11:00 AM

Heck, yea, 2011 has nearly reached its end and soon will be welcoming 2012!

Was contemplating whether to do my usual style or Cik Muda's style but guess since I wanna avoid being overly emotional, usual style is best. xD

Sooooo...... how has 2011 been for me??

1st of, wasn't sure how should I categorize, monthly, happenings eg. sad, happy, excited, or just some messed up paragraphs with bits here and there sticking out?

Well, usually, it'll be the latter, always my type of 'writing' anyway.

However, I'm going to try AS MUCH AS possible to avoid that mixed, messed, put together whatever crap into ONE post... which means I 'say' everything in one post. haha =.=

1st year, not mistaken still in 2nd semester. Next, holiday for 4 months!!! Can I say that I don't remember much, like yea, I don't since I've conveniently forgotten to use a Diary, the hard style. >.<

Nothing much since its the usual stuff of University life.... Were there any special happenings? My birthday? Well, was a holiday that day, I think nothing much happened and my family were still in Sarawak that time. Yeaaa..... Dislike celebrating birthdays far from family AKA no birthday candles to blow! T.T

ps: Now I have my Dad, Mum, Bryan, Niqck with me, so I'm going to expect a cake with ___ candles. haha =.=" No matter how old, I'll demand for birthday candles to blow, I just love blowing away the fire on candles.

Worked part time. 1st TIME WORK EXPERIENCE. Really thankful. I learnt that I may not be in agreement with some people but at least I can tolerate. Can't believe how I managed not getting angry, yelling or crying! Managed to just barely suck all the emotions in and just act like everything's okay in the place. It's not all bad, most were pretty good. Kinda missing working there but I know if I ever go back there, it won't be the same. Heck, I might not like a second time working there. Not as much as I like the 1st time anyway. Also, I learnt how hard it was getting up early and going back late. >.< Even though I know a friend who still has time for some night life. Jeeez, I wonder how she coped. But yea, she wasn't energetic the next day though.

Another thing I like in that working place: Braved myself getting on the tall ladder. Not the layman's ladder. The one like those mechanical ladders for putting up banners, a bit like that. But this one can't extend much, or it would be really high. Around 2 meters high. Freaked out 1st time on the ladder. Then, hey, when would I have another time? So yea, got on it, provided nobody teases me by shaking that damn ladder. Which makes me scream anyway. >.<

Didn't get college, meaning I'm leaving off campus. Sad? Not really, had been disliking because of the often forceful participation in the activities. :P I prefer being left alone, minding my own business with my 24/7 allocation. After all, there's still no guarantee, sometimes they say can get but end up not getting. Enough messing me with that crap. Okay, emotional aside.

Ahahhh! Remembered the special activity held at my faculty for the freshies! FBE Treasure Hunt!

My 1st ever product review! Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen !

My Obsession! Ankle boots. Which I haven't updated that I did bought one already. haha

1st participation in a challenge! OSK Investment Challenge! (With a quite okay score, since I played based on guts, didn't understand whatsoever....)

ps: September turned to be really significant suddenly.... realization creeping in~

Month of getting busy!

 But still had time for a product review!

ps: My 2nd product review!! xD

Even did a post about snubbing a someone.... hahaha.... >:D

It's private and confidential! Sorry! hahaha

Oh, did the 30 Things in 30 Days Challenge... I did cheated by scheduling some posts. >.<

Month of tests, finishing assignments... and understanding lectures. haha =.=

MOFEW 2011 <<< Loved the event but went too early and didn't save up any budget for this! Plus there was lots of bargains too! Disappointed in self that time.

BUT... compensated by watching a movie!

3rd product review: Rimmel Extra WOW Lash.

Also, love the sky view on 25 Nov!

Last of the month! Assignments finished, tests done, presentations got burned to crisp. Okay, that last part was merely joking, no one was really burnt into crisp. Though it stung so bad.

1st review about a comic: Resah Hati Tsubaki by YASUKO

A post about a friend in the same dilemma as me... >.< Mr Perfectionista

 1st time campaigning for a Churp Churp... Cik Muda 47kg, bukan 52kg


Summing up, this 2011 was *is? quite eventful. A number of significant posts with '1st' in them. Still have lots to do and achieve in the coming 2012. Hope Doom day is not real. =.="

Well, personally, gonna miss 2011. I might regret some but I won't want to rewind and change what had happened. I believed there's a reason for how things turned out. With that belief, I push myself forward and hope for more opportunities in 2012.

Whereby I'm in the LEGAL age and how I wish I don't have to be forced to do something. =.=' I prefer to be a student 1st and gain knowledge. World issues? If its related and may affect my studies or my life or my well being, maybe I'll keep in touch. If not, move aside, let me study, let me graduate, then come and woe me with your hidden agendas. haha

Oh, eyes closing, thought up my 2012 Resolutions, do hope I achieve them and pride myself then. >.<

So long and a Happy New Year!


Ads- Cik Muda 47kg, bukan 52kg

9:58 AM

Cik Muda buat secara kasual, tak nak yg fakta berlambak-lambak.

Sekarang Kementerian Kesihatan dah buat satu laman web untuk kita, dalam BM semua. Boleh melawat di link ini: Cara Hidup Sihat.

Sangat berinformatif, ada piramid makanan (dari dulu dah ada), resepi sedap tapi sihat (kurang lemak ke, kolestrol ke), rancangan "Talkshow" dan akhir sekali, Hotspot! Nak tempat2 menarik untuk beriadah, tekan link Hotspot ok.

Ini Cik Muda tertarik mula2 buka laman ni.

Tak payah nak besar, biar kecil2 je. haha =.=

Itu yg dah Cik Muda taip masuk. Yg Cik Muda tak puas hati, kira2 itu bagi 52kg! Baru dianggap berat IDEAL.

52 kg?? LIMA PULUH DUA baru Cik Muda kira sihat ke? Mana mau! No way. Cik Muda dah sihat dengan 47 kg ni. huhu. :P

Lagipun 47kg pun masih nampak chubby2..... 

Haha =.='

Ok, Cik Muda pun tengok pula apa scroll box tepi mesin kira2 berat badan ideal ni. Oh, link kepada blog yg buat tentang kesihatan. Ada yg informatif, ada yg bercerita tentang kehidupan sihat dia. 

