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You all know what's a teacher's pet right? No, I don't mean that the teacher has a REAL pet AKA cat, dog, fish, lizard, rabbit, hamster etc. Not those type of pet that I'm referring to right now. A teacher's pet is his/her favourite student. THE student that gets extra attention from the teacher and is treated noticeably different than other students.

Okay, I pride myself that my English is great. 

Get that right! Not excellent, Not awesome, Not perfect. I just stated there= GREAT.

ps: Though those words are nearly in the same meaning. Well, they're different. GREAT is a bit below those words. Yeah, I'm the writer here so I get to decide the words I use. xP

Moving on before I get side-tracked from this story I'm supposed to delight you all with.

Because my English is great, I kinda got more attention from some of the English teachers in school. Not all, just some. Mostly lady teachers. I don't know, maybe it delighted them that at last they could read a proper English essay. Less mistakes and not wasting their ink and soring their eyes and exhausting their mind. Well, it was great then, in Primary at Bintulu. Though a little incident had caused me to dislike that English teacher later on. <<< That is another story, will be told later, when I remember, if I remember.

After the said incident, I was no longer wanting to be the teacher's pet. I disliked it as the other kids ignored me. Yeah, I'm smarter than you in English. Just that and you all felt so inferior and ignored me. Trust me, kids that time were really too sensitive, even beating adults.

Then moved to Mukah. It was okay there but my English showed up again. <<< There's another story here too. If I remember, I'll tell. Now, it's not the main story. 

I moved to a new school in Primary 5. SRK Mukah...Mmmmm.... I don't remember exactly the school's name. But since the Secondary nearby is SMK Mukah, I guess I'm right. If I'm wrong, do tell me.

I met my rival here. Kids then were not little Angels. Even I got to be a little Devil now and then. I specifically loved to bully some boys. Nothing serious but they never bother about me. Guess the bullying helped me.

ps: Became a bully because was once bullied. Another story. -.-lll

About the rival. Let's just call him A. I don't want him reading this because this gives him credit. Well, maybe not.

This A came from Kuching, his father, like mine, also had to move his whole family with his job.

ps: What's with Dads' and their jobs and moving families anyway?


A was great, awesome, excellent, almost perfect. <<< See, reading this will make his nose grow taller.

BUT almost perfect?

Guess where I came in?

English. AGAIN.

Though I'm very happy I beat him in that. That's my favourite subject. A excelled in everything. His English was great, just like mine. But he somehow lacked the imagination, I guess. I always scored more in my essays. All my creativeness flow out there. I just loved essays.

And how did the Teacher's pet came in?

A got jealous. Seriously, he won't admit it. He purposely called me the teacher's pet. Well, the English teacher's pet.

Oh, come on! Why was he being a sore loser?

The rivalry was purely on his side, he so badly wanted to conquer all the subjects. And I was blocking him from claiming the English throne. Every time the results were out, he'll call me the teacher's pet when he knew my English result. I didn't bother. Though I did get my little revenge on him.

After Primary 6, he went to SMK Three Rivers and I went to SMK Mukah.

Okay, I kinda miss his competitiveness. Honestly, I got bored in Secondary 1. Nobody was on my level. 

So, if that boy happens to read this, I'll be glad. I'm not saying I hate you. Though I did hate you that time, being so superior in all subjects. If we do have time, how about an essay contest? Just the two of us and we could ask someone who doesn't know us to mark. Wait, seeing where you are currently studying, I dare say your English has improved lots.

To people who know A and me, don't go babbling to him. Except to tell him of this post. Not exaggerating and adding false statements like "She wrote bad things about you." which I did not do.

Final note: This is a true story of how a teacher's pet once felt. Now not anymore and she's happy.

ps: Just so you know, A. You did beat me once in English. But I didn't tell you my marks. I don't know whether you found out. Well, at least you did beat me once. Hope you're satisfied. 


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