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Sensitivities mean things that should be taken care of carefully, extra care needed! Well, that's my meaning.

Sensitive issues! Please leave if you are not able to handle them. I am in no way responsible if you are hurt or displeased by the contents. The contents are purely my opinions unless stated otherwise. Thank you.

If you've noticed or joined a group on Facebook, you'll find that they are some not-so-sensitive souls out there. The group's mission is to show hatred or sow the seeds of hatred and discrimination in humans' hearts. Being vulnerable as all humans are, we tend to believe more of what is there than to find out the truth ourselves. Why? Because we take the proven truth as the real truth. But have you ever asked yourself. Is that really the truth? What were the proofs to come to the said truth?

It is the same with theories. Only some are backed with genuine experiments and research. Most are just opinions which cannot be proven. Then, they are based on beliefs.

Because of some of these not-so-sensitive person, SOME of the sensitive person came out with a ridiculous method. Click here to view. I'm not saying he's stupid dumb not sensitive anything either than this,

" Why now only you say that? The problem was long time ago. I'll even agree with the comments than you. "

That is one sensitive issue in Malaysia. Next, one that is very, very important to Muslim.
The HALAL issue. Click here for some information (it's a person's blog, not some notes on Facebook). 

I don't know with other non-Muslims but I personally think we should HALAL all food. Makes it easier for them to get food and helps our business too, right? I faced this issue when going out with Muslim friends. They will search for HALAL food. Think it's simple? Try searching at Genting World Theme Park. Even the guards were not really helpful. Many Chinese restaurants there. Who would want to ask each one, " You got HALAL certificate?" They could just bluff you anyway, for profits. We ended up at KFC and McD.

Maybe some of you don't agree that all food should be HALAL. Why not? Because food tastes better for you when not HALAL? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Two issues done. Anything else sensitive? Oh, why the sensitive issue? 

" There's no use not talking about sensitive issues. It becomes sensitive because we are the ones making it sensitive in the first place, by not willing to talk about it out loud."

Ah! Last sensitive issue of the day (enough three, okay): SEX education during school years.

Some support, some against. Me? Support! 

For the developments so far, click here.

My own opinion: If they want to do it, let them. They are the ones who want to. Let them face what happens next. We are just giving education on what will happen if they do it. We are in no way encouraging them to do it! When someone teaches you to make bombs, they were not thinking, " Now go and blow up KLCC." (pun intended, don't know what pun is? Google!)

The knowledge is there, we are the ones who will decide what to use it for. So don't limit the knowledge, find a better way of giving it.

Facebook, HALAL and sex education issue, what other issues Malaysia is facing now?

ps: I seldom want to blog about these type of things but because I think you all should know that I do have a serious side.
ps2: Also, this is better than blogging about politicians who will find ways to sue me later. :P

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