamentation. Not interested, just leave, I don't mind. Like who likes to read some crap and whining of a female life. I'm not some superstar somebody or some huge mega million enterpriser. Yeah, this blog of mine is my diary and I just love to halau my readers. (Intentionally put halau, I know the translation. Just following the examples of mixed languages from other blogs.) This blog is not private so why should I kick you away? No reasons, I love being mean because in person, I'm too KIND to curse or swear.


What does it mean being judged? Well, almost everything. If it's not your looks, it's your clothes. Not those, then your personality. Not that either? Your belongings, maybe.

In my OWN personal opinion, being judged is akin to being envied. <<< Yes, the irony! We're being judged because we are being envied.

"Apalaa orang itu, tak pandai cakap. Tak payahlaa naik atas pentas, buat malu sendiri sahaja."

Translated version for my International audience (Pffft! If I have any!):

"What is with that fellow, he can't talk properly. No need to get on stage, only embarrassing himself."

The above translation may not be 100% accurate but the meaning is almost the same as the Bahasa Malaysia version. ^.^

Now, if I were the 'he', I would feel so embarrassed! Yeah, people criticizing you openly like that makes self-esteem hit rock bottom! I'll want to hide myself for 5 months or more and shun myself from the crowd. Maybe even wear layers of clothes and sunglasses to hide myself from the embarrassment. 


As if possible to hide your one self from the crowd. Sooner or later, they'll recognize you as the dude who went up on stage and became a laughing stock. Yeah, life is cruel and harsh, not as beautiful. BUT, if you see it that way, you are not living your life as good as you would want it to be. Why the negative thinking? Because all of your life, people have been saying, "No, you can't do that." and "No, you'll fail." Okay, the last example is too harsh. Please tell me if somebody said it to you. That person deserves a kick in the groin for his pluck. 

Now, let's think why would the loser say:

"Apalaa orang itu, tak pandai cakap. Tak payahlaa naik atas pentas, buat malu sendiri sahaja."

When in reality, he is thinking in his mind AND heart:

"Wow, beraninya dia cakap di atas pentas. Walaupun tak fasih dan mungkin malu depan semua orang, dia berdiri atas sana. Saya tak berani seperti dia dan dah rugi banyak."

Translated version:

"Wow, he's brave! Even though he can't talk properly, he has the guts to get on stage. I don't have the courage and lose out on many things."

Or another selfish and hateful thought (only people with narrow minded thinking is like this, think you'll one?):

"Orang ini berlagak saja, nak tunjuk hebat laa tu. Orang pandai, diam saja, tak ada nak tunjuk-tunjuk macam kamu."

Translated version:

"This person is showing off. People who are really clever keep quiet and will not show off like you."


Talk about being judged and envied! Tsk tsk tsk! Humans are so complicated. Enough that you say, from a male, "Females are so complicated!" and from a female, "Males are so complicated!" It's HUMANS that are so complicated because we are not really sure what we are really feeling and thinking. We judge and we envy. 

From the above example, what can you conclude? Or did I type something you can't understand? I'm sorry but that's how I think. It's mostly jumbled up. 

In my OWN opinion, again, being judged is akin to being envied. However, not in all cases, okay! 

Bye! Lunch awaits the Princess here! >.<

ps: CNY is coming up but I'm not homebound! T.T 1week only, why waste flight ticket when I don't celebrate it, right?


English class #2

9:37 AM

The tragedy had happened yet again. Actually, the English class I should just put the code 1104. Later-lah~

Well, the class was on Wednesday morning from 9am to 12pm. Happily, it ended before 12pm. Maybe because not all of us have the book. Like only five out of 18++ students got the book. If they are new students, never mind, right. They maybe don't know what book to get. However those that came last week also didn't have it yet. Though Pekan Buku UM is nearer their college, I think. If I'm wrong, sorry.

Okay, that was only to lament a bit. The true TRAGEDY is this!