Baca, jangan tak baca. Mereka bagi info dan nasihat untuk kita jadi sihat. Cik Muda baca sambil angguk kepala tadi tau. xD

Sebelum Cik Muda pergi makan sarapan (Yup, mesti sarapan, nanti tak tahan sampai tengah hari pula), Cik Muda teringat ayat2 ini, tapi dalam BI.

Breakfast like a King, 
Lunch like a Prince, 
Dinner/Supper like a Beggar.

Nak terjemah: Sarapan macam Raja, Makan tengah hari macam Putera, Makan malam macam Pengemis.

Tak rasa kita patut macam itu? 

Akhir sekali, ingat kunjungi link ini: Cara Hidup Sihat.

Ok, Cik Muda nak sarapan macam Permaisuri pula. haha xP

Selamat membaca!


List of things to do-Reminder to self

11:14 PM

First of all, a Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

Then, I'm gonna continue rambling as usual. haha =.="

I'm thinking of doing New Year's Resolution, who knows, I might NEED something to get back onto after all. So right now I'm listing out those Resolution, making it simple though, not some saving the world kind of thing. Done that back when I was 10, I think. And nothing's changed much.

Next on to do list is a post-view of how 2011 has been for me. Got some a tad bit distressing and personal so gonna have to leave the personal things out, as much as I can. Well, since it's study week, I have lots of time, split between hitting the books/notes, drama series, Facebook, or blogging. Or felt projects or crochet.....

Before I speed off into 2012, gotta do Exams first. It's in Jan though, why in Jan of all months. I'm still not used to this new schedule. =.=

After Exams done and over with, will be living quietly, well, hopefully at home. When Feb comes, gonna have my wishes up. No spams on my FB because I block friends post on my wall. Okay, can still tag but needs my approval. Anyway, I think I hide my birth date so not many will wish. hehe Am reclusive bit there. >.<

Ah, maybe I'll put a picture of a present I really want, like really, really, really so much want so badly! xD But for now, it's a secret. Shhhhh

Lecture week begins on 13 Feb. Gonna be having Family Day with course mates of same department. Hoping everything goes well and happy for that coming event.

Anything else? reading that book and getting dizzy with so much description. @.@

So long, wanna finish reading so I can start studying for real. haha

Cik Muda

Cik Muda dan Rancangannya + Bebelan

9:25 PM

Hi, semua, lama juga Cik Muda tak muncul ni. Mesti tak ada yg rindu. Agagaga, apa touching2 ini, lempang baru tahu. xD

Pagi tadi baru habis kuliah terakhir semester 1 2nd year ini. Sekarang dah masuk cuti2 belajar mood. Cik Muda pun tengah tengok2 nota ni, jangan2 ada yg terpadam/terhilang secara tak sengaja masa gembira dah habis minggu kuliah...opppsss.....harap2 tak terjadi for real. Segan lah nak minta dari kawan2 nanti. >.<

Mm.. Cik Muda terima ayat2 indah ni dalam suatu mesej. Pengirim nya tahu-tahu lah kan tapi jangan lah cakap/tulis siapa. Kasihan dia segan nanti. Ini Cik Muda kongsi sini, senang nak tengok balik, yalah, phone memori pun kecil nak simpan mesej kunci banyak2. =.=

Ni ayat2 indah yg Cik Muda terima khas. (Ruginya awak tak tulis atas kertas, memang Cik Muda bagi frame/casing/peti,terlebih hargai pula...huhu...)

'tak kira sekuntum bunga itu harum atau tak, tumbuhnya tetap di tanah. begitu juga bulan, tak kira apa bentuknya, tempatnya tetap di langit, dan begitu juga perhubungan kita tak kira jauh atau dekat, jumpa atau tak, tempatnya tetap di dalam hati..sesungguhnya nilai perhubungan itu lebih bermakna dari segalanya..'

Ok, FULL STOP di sini tentang benda2 jiwang ni. Nanti readers nak tahu/ejek Cik Muda. haha :P

Seperti sedia maklum (chewahh, ayat nak sedap mula..), minggu finals semester 1 adalah TAHUN HADAPAN. Tahu tak sangat BEST kita peperiksaan/ finals mula 3Jan 2012. Budak2 *ehem nak mula sesi persekolahan baru, kita kena periksa. Mahunya kita jadi budak sekolah lagi, tak kira lah sekolah rendah ke, sekolah menengah, janji jangan tetiba peperiksaan dalam Januari. >.<

Tapi, siapa yg nak jadi budak hingusan 7 tahun lagi? Cik Muda tak sanggup. Cukuplah dah dialami pahit manis alam persekolaha dahulu itu. Nak gelak seorang2, nangis seorang2, geram seorang2, semua perasaan ada. Banyak sangat yg dikenang bila ingat balik masa muda mudi. Eh, kenapa macam mula berterabur BM Cik Muda ini? Maaf andai salah, jangan jadikan Cik Muda contoh karangan adik2, kakak2, abang2.....argh, panjang, semua lah, kan senang.

Eh, apa Cik Muda nak tulis sangat ni sebenarnya? Sikit2 masuk tentang Finals, tetiba kata rindu jadi budak hingusan, lepas itu???

Lepas itu, Cik Muda nak tekan Publish dan Sign Out. Cik Muda nak habis baca buku cerita The Merlin Conspiracy. Nak review buku, sayang sangat2 pada buku cerita. yg 120% kali lebih senang baca dari buku/nota kuliah. haha

Seterusnya, Cik Muda nak mula buat projek DIY FELT lagi. Lama sangat dah tinggalkan minat tersebut. Sama dengan crochet. Bukan sibuk tapi sebab malas.... xP

So long!!

Book review

Resah Hati Tsubaki by YASUKO

11:45 PM

First of, this is technically a COMIC review. Or a graphic book review, whichever way you put it. haha. >.<

Bought it on a whim, not recommended by anyone, just happened to saw it on the shelves of a humble bookstore.

Front cover: Appealing, simple, minimal usage of colours, a bit abstract, shows the two main characters, some bubbles of dialogue which gave a little indication of the plot.

Back cover: Short introduction of the plot.

Plot: Divided into two views, the girl's (Tsubaki) and the boy's (Yutaka). Tells of their relationship as a couple. Interesting progress and really thought out well as the dialogues are almost like real life.

