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I forgot that I'm also known as Anna! Sorry, Qiu, I did read your blog but it didn't struck me then until you posted in my Shoutbox! XDD

Thanks too, Qiu. You're the first person who tag me to do it. Sob sob T.T

1. Do you think you are hot?
O.O Well, pretty, beautiful, clever <<<yes but HOT?? To me, that's the same as sexy. So, I don't like to be sexy which counts me as not hot. honest :)

2. Update your latest wallpaper now.Describe about it.
I don't understand what it really means. I'm assuming you're telling me to change my blog's wallpaper. Which I'm not changing because I like it simple and not cluttered. <<< And I just described it.

3. The last time you eat pizza.
T.T The last time!!? Sad, sad situation here. Wish Teddy is here, then always eat pizza. Okay, once a month maybe. Record: a slice before mid-term exam. <<< See, sad situation.

4. The last song heard by you.
Having a playlist which goes on and on so no song will be last. I'll state my fav instead. The only exception by Paramore. :)

5. What are you doing right now, other than blogging?
About to begin lunch. And playing Facebook games.

6. What are your other nicknames?
Ana- Home. Only family calls me this. A person did once too but stopped because of some unavoidable reason.
Jue- Friends. Beginning here in University. 
Julianna (I know, not nickname)- Friends from primary and secondary school. They don't want to shorten my name that time. I didn't bother.
Rika  Jue- Facebook. Permanent nickname on Facebook. Not changing, easier if you all want to find me on Facebook.

7. Tag another 5 person.
Magdalene Heuk Salvatore

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