I'm class rep again!!!!!!!!! >.<


Because no one wanted to volunteer. You can't force people to become the class rep if they are reluctant to even offer themselves. Time was wasted and I hated that. So, I ended up offering myself for the female class rep post. Then, no male class rep until the end of class. Which then did he offered himself. Or is it that the teacher managed to talk him into accepting the post? Whichever. He's not my type. Plus no handsome males in my class. Many pretty ladies but the female to male ratio in class was 5-1.

That was another problem. Yes, there are three problems now. I gave them my Google email address. But the few who send their empty email was 5 and from my own faculty. Come on, guys and ladies! Like, helllloooo! I asked for an empty email ONLY! Not to write anything in the email, optional if you want to introduce yourself. What's so difficult? Click on 'New' then go to 'To' and type my own email address. A bit down at 'Subject', put the course code. Simple! Less than 5 minutes. Haven't the time? Oh, please!! don't tell me that if you are on Facebook more than 3 hours. Use only 5minutes to send to me your empty message. Even that, most of you are just too lazy. I planned on giving out the link to the course's group on Facebook through your emails. Don't blame me if you don't know about it because where the damn is your email?


Reading my laments above bored you, didn't it? Right, let's think. If you are some one who did the above. Like when some one asks for information but you postponed it and KEPT on putting it off, then forgot it wholly. The remedy: Ask your friends what the past activities were and do what was required quickly. Boring and displeasing as it is, I'm a class rep again. With the responsibilities I tried so hard not to get.


NOT! Plus if I get this not co-operative underlings. T.T Will I survive this semester with a scroll in leadership capabilities or FAIL  miserably again?


1106 #part1

12:36 PM

1st class since last week was cancelled. There was a surprise but I'm not sure whether I should be pleased or not. It's usually 40% continuous assessment and 60% exams right? This time it's reversed for this course. 60% is the assignments and test while 40% will be for the exam. It's going to be two assignments, carrying 20% each and two tests, 10% respectively.

Would you be happy? I have mixed feelings. For the assignment group, the lecturer will choose randomly. I'm crossing fingers that I get agreeable members, please. Or I'll be super bossy and nobody likes that even though it gets work done.

What can I say about this morning class? Nothing much, just thankful that I'm not sleepy, though bored but I really focus. Occasionally doodled so that my hands are occupied. My drawings are getting horrible. When was the last time I drew? *Sigh

Other updates:

1108 is cancelled tomorrow and I have the whole Tuesday free. I planned to go to Midvalley in the afternoon. Maybe I'll stick to the original plan or instead go in the morning. Whichever.

Well, you all know about AJL, Anugerah Juara Lagu. Quite an uproar about the result. I'm sadden that Faizal Tahir didn't win the coveted award but I'll settle for Persembahan Terbaik. I always like his songs best. Something interesting in Facebook too. Hahahahaha...... I'm too lazy to write about it so why not give traffic to other blogs? <<< Aren't I so kind?

Read here. Sorry I don't list other blogs. For now, I only found one entry about it.

Okay, that's all.

ps: I'm updating at my faculty. Damn slow WiFI at my college!


Oh, have a happy day or make it useful then you'll feel happy-lah~


Little brother

9:01 AM

I'm a mean oldest sister.


My little brother's birthday was yesterday and only now I'm telling you all.

But I did called home and wished him!

Count the candles and guess how old is he? 

Now, why I said earlier that I'm a baaadddd sis?

2nd But: I had time to inform that Facebook is NOT closing on 15th March. >.<
Sorry but the 'news' is spreading like wildfire and people kept repeating that despicable hoax, I just had to tell that it was a fake. Most bloggers were telling about the hoax. We fail being bloggers when we spread the false rumors.

Well, I hope the hoax had been cleared out because our beloved Mr Mark never said anything about closing it down. Many hurrahs! ^.^

I know some are even rejoicing if Facebook do shut down but I want it to stay. Twitter can't compare to it and Friendster is quite heavy to open. Plus, most people use Facebook now.