Graphic: Not bad, simple layout, not overcrowded in one panel, generously distributed accordingly. Use of bubble dialogues and also thought bubbles are great! xD

Overall opinion: A great read. Usually relationship comics are heavily one-sided. This is indeed a fresh air as both sides are explored. Simple plot with no overly dramatic events. Which really makes the comic easy to digest. And well, the plot's cute. >.<

Rating: 5/5

ps: I do love it so much!! <3

Next book review: The Merlin Conspiracy by Diana Wynne Jones :)

Missing my books~ okay, not those study type books. haha


Get your own life before judging

11:02 PM

Hi, nearly the end of this week and I'm trying to break off that hiatus habit of mine.

So far, this week's great. Honestly not totally great. Still, it's a lot better than last week which got FIRED like hell on Friday. haha =.="

This week's issues are quite a trolling like event. Noted, perhaps I'm not using 'troll' correctly, who minds. >.<

WARNING ahead!!! 
hahaha, might have included some swear words. Not used to it, then EXIT. Not shake your ignorant head. hahaha

No 1 issue for UM students however is the WiFi issue. Like seriously a shitty issue actually. =.=" I know you're upset because you paid the fees for it but a DEMO this FRIDAY??? *facepalm

ps: Better go study. Already got all notes right?

Okay, I won't say no more on that issue. I'm currently not living in a hostel in UM and do not have any intention of being blackmailed by anybody. Peace out on that!

Then I went blog walking on my Fav blogs, which some had just been updated. The few of those that I read recently: Xiaxue, Cheeserland, cikepal.....

What a relief from study life! haha

Amusing post by Xiaxue as usual, loves when she 'speaks' her mind and knows how to fire back at those who attack her. Granted, some of her posts are not nice but I can always stop reading. Ignorant people only who just judge her from one post or her appearance. Gotta say lots of thanks to Deeya for giving the 1st link that brought me to Xiaxue!

ps: Warning, link of 1st post is super heavy because lots of pictures. I warned you! But it's super sweet so go find out what the link is about...... xD

Actually, what I don't understand is why some people just have to condemn others. If you're not in their shoes or brain whatever, why bother trying to tell them how to live their life? Beats the point, you know.

Especially hate when people condemn others for using not-so-perfect spelling. Ignorant lot. Just because they used not-so-perfect sentences, you go dizzy? Aren't you the clever lot? Then use your brain and make sense of what they type. Unless you can't see or process words properly. Yes, it bothers you or you're just plain lazy. Then stop reading and do something else. Nobody is holding a gun to your head telling you to read to the end. haha

Well, whatever. If you want to know what's heating up in her blog, go over. Trust me, read the post and hit the comments section. Had me laughing, love her supporters, and hate her ignorant haters. What's wrong with hair colouring, plastic surgery, not being able to keep a pet (a dog)?

ps: Her pet bunny now is super adorable WTF. hahaha

It's her life. Get it, HER LIFE. Damn, they're acting like GOD. =.="

End note: Get a life.

Wait, rephrase.



So long, gents and ma'ams.

ps: Gents= gentleman, ma'ams= madams.... for the literally short sighted. Dang, I'm evil!haha


Off Stage me

12:28 AM

After last Friday's presentation, here's what truly happen, OFF STAGE.

Thank goodness I'm walking alone. So had lots of time to think all the way to the bus stop before getting a taxi.

Was really sniffy and sobs. haha


Initially was so upset and felt like doom days. Yeah, I exaggerate.

After that, was feeling much better thanks to my 1st year buddy. hehe

Went home like nothing happen.

Okay, that's a downright lie.

Still feeling upset but what the hell.

I'm still living this life.

Enough with the end of the world tendencies.

I have a goal which no one is gonna take away from me and which only a few people around me know what it is.

New Year resolutions? Never one to stick to it, so good riddance!

What I'm promising myself, be positive to yourself.

Heck, life's a lot easier when you're dramatic after all.

=.= What am I blabbering about!!!!!

So long!


Things to do..perhaps

11:25 AM

Mummy, Bryan and Niqck came last Friday and the house is not as quiet as it once was with only me and Daddy. But Umi and Aba are not around. Especially, Umi, my gossip partner. :'(

Well, emo aside, last week was great, not too great because was not feeling well on Saturday's seminar. Was feeling sniffly and uncomfortable.

About the seminar, can I be honest here? Haha, as if. What if 'they' read this and do not like. I might end up with 'F' for whatever reasons they like. boohoo. haha.

>.< Haven't done my take home test YET. Planning to do it tonight, last minute writing is always great to do. More creative juices flowing out. Although I might end up going out of topic. =.='

Assignments progress? Only one last one to pass in, which is still in editing stage. Then presentation to do. Wondering here. Is it really necessarry to wear 'theme' clothes? Formal yes, but to be 'theme', it's bothersome. Point in check, 'theme' does make it look more organized. Then will you sponsor us those 'theme' clothes? We are not truckloads of money. shit.

Another wandering thought.... Should I work for the short mid sem break? Nothing much. Or maybe learn to cook with Mummy?

Checklist I need to do during study week, since it's during last week of December too.

1. study, of course, revision!
2. tidy room, more condusive to study. haha
3. blog about 2011 resolutions and 2012 ressolutions, wait, is it really going to be 2012
4. save money, spend less. hahah >.<
5. go jog, need exercise!

Okay, done.

So long!

University life

Mr Perfectionista!

10:51 PM

Hey ho! Quite a long hiatus I've had! haha... Look up on what 'hiatus' means. And Cipp... buzz off! hahaha, this is a warning to that insolent Cipp! hahahahaha (just joking, we're 'friendly' foes. He couldn't agree more to that reference...) xD

Well, been a week, a hell of a busy week. Not that I'm gonna complain much because it had its ups and downs. Better still, lessons are learnt, either through direct or indirect!

Of course, No. 1 on My List of lessons for this week is to be a tad stricter critic on oneself. Except if you've been that way, then it's wise to loosen up a LITTLE.

You know when you've done something and then reread it like a hundred times. Your mind slows down after the 1st, 2nd readings because we intended it to. Well, TRY YOUR UTMOST BEST to stop that. Minimize the errors that you would had noticed if you had been vigilant enough!

