My Decision

4:19 PM

Surprising action on a Sunday.

I want to change my course. It's not on a weak feeling. I really want to change!

I don't like the course now (Estate Management).

To me, it involves a lot of dealing with people and being introvert, it's scary!

I want to take Computational Science, at UNIMAS. Why that course and why there?

Well, Computational Science is like programming and seeing all those codes perk my interest!
Even the HTML of this blog is awesome! I want to know how to design templates too!

UNIMAS is because it is in Kuching. You know, it's sad when it's where you're born but you don't know a thing about the place. The only place I know is my grandparents house! :(

I don't like KL. Yes, there's lots to see but it's so crowded! I don't like too many humans. I'm sick of that place. No offend but being used to a boring town where there's nothing going on gets to you. You'll end up missing the calm of the boring town.

So yeah. I want to change my course. It's a big decision in my life. I've told my parents of my intentions and now to wait their say. *Sigh

I'm almost 20 now but I still depend on them. That makes me sick and guilty. I wish I could start working while studying.

The course I wish to take, don't worry about it. You won't hear me complaining any more about "It isn't my choice!"

Computational Science is going to be hard, with Calculus and Algebra which hopefully my math brain hasn't become moldy. I need the math exercise! I feel my brain silently screaming for math exercises!

So, could I ask whoever is reading my blog? Could you help me in prayers? I really decide the course myself. It's interesting, learning codes and programs. I'll love it straight away. Could you help make my decision come true?

Thank you.

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