Oh, I may not be updating much. UM's WiFi has whims now and then. Only the faculty has good access but I don't want to lug my laptop up a hill just for the connection!

Okay, that's all the updates. By the way, do you know what SOHO is? Mr A wants it this evening!


Despicable hoax

9:57 PM

Okay, I just got to know the 'latest' update about this Facebook going to end on 15th March. Like, WHAT THE HELL!!? Naturally, we all are suckers to believe anything online. My first reaction was to panic (who wouldn't when you're on Facebook for more than 5 hours?). 

Second reaction: Type 'Facebook end' in Google Search.

I found that despicable 'news' article. Click here if you haven't read it and wondering what the uproar is.

Then I found another link. It is more RELIABLE! Credit to .


Heard a story that Facebook is going to end on March 15th? You should take it with a pinch of salt.
A story is spreading like wildfire across Facebook this weekend, claiming that the world's most popular social network is closing on March 15th.
The reason? CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims that "managing [Facebook] has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness."
There's only one problem with the story. It's not true. Facebook is not going to end on March 15th, and Mark Zuckerberg never said any such thing.
But that's not stopping many many Facebook users spreading the message.
Facebook will end on March 15th!
Many of the messages include a link to an apparent news story, where users can read more about the surprising announcement of Facebook's death:
Facebook will end on March 15th! Link to Weekly World News
If you click on the link, here's where you are taken. A news story by a publication that also tells us that Mike Tyson is a pigeon fancier, Michelle Obama is pregnant and alien spaceships are to attack earth in 2011:
Facebook will end on March 15th! Weekly World News story
However, the story published by the Weekly World News is, like most of their stories, full of fabricated quotes and hyperbole. For instance, the Weekly World News story contains a made-up quote from a Facebook representative, telling users that they may lose all their photographs:
"After March 15th the whole website shuts down," said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. "So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business."
I certainly wouldn't disagree that users would be wise to have their own backup of their photographs, rather than rely on Facebook - but it's nothing more than a scare to suggest to people that they have to do it before March 15th because Facebook is going to close down.
Most people would probably never believe such a load of old nonsense as the claim that Mark Zuckerberg is going to shut down Facebook, but it only takes a small proportion of people to think it might be possible to turn a joke of a news story into an internet hoax.
And although a hoax is nothing like as bad as a piece of malware worming its away between users and stealing information, it's still a nuisance, clogging up communications, increasing the overall level of spam and perhaps leading people to make decisions for the wrong reasons.
There's an important lesson here - don't believe everything you read on the internet, and think twice before you pass a story on to your friends.
Keep your wits about you and stay informed about the latest scams, hoaxes and malware attacks spreading fast across Facebook. One of the best ways to do that is to join the Sophos Facebook page, where more than 50,000 people regularly share information on threats and discuss the latest security news.
Click here to read it on the original site.


So, what's to believe now? 

I don't know myself but just have to keep faith and hope that what we believe is true. However, when it's proven wrong in black and white, FORSAKE it. 

ps: My blog is right-click and highlight disabled! xP Not copy and paste here. You click on the links given okay. 


Crafts during Semester 1 break

10:36 PM

Thanks to Picasa 3, successfully made a nice movie showing all my photos. No songs.

If you can't view, click here.

I'm thinking of doing the other two boxes during Chinese New Year and presenting to friends. First, I need to know which UM friends have a PSP and would like my gift. I bought some felts online too. It will come on Monday. >.< I just love felts so much!


1207 #Part1

6:14 PM

Saturday class successfully changed to Monday evening from 6pm to 9pm. It will be taught by a part timer, a registered valuer himself. Nickname given: A. Reason: He wants all to think critically and understand his lectures. Thus rewarding A to those active. Easier for me to keep this in mind with his nickname being A. I can't wait for him to tell about his occupation. He's been in presence with international clients and knows how the market is for this profession. To learn the most is by being in the presence of someone who has experienced it themselves. For now, I need to find out what SOHO is and be ready to talk on Monday evening. A insists everyone to talk. >.<

ps: I'm happy that it is not on Saturday but he said it could be if he is unable to come on weekdays. Cross my fingers!