I made that horrible mistake!!! I was already BORED reading through, my eyes jammed up, okay, honestly, I was being soft on myself. Should critic myself more. :'(

Haish! So I fooled my eyes. Blinded them enough to not notice mistakes. That's dangerous. Like when you take something for granted, you just don't seem like to want to care for it much anymore. Oh, geez, now I'm sentimental! >.<

Was like this, talked to one of my friends. And well, he was upset because he didn't check 'something' by himself. He's very, very perfectionist! hahahaha intended vagueness so no one can pinpoint who! Don't worry, not you or you or whoever. Maybe myself even... eh, ok, maybe! >.<

So yeah, he's upset. Who wouldn't be but... mmmm...... Still, tomorrow comes right? He could still rectify the mistake. Even I could correct my mistake. So...yea... chill and think of how to get over it. We still have tomorrow....

ps: unless your end is tomorrow, then...I don't know....write a will now? hahaha

=.=' Was upset with myself too before I heard his story. Well, same old boat perhaps. All the best, Comrade! Or should I call you, Perfectionista? hahaha

ps: I know, LAMEness.............

>.< So long until who knows!

Also, I don't know what word that is. A bit like Fashionista perhaps. hehe xD

Book review

Dec issue out & comic craze

11:10 PM

Magazine rage on the rise.. oh, and also comic rage. haha

Nah, I'm joking, what rage, only bought two magazines and one comic. female magazine and Personal Money magazine. Personally I love these two very different magazines. Yea, one's about fashion mostly, to quench my ever thirst hunger for fashion/make-up related knowledge. Then Personal Money is educational, lessons on money related or property related issues.

Got a L'OREAL shampoo 80ml from female's Dec issue! Hurry, get yours too. haha Disclaimer: I am not being paid or bribe or in any way connected to the magazine. Okay, I'm just one of the loyal readers. haha

Other than that shampoo, the others are booklets on promotional items by participating branches. Lots of gift ideas like perfumes, gift sets consisting of skincare/body care etc etc. Not interested because of the PRICE. >.< Seriously, wait until I start working. Eh, wait. Better use those money to buy a property and invest instead.

(What has my course done to ME!!!!!) haha... =.=

Personal Money is mostly about fund issues, portfolio issue.... really business minded. =.= I still have a difficult time reading so I skip some articles.. haha

Comic! Of course, the ones by GempakStarz are my best buys! Currently have six in my room, and with this new addition, makes up to SEVEN!

Though the shop had few choices. Some didn't get my attention. I'm picky to the point of graphic images on the cover. If it's not pretty or handsome or cute, I won't buy, no matter how the content turn out to be. So yeah, I might miss out on some really good comics. But I did bought one boring one, got fooled by the cute cover. Turned out to have a confusing plot! =.= NEVER gonna get bluff by covers again!

Resah Hati Tsubaki by YASUKO

Haven't read. -.- Interesting cover though.....

Forced myself to punish myself from reading because haven't finish editing the assignments.


So long!

ps: I'm so gonna read it now because at least I had finish editing at least two parts of the assignment. Two grueling parts. hahaha... just joking! >.<

Also, I'm putting this under Book Review! Comic and magazine are also books, in different formats and presentations. hahaha... Okay, getting cold. Tataaa!

Bus Trip

Awareness & impressions xD

11:47 PM

Was on the usual bus route yesterday morning.

The transit TV in the bus was blank but there's audio (sound, voices) minus the image. Too bad though.

There was a very interesting voice, loud and clear from the audio system.

"Cikgu, kenapa saya duduk tepi budak AIDS ini?" Okay, something like that, I forgot either AIDS or HIV....

Translation in English: Teacher, why do I sit next to a boy (girl?) with AIDS?

I wonder what the other passengers were thinking. Not that I doubt much, hope they realize what that simple dialogue is about.

Creating awareness through simple direct approach is good. Not great but at least there's effort. Wonder how much impact a feel-sorry approach work? Realize that there are a lot of awareness campaigns using that feel-sorry approach? Granted, humans sway at that. But are they even still humans? haha

When I heard it, I actually smirk!

Yeah, the irony of it!

I noticed too that it used mostly simple graphics. =.= Seriously, how many people would pay attention to that? Put in a hunk or babe and you get more impact. haha

Remember the Tak Nak Merokok campaign? The one showing a guy lighting up his cigarette and trying to get a lady's attention? Come on! Yeah, the meaning's there. -______- BUT.... Consider using 'beautiful' people. Don't get me wrong.

After all, humans want things to be PERFECT.... want things to be BEAUTIFUL....

Who doesn't? Except Nature where we want it to be... yeah, NATURAL. haha

Get this, got a 'defected' area on your face, people won't look at you twice. Harsh? That's Life.

You can say all about Heart.

But when you 1st meet someone, you won't know how the Heart is YET. So don't go bluffing yourself.

Make a good 1st impression. Make-up if you want. Wear decent, appropriate clothes (I am in no way of advocating clothes showing more skin than is appropriate... I detest! >:D).

ps: Notice that from the Awareness campaign, I have swing off to another issue. That's me.... >.<

Haish, need to sleep. Nite! So long!

Wanna go Sungei Wang!!! Photos of the event there, hopefully upload on Sunday. haha :P


Sky views #1

3:21 PM

As the title goes, I witnessed a beautiful pattern in the sky yesterday evening. haha....

See the split? It's so 'clean'.....

It's surreal to see this pattern of splitting in the clouds! Wonder what made it that way~

So long!

University life

Shy to ask?

5:25 PM

Quote from a lecturer~~~~
'Ask me, don't ask your friends. If your friends also don't know, you end up confusing yourself more.'

Actually in BM: Jangan tanya kawan awak kalau awak tak tahu, tanya saya. Kawan pun tak faham, ajaran sesat awak nanti!

hahaha.... >.< in a way true, because your friends might not understand too, like you... So on the safe side, ask the lecturers. After all, if you get wrong, you can always say, 'That's what the lecturer told me.' haha

So in the end, I ended up with lots of question. Really, you can't ask the person next to you. The moment she spotted you asking each other, there's her quote for reference.

Still, thanks so much. From her lectures, at least, I've started to enjoy asking questions. Even though at first I was hoping that the question does not sound foolish. =.=

That's why we avoid asking questions but yeah... Malu bertanya sesat jalan. (Shy to ask, lose your way)

Til next time, so long! >.<

Products review

Rimmel Extra Wow Lash

11:44 PM

Quoted from Rimmel:

'Extra Wow Lash mascara, the new volume and lash building mascara with 50% larger brush for WOW volume. The supersized brush makes it easy to build soft to dramatic look with visible progressive volume up to 12X. Lash building formula for highly defined lashes. No clumping.'

This is the product I received from Yuberactive.

Extra WOW Lash <<< same or not? haha

'Suitable for sensitive eyes.' I wonder, because my eyes are not the sensitive type. So cannot say much about that part.

Look at that brush! *I use SilkyGirl mascaras.. And well, this Rimmel's is bigger. >.< But wait, those it live up to it's claims?

Trend Princesses, put on your crowns! xD

1st pix: before applying.

Thankfully, I have 'good' lashes. They're long, not too long.... and many, not too hairy.... haha Just nice..well, for me, they are great!

2nd pix: 1st application.

Did I mention I'm not a pro in make-up? Yeah, there's clumping on my part! The lashes look better though.... do they? Let's see after the 2nd application.

3rd pix: 2nd application.

WOW! Looks more defined, right? Or is it because I zoom in too near??

Same procedures for the left eyelashes...

haha... I made a mistake during 2nd application for the left eyelashes....

I blinked!!! With the brush so close to my eye!

................................ and the brush stuck my lower eyelid!

Just look at that mess!

Okay, honestly, I was laughing at my own carelessness... hahaha

Enough with the story of the application of the mascara...let's tell the important, facts part...


- Light packaging, nice design on the mascara tube. There's a cute little crown on top of the 'O' in 'WOW'.

- Bigger brush reaches the lashes nicely. However... smaller ones work just fine for me though. So makes little difference for me.

- Volume building, my lashes look thicker.. a bit perhaps. Or is it the other lashes combining to each other? haha


- Formula dries slow. Must not blink or will leave fugly marks.

- Price. For me, RM27.90 is a bit much for just a mascara. >.< But if the quality's amazing, will reconsider...

All in all..... Okay, not amazing.... And for me, not really the WOW factor.

Available at Watson's Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Sungei Wang, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Seremban, Square One Shopping Mall (RRP: RM27.90) 
- Copied from Yuberactive's site.

So long til next review... who knows when...


Super sleepy like hill*i=e

11:00 PM

Yeah, got a 'love' letter from Y. haha.... Later I explain.

Wanted to upload some pictures on Facebook to put in a post. But uploading on Facebook is slow... And I don't want some other photo sharing sites! Too many passwords, I'm confused which one is for which one in my memory bank! hahaha

And I'm supposed to sleeppppp.................. super sleepy, wanna put up at least one post for today... haha... Played with the pre-set publish time.

Weekend's coming.. Can't wait for a break! Then finish assignment + presentation mode comes soon after those! hahaha

By the way, received very good response about the study group. Gonna see how I can make it happen!



Love #1

11:00 PM

I loved

I love

'Loved' becomes the Past

'Love' becomes the Future

For Happiness, choose 'Love'

For 'Loved' had became Despair

Everyone tries to avoid Despair

And yearns to gain Happiness

I am but one of the Everyone

My 'Loved' is Past

My 'Love' is Future

Goodbye, 'Loved'.

You will become my 'Friend'.

That and only that.

University life

EM's Study group?

9:54 PM

Actually I have a product review to do and some assignments hanging on my neck... Did I say neck, yeah..... Crazy me... >.<

Gonna need to commit to finish the assignments though. Then up next is Study mode for Finals 1st Semester.
\(^O^)/ REALLY, I'm happy that the Finals are coming.


Who's up for a study group? Uh, my course mates, I mean. haha

I'm opening priority to those from College 11 and College 5 because I'm used to College 12's....errr.... cafeteria. Don't worry, I won't mix study with personal... hehe xD

Study group for Law, Economics, Property Maintenance, Valuation.... Errrr.... TITAS?

Plus everyone gets to be the lecturer! :P

Seriously, I lack in some points and you lack in some points. So let's help each other study.

ps: Actually, help me to study! I can't concentrate without switching to Manga/Anime mode. hahaha

Oh, I don't do study groups in room. I like the open air, with the noise!


So long and tell me if you are interested, course mates!!

Bus Trip

Irritating bus driver

9:00 AM

hahaha, don't know what you're expecting but I'm going to recount what happened Saturday, 19 Nov 2011.

WARNING ahead, this post having kinda lots of swear words.... Censored to a level of appropriateness for the kind at heart readers though... hahaha

That fateful day, I decide to go to UM for a study group. *here, I have to tell you guys & ladies who know me well, no need to comment much ok. I'm begging you to just read! hahaha

So yeah, I board the bus from in front of a Post Office. Not going to pinpoint the location exactly. >.<

There I am, holding up my fugly lil bus card.... The lil bus card is the monthly one... you do know which one I'm referring too? :P

And the fakkking bus driver suddenly ask for my receipt...

Watafak!!! Damn blurred, stupei me rummages thru all the bit n pieces in moi's bag. Soooo many compartments.. well, nope that many, because my bag is just like the standard school bag.

2nd watafak! I am not sure where that lil sh*tty of a receipt disappear to. >.< By this time, I am super angry at the bus driver but still putting on such a cute, angelic face. NOT A CHANCE, Lady.

"Fare is RM3"

Oh, thanks very much.

After paying, I got my seat, a bit fuming.

But hey ho!

A friend of PASUM is next to me. Des! hahahaha..... one of my gossip friends! Such memories flooding back. >.<

But the fumes are gone only for a few minutes because Des got down after a few bus stops.

Me? Continue fuming at the bus driver. >xD

Don't get why I'm angry? Because plainly, he just did the most ridiculous thing!

Well, what he did made the other passengers think badly of me.

Not being able to show that damn sh*t of a receipt, it looked like I was gonna hitch a free ride on the bus.


Like I would!!?

Damn sh*tty service. Next time, you ask your bosses, install those watafak card readers in all buses!

Have weekly and monthly cards but not all buses can read??! And then want to accuse us of getting free rides? Fakkk you!

If you can't trust passengers of cheating you, then yeah, take my advice, install those sh*t readers.


Lesson learnt: always have your receipt with you... or else your image *ahem... goes down the drain!