1105 #Part1

6:00 PM

Morning class again, at 11am. It was very interesting, informative and funny.

Watch this video and be amazed. LJY showed it to us.

Group members found and will begin work as soon as the assignment is available.

I’m going to love learning this course because this time, will be thinking more. The bright side? It makes me more creative. LOVE IT!!!

Do what you like, like what you do.

Ps: Everyone kept posting his words as their status on Facebook. Don’t believe me? Print screens! Oh, not telling who’s who.
Well, happy studying then!


1108 #Part1

5:17 PM

This morning class was nice. Yes, nice. Not another word. Not bad. It’s still not organized, thanks to my beloved faculty. Yes, last minute information really works, don’t they?

Well, MS was nice. Today was about knowing how to describe a city. Crowded? Polluted? Developed? Harmonised?

First tutorial is to define “City of Urban”.

Oh, new International students. 4 new students: three guys and one lady.



English class

5:12 PM

Managed to get into an Effective Presentation Skills class on Wednesday morning, yesterday. UM’s WiFi was beautifully fantastic so I had absolutely not a problem surfing.


I had to keep refreshing and reloading. Till I got so fed up and just went to sleep at a record time of 2am.

Okay, what I wanted to tell yesterday.

GTEE1104 Effective Presentation Skills. It does not have a paper during the finals. Nope. But it does have a final presentation. Yes, speech time. I’m thinking of one topic but it’s really not practical. I have to think of 2 topics. One to present in her class and the other one for the finals. Moreover, we have yet to elect a class rep. This I am so not interested in. Why? By experience, I’ve had enough! There’s no cooperation, okay. Being a class rep is making you the punch bag. Done!

 Nearly at the end of the class, she wanted us to introduce ourselves. Yes, go in front and talk for 1 minute. 1 minute sounded short but trust me, the nervousness scared the ideas out of your head.

“ Over?”

“No, 3 more seconds”


Nothing much, tell about your name, your faculty and choose between your family or yourself.

I chose to talk about myself. Why bother telling you about my family? It’s me that’s in the same class with you all. Not like you will be meeting my brothers, sister, mother and father, right? So I saw no point in talking about family. Well, I told them that I’m not Chinese BEFORE they assumed for the rest of the semester 2 that I am. Grandparents’ Chinese and I’m Iban. After stressing that, half-thinking about telling my name but better not. Like who cares whether my name has 2 Ns in it. They are still going to put it as 1 N. It’s Julianna, for God’s sake! Not Juliana! Damn!

Moving on.

Presentation. Well, I felt like kicking myself after I talked. Why? I kept looking up and avoiding eye contact. In Malaysia, I know it is kinda rude to look into the eyes of the person you’re talking to. It means disrespect. But in the West, not looking in the eyes IS disrespect! So, yeah! I cursed myself. And looking up? Like the ceiling knows about me and could tell me what to say? Get a grip! Throw away the fear!

Hope next week’s class is better.



Giveaway Anniversary

12:41 PM


In conjunction with her 4th wedding anniversary! 

on this 28 Jan 2011

So, let's join!

The conditions:
  1. Must be a follower of her blog
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What are you all waiting for?

The duration:
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For what's sure, the prize is SPECIAL!

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Of lecturers #Part 1

9:14 PM

Disclaimer: The contents of this post is the sincere opinion of the author, ME. It is not related to any other posts, articles, people or anything. If you do feel offended, tell me in the comment box. However, no anonymous comments please. If you're a coward behind Anonymous, leave my blog IMMEDIATELY. I do not, on any accord, willing to entertain anonymous. ~Happy reading!~

Today there were two lectures. 1st: Morning at 9am. 2nd: Evening at 3pm.

I was late for both! WTH!! Okay, maybe I should be early or at least on time. But, I had to wait for the bus, a good long 30 minutes or more for it to come.