7:00 AM

Honestly if there's one thing I clearly dislike in myself. It's indecisiveness. Yeah, I don't stick to my guns. Always, I linger. It's pretty bad especially during Q&A. When my mind needs to be sharp but it wanders. Then all information get lost in the mind jungle. So, embarrassing myself, just jumble up anything about the topic. Yes,  that's why my sentences are always hanging. They're spontaneous speech. Heck, what speech, more like mumble jumbo of nothing. Like this paragraph now, I'm just typing out anything that's in my mind. How I love essays in Secondary school. The free essay part, not the damn rigid structure, formal letter, yada yada yada. Even if they give a topic, it's achievable to write on without the damn restrictions. Though I tend to get off topic. Ah, another thing to ponder on. I don't do mind maps or idea visualizing stuff. If possible, I just spill out whatever is in my head. But hey, they're mostly nonsense stuff that might bore you to death. Oh, did I just type in death? Nahh, let it just be. Super lazy mood to retype or redo.haha. Haven't posted much this month and the last. Not that I have nothing, well, okay, mostly I do have nothing to blog on. haha. But I tend to type and type. Then I read back and think...

"Oh, this post won't do. Need to write on something else."

Indecisiveness? Or just plain old perfectionist?

hahaha =.=

Whichever, I do that. I did typed but yeah, erased. Clean template. Wonder how this blog manages to survive. Around this time, I usually delete and start anew.

Nothing interesting? Yeah, me and my rambles. haha


You slept, I was blogging

12:33 AM

Why you (someone) so easy fall asleep one without replying my messages 1st?

Haish, what to do. You're tired. I understand. I have to be patient.

Anyway, I haven't crash my bed because was doing post updates here. haha >.<

Will be posted later, scheduled posts.

4 posts today, including this one.

Hope you (readers) enjoy reading them.

Though one is kinda...... never mind. You just have to find out.

So long!

ps: Pretty witty title... hahaha >xD

Cik Muda

Cik Muda & Pengangkat bakul

7:20 PM

haha... lama tak guna BM, boleh rindu pula. Lepas kes *censored ke ntah apa benda itu, Cik Muda rasa bosan dan  ah, biar lah tak peduli.. huhu. BM ke BI, malas Cik Muda nak bantah. Bantah pun mereka tak semestinya ikut cakap kita. kan kan? Buang air liur saja. Kita tengok saja lah apa jadi 20 tahun kemudian. Harap- harap tak ke arah BI lagi pula. Memang suka ulang alik lah kita ini.

Haa, sebelum melencong jauh, ni apa kes Cik Muda & pengangkat bakul???

Bukan yg real life nyer pengangkat bakul ok. Bukan manusia yg betul-betul dalam tangan ada bakul. Cik Muda nak cakap tentang sebilangan spesis manusia yg suka 'angkat bakul' orang lain.... Haa... tak panas gitu bila tahu 'dia' maju sebab angkat bakul?

Cik Muda pun hairan. Tak kan spesis ini rela sangat? Mcm tak ada maruah pun ada. Honestly, Cik Muda tumpang kasihan juga. Mungkin mereka terdesak kan jadi no choice, kena ikut kata big bos. Kalau tak, memang hidup tak lama lah. :'( Truly, sad life lah theirs. Cik Muda just harap situasi mereka dapat dibongkarkan kepada orang ramai. Kang percuma saja mereka kena kutuk, caci maki padahal bukan 100% salah mereka.

Itu spesis terdesak. Yg memang nak sangat angkat bakul pula??? Apa kisah?

Haa.... yg spesis special ini pula memang nak hidup mereka terjamin. Tak kisah lah apa caci maki mereka dapat, yg pasti mereka dapat promotion, dapat big fat cash in their pockets.

Kadang-kadang main kotor lagi. Siap sebar khabar angin tentang org lain supaya diri mereka sendiri up market. Di sini, Cik Muda akan seikhlas-ikhlas nya mencaci maki mereka. hahaha Yela, Cik Muda bukan hati suci, Cik Muda sedar banyak salah juga tapi Cik Muda masih nak judge orang lain. haha

Kita manusia gitu kan?

So pengangkat bakul... kenapa anda pengangkat bakul. Dah lah obvious sangat. Anda lepak tak dengan kami yg tak ada pangkat. Anda lepak selalu dengan big bos. Tak pernah nampak anda jauh dari big bos. Dah lah bukan pembantu peribadi big bos, cuma kerani... <<<contoh saja, tak ada kaitan dengan sesiapa, sama ada yg masih hidup atau telah mati.

Wahai pengangkat bakul, kami nampak anda leka mengejar nama. Nak sangat nama anda naik, dalam senarai terhebat kan. Tapi, pengangkat bakul, tahukah anda sesuatu? Orang terdekat dengan kamu tidak menyokong mu. Orang 'bawahan' mu tidak menyokong mu sebab mereka nampak kepuraan kamu. Yupsss... your not so great acting costs you your fame. Kalau nak tipu orang dengan lakonan friendly kamu pun, belajar lagi lah. Pergi ambil kursus acting. Gerak geri badan tak pandai, eye contact pun fail, apa kisah? Memang lakonan kamu telah buat kami membenci mu. Terutama gelak mu yg so not really laughing...

Alololo... Cik Muda terover cerita pula tentang pengangkat bakul... haish... dan ada pula manusia yg terpedaya dengan pengangkat bakul... sama ada mereka sejenis, semakhluk atau hanya mengasihaninya, mana lah Cik Muda tahu. Harap-harap mereka sedar yg mereka hanyalah pengangkat bakul.

Cik Muda tak sampai hati nak tegur direct. Nanti penyokong dia yg tegar ntah kena sogok hentam Cik Muda....


Best tak skrip Cik Muda di atas..????

Nak percaya atau tidak, terpulang. Cik Muda sekadar nak menghibur dengan entri kali ni... Nak lepas geram juga sebab pengangkat bakul dah diam... Tak seaktif dulu... alololo, dia dah sedar ke? Tak best nya! hahahaha

ps: Entri ini pun khas untuk tatapan miss e dan yg se-gang dengan nya. Rindu miss e, cik nana, cik kirah, cik mmmmmm rosa ke zaza....hehe xD *memang kena isnin petang nanti....

Movie review

The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

6:07 PM

YEAH!!!!!!!! xDDD

Watched on 11 Nov 2011, perfect date (for me!) to watch an old time favourite. Courtesy to Mum for the influence. haha

Directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson, for me (again, ahem), IT WAS GREAT!!!

Love Snowy! (the dog, in case you haven't watched or never knew Tintin comic strips.)

Movie's available in 3D but I'm a cheapskate. hahaha

Bet it'll be great though to watch some of the action parts in 3D. Yes, there are action. Not the overly types. Some make me laugh. =.= 

Which was eerie because I was the only one laughing. 

The theater wasn't even FULL! T.T Where's the Tintin lovers? Or did they opt for the 3D? *Spare me a 3D ticket, pretty please. hahaha

All in all, let's get serious.

The length's nearly a 2hour, past the 1hour 30 minutes. Honestly I didn't realize that. :D Was laughing at funny parts by Tintin and his dog, Snowy. What's not to love in that dog! Clever and fast too. Could I have one EXACTLY like that? *Dream on. -.-

So, this is Tintin's adventure in the Secret of the Unicorn. The Unicorn is actually a sunken ship. And there's always, mostly sunken treasure in the process. When the ship's huge, you would expect lots of treasure right?

That's what a bunch of pirates thought too. 

It was great thrill to 'witness' the memory of the last generation of Haddock in retelling that fateful fight with the pirate!

Red Rackham!!!.... *Hope I got the name right... ahaha And also not forgetting his descendant! Mr Sakharine!

Oooooh! Spoiler! Well, not much. 

I just HONESTLY want you to watch it!!! :P

Here's some reasons to watch! SPOILER alert though. hehe

Watch Tintin escape from funny yet dangerous scenes with the cameras' seemingly moving here and there. You won't get dizzy I promise! Or his favourite phrase; Great snakes!

Watch Haddock act out the scene of his ancestor or his terrible addiction to alcohol. Or maybe his funny skirt-lifting action, if you have quick eyes to spot! Not his breath..... xD

Watch Snowy suddenly lifting its head under a cow's udder. Or Snowy in chasing that evil, flying hawk of Mr Sakharine! Or just like him for being cute and adorable!

Watch Thomson and Thompson, two seemingly blundering Interpol detectives in apprehending a pickpocket, who admits after an endless bickering between the two detectives. -Really, I got lost in listening to them, talking fast yet audible yet not really understanding what they're saying. @.@ But don't judge them because they seem clumsy. They're actually quite clever in using canes. *wink

Watch as how a high pitch voice breaks a glass case. =.= Great idea to break safety glasses......... which claimed to be bullet proof. haha Or just laugh silently at the sight of the wealthy man. (>.<)


Last but not least...well, about the ending...

Truly, I was not happy with it. Suddenly there's end to the actions. Back to the usual thinking of Tintin and his reveling of the mystery, in this case being the Unicorn's treasure. Don't know what I was expecting but not an abrupt end. Yeah, it ended somehow too fast.

Still, who's up for a second screening! I know I want a DVD later too!


Sushi @ LCCT

9:37 PM

Bought on 6th Nov, the day my Mum and I sent my sis off at LCCT.

1st of, I let you do the name labeling. See how many out of the three packages you know. ;P

Prices are at the time bought, may or may not change after this post. Either way, I'm not liable for any arguments if there are different prices. haha

ps: Soon will be the end of 2011. Wonder if there will be lots of Giveaways coming. It's always around that time. *winks


MOFEW 2011

11:42 PM

hahaha.... I wonder how many can guess what the title stands for...

It's an event happening now (11 Nov 2011 until 13 Nov 2011) at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Hall 2 & 3!!!!

*so excited because I went there already!!!! xDDDDD but no worries, I didn't go picturescrazy... =.= not even one picture.. so terrible this 'reporter' hahaha

Okay, I'm evil if I still with hold this excitement. Maybe not much for the guys unless they want to buy gifts for their wives or girlfriend or whatever.

For the ladies, extra LOVE!! *I would like to know which ladies wouldn't love this event. >.<

Well, here's the thing.... *ahemm EVENT


Bits of facts!

It's the 2nd time for this MOFEW.

MOFEW 2011 features over 170 online fashion entrepreneurs nationwide.

-As taken from the booklet provided.

I'm listing only a few of the booths there because some were just setting up and I kinda got in the way. hahaha The ones with * are those I took more than seconds visiting because they were ready and the booth attracted my interest. Oh yeah, meaning * for the booths I preferred. haha

I've divided the list into advertisement type and the FULL list. The full list will be provided later, after I scan it 1st. >.<

The list: -as provided in booklet in advertisement form
ps: I'm only linking to their Facebook account. If you want their website/blog address, ask me for it.

Paul Penders Beauty Center
Jo's Fashion House
Zatu Apparel
Delicious Poison
Tanks for Five
Angel Glory
Room 8008
Lush Serendipity
The Survival Store
My Bag Organizer
Walk-in Closet
CMW Designer Collection
Emcee Couture
ugly duckling closet
tomato apparel

The full list




1:54 PM

Let's just say......

I typed.

I backspaced.

Then I spaced out.


What to type here?

It's well into November.....

Okay, I have group assignments and I'm lousy as a leader and a friend. =.=

Point taken, I'm losing my edge.

I don't know why.

Looks like I'm back on to Square 1 in Life.

Being unmotivated....

It's just like ME.

Oh, gosh... get yourself a Life!

Things I used to love.

Things I used to enjoy.

Somehow doesn't seem much nowadays.

I wonder why?

I just wanna curl up and sleep.

Until someone slaps me back into reality, perhaps that's it.


I feel totally pointless now. When's the Exam? That might put me back into shape.

-Gila kah mau exam, org dread exam, kau suka pula...haha......



Hot Plate Yee Mee- thefavinthefamily

7:16 PM

I think it has been a long time since I posted any food-related posts... teehee....


What's this Hot Plate Yee Mee I put in the title.

Basically it's Yee Mee in a hot plate.... Duhhh

Here's a pix for visualization purposes!


There's pieces of chicken. If you're lucky, you get more meat than bones....
The veges are leafy and branchy.... ok, I don't know my veges, sue me..haha =.=
There's at least two half-cut mushrooms... mm... well, let's say it's not the button mushrooms, don't know what you call them though.... but they're mushrooms!

Optional: Egg. At RM0.70. If you think it's worth it, okay. Even without, the food still tastes great.

Oh! What's Yee Mee without the MEE! XP 
(LAST ingredient, totally forgot, let it be the last okay~ lalalalala)

...........I don't know what sauce they used though. Tastes great and I'm shy to ask questions. hahaha

Taste verdict: Obviously, I've typed so much so obviously you know I think it tastes great. haha...

In the title: the fav in the family. Why? Because my sister, my dad and my mum like it too.. Super like, thumbs up. The sauce makes it tastes great, wonder what is it? Special sauce?? It's almost gooey-like. I can't say much on the taste, not really that sweet or sour. Okay, no sour taste. A bit spicy, not too over which is nice for me, who can't take the chili too much. =.=

Since it's served on a hot plate, it feels really superb especially in the cool cafeteria! 