Moving on~

1st lecture:
Was no lecture, well, not about the course BVEV1108 Intro to Town Planning. The upset was the lecturer only got to know that she was the one teaching the course. Yes, late notice by my faculty. Why am I not astonished. So she wasn't prepared and I don't blame her. She's kind and stern. And she said she'll treat all of us as ADULTS. Yeah, but still I wish I was a kid again. Okay, don't tell her that. She's okay, I guess, for a first impression. Oh, I don't give out names directly. Not until I ask her permission. For now, she'll be known as MS. The hitch? She insist on us not grouping by our own; she's going to decide the group members. Crossing my fingers that I get nice-get-along members. Please~ >.<

2nd lecture:
BVEV1105 Construction Economics. This one was funny and interesting. He's going to go paperless. Yes, no papers, all soft-copy materials, even books, which is going to be e-books. Nice! He's going to send to emails. One thing I like about this lecturer is his openness. He's quite a talker. And his opinion about groups is correct! You see, students tend to group themselves according to races, religions, or skin colour. Malays with Malays, Chinese with Chinese, Indians with Indians, Internationals with Internationals. It's OBVIOUS! So, he said, " I don't want to see groups with all Chinese names, all Malay names, all Indian names, etc. You must mix." Okay, the last sentence I added myself. Mmmmm..... Though to mix is kinda tough. But never say never! His name: LJY

Well, that's all about the lectures for today. The Nescafe I made this morning worked, a bit. Still sleepy. Oh! I have lectures on Saturday. Can't do much about it since it's a part-time lecturer.

Tomorrow having Effective Presentation Skills. Succeed in registering it in the wee hours this morning. And my schedule's different than the one I painstakingly made. *Sigh~

ps: Do join the GA by Asma's Felting Box!



Contest result

1:20 PM

Remember the Me & My Teddy Contest I joined?

Well, it ended 31/12/2010 and the winner is known already. 

Read here for the entry in authentic.

Congratulations to the winner! Plus, her blog is really pretty yet simple. I love the layout. 

Trying out in the 1st GA by Asma's Felting Box!

Do join too!

Click here for the post.


ps: Sorry I'm kinda rushing here. :(


Come join!

1:02 PM

I'm joining this 1st GA by Asma's Felting Box.

Saya join GA ni kerana ingin menguji nasib. :) 

Steps to join: (For the original GA in Malay, click on the banner!)

1. Do 1 entry about you joining this GA.

2. In the entry, state why are you joining. Start with: "Saya join GA ni kerana ....... (Not more than 5 words)

3. Put the banner at your blog's sidebar and link to this entry.

4. Leave your link in the comment box.

5. Done!! :)

There will be 2 winners.

1. Lucky draw!
2. Participant with highest traffic source during Jan 2011.

GA ends at 3 February 2011, 11.59pm, Kuantan time.

I'm tagging everyone here! The more the merrier!


UniEdu-Book Fair 2011

12:46 PM

UniEdu-Book Fair 2011: Green Angel Contest

Green Angel Contest, the platform for you to showcase your love & care for Mother Earth. 
The search is on for Green Angels to spread environmental awareness to the world.
 To support the cause for environmental awareness in full steam, RM0.20 will be donated to WWF Malaysia (World Wide Fund for Nature) for every 10 'like' on the Facebook page! 
Let's build a greener world together, and you can do your part by simply clicking 'like' on it and sharing it! 
Let's achieve 50,000 fans together and build a Green Community!

UniEdu-Book Fair 2011 is an all-in-one event which will bring you a whole new experience in its Book World, Education World, Career Corner & Wonderland. 

It will be held on 5 (TOMORROW!), 6 & 7 January 2011 at Dewan Tunku Canselor, University of Malaya. You will be awed by the event highlights throughout the 3 days!

Click on picture/photo to go to the site. :)
UniEdu-Book Fair 2011: Green Angel Contest profile image


Challenge yourself

12:18 PM

STABILO swing cool... 

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