Price: RM4.80 

Found at Tesco Shah Alam ground floor, stall Sizzling.


30 Things in 30 Days Challenge

5:29 PM

Finished challenge!!!

Remember when I said I'll be doing challenges. This is the next one. The lists (of other challenges) can be found at your left side of this blog okay.

30 Things in 30 Days Challenge (Taken from here)

Day 1 — My favorite song
Day 2 — My favorite movie
Day 3 – My idea of the perfect first date
Day 4 – My favorite photograph of my best friend
Day 5 – What makes me different from everyone else?
Day 6 –  A song to match my mood
Day 7 –  A photo of an animal I’d love to keep as a pet
Day 8 –  A picture of my favourite memory
Day 9 –  My current relationship, if single discuss how single life is
Day 10 – A photo of the item I last purchased
Day 11 –  5 facts about me
Day 12 –  A photo of something that makes my happy
Day 13 – What kind of person attracts my?
Day 14 – Who are I?
Day 15 – A TV show I'm currently addicted to
Day 16 – Something I don’t leave the house without
Day 17 – How I hope my future will be like

Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex
Day 19 – A picture of something I want to do before I die
Day 20 – The meaning behind my blog name
Day 21 – A photo of my favorite place to eat
Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt me recently
Day 23 –  My dream wedding
Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to me
Day 25 – Short term goals for this month and why
Day 26 – A photo of somewhere I want to go
Day 27 – A picture of my favourite band or artist
Day 28 – In this past month, what have I learnt
Day 29 – Something I could never get tired of doing
Day 30 – A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

Dare to join?



10:36 PM

We walked

We fell

We got up

We walked.

How I wished Life was that easy to recover from.


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 30

10:09 PM

A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days


Let's just say this is me in the most NATURAL state, not makeup whatsoever, I look soooo bad~


Three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

I learnt that good things were not meant to last.....since when do they last in my life anyway?

Well, whatever.....three good things eh?

I managed to teach myself how to apply foundation, blusher, mascara, lipstick, & eyeliner.... it's good for me ok....hahahahaha

2nd good thing: I got a person that's willing to accompany me to wherever on Earth! hahahaha, ok, kidding.... but yeah, that's my new special friend....

3rd good thing: I'm not obliged to divulge my whereabouts every time anymore..... though that accounts for less SMS-ing time.... 


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 29

9:35 PM

Something I could never get tired of doing

What don't I get tired?

Well, READING is one!

=.= I got tired of writing and drawing though... I'm restless when I can't finish a story/ drawing so yeah, those stuff doesn't suit me anymore.


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 25

9:32 PM

Short term goals for this month and why

Finish assignment, do presentations, HAVE A LIFE!!


ps: I'm just me being 'crazy'.... -.-


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 22

9:45 PM

A letter to someone who has hurt me recently

1st of all, that person doesn't know that he has hurt me.

I don't show it openly, whats the point: he doesn't realize. -.-

To that person,

I'm not perfect. No excuse there. I won't say I'm trying to be perfect.

I'm just me, with imperfections.

I'm patient with you. I don't want you to start blaming yourself.

I care about you and showing it too.

You may not feel it because I act with a don't-care attitude.

Honestly, I wish you knew when I'm hurt.

For what's it worth, I love being with you.

And you being with me.

Yours truly,


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 21

9:13 PM

A photo of my favourite place to eat

Recent favourite is perhaps............

I always go for Sub-of-the-deal though.... >.<

And favourite bread is Honey Oat!!


30 Things in 30 Days- Day 20

9:07 PM

The meaning behind my blog name

=.= Well, quite straight forward right?

It's about my life and my Diary. Since I kinda suck when I write, I tend to write and write until the main story is lost. Seriously if it's written, not typed out like here, even I myself won't read it. Plus, my handwriting is sooooo.................

Okay, bye!

Oh, Anna is my nickname by family members.

Products review

Miracle Touch Creamy Blush from Max Factor

8:06 PM

Yes!! My 2nd product review from Yuberactive! Thanks so much!

Miracle Touch, Creamy Blush
from Max Factor

Below description as provided by Yuberactive:

Foundation might perfect your skin but a hint of cream blush is the secret weapon to a healthy glow. Now you can create the ultimate skin finish yourself with new Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. Designed to perfectly compliment the flawless results of Miracle Touch Foundation, this blend-easy blusher adds a radiant, dewy flush to all skin-types. Unlike powder blushers it also stays looking freshly applied throughout the day.

Product available for review: Soft Murano or Soft Cardinal

Available at Metrojaya, Parksons Departmental Stores, and Isetan (Lot 10). (RRP RM28)


I got Soft Cardinal!

Okay, I lose the spectacles because it made me look nerdy... hahahaha

hahahaha, okay, done with the last vain pictures.. for now~

The blush is really small. See how little it is in my palm. -.- My palm is already small. Roughly, it's the size of a 50 cent coin. The diameter would roughly be around 10cm..... So small, right?!

Really handy if you want to save space in your hand bag.

The colour is more striking compared to powder type blush. And yes, it's CREAMY, not powder....

(I read other reviews in Yuberactive, most said that they used their fingers...)

So yea... I used my fingers too...

But warning, remember to wash your hands and wipe dry before touching the blush. You do want to lengthen the blush's lifespan... >.<

Okay, vain pictures coming up...

I look like a clown -.- I mean, putting the little blush near my nose.

Okay, lose the blush and self smile for the camera.

I dabbed away some of the initial amount I put. I tend to put too much, which makes me a Pro if ever you want a Clown look, come find me. hahahaha

Basically, it's a great blush because it lasts long. I tried it out at night 1st just to gauge the right amount to apply. Then I used it in the morning. The colour stayed on till evening time, after my classes finished. 

So good points are: 

It's small and light, easy to put in my handbag, doesn't take up much space.
It's easy to apply, just use my fingers, extra careful it doesn't go under my fingernails.
It lasts long, from morning to evening. Don't know if it lasts till night though.

Not so good points:

It's relatively small to the price. Some might think it's too much for a little blush.
You need to try out the right amount of blush, which after the few tries, should be fine.
Need to be hygienic as you are using your fingers.

Will I buy it?

Honestly, a 50/50 because I don't really need it. Maybe once I'm working. For now, I'm still a student, under constant watch by University rules. >.<

Okay, bye!

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