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Time for another story of my life. You'll derive yourself the moral of the story as you read it.

Okay, let's begin.

I had this good student-teacher relationship with a PJK teacher. You all know what is PJK right? Just in case your memory fails you or you never had it, it's called Physical Education (PE) in the States. Oh, when I mean by relationship, I mean I'm his student and he's the PJK teacher. The weird thing is he kinda treats me like the English teachers. He was like a father then. He's the PJK teacher in my Primary 4. Such a long time ago, right? Well, the story progresses.

During my Primary 5, he became my class teacher. I forgot what subject he taught (I'm a forgetful person,sorry). The terrible thing was he suddenly chose me to become the class leader.


Guess what I was doing when he made that faithful announcement on the first day of class?

I was talking with my friends, nearly at the back, right corner. My favorite past time.

Of course when he announced it, the class got quieter. Me, the class leader? Oh, hell!

Surprised, I didn't know what to do. I'm the type who hates responsibility at the time. Come on, I was 11 (okay, I should have been more responsible). Besides, all my life since Primary 2 till then I kinda hated anyone who became the class leader. Nothing really, just my spiteful nature maybe.

So, yeah. I was the class leader and I HATED IT!

I don't know anything about leadership. The class had their way. Most of them were the revolt type. The type that just won't quiet down. I was like a little tyrant! 

BUT still the teachers complained. The so unlucky part: My class was right behind the teachers' room!

So whenever the class got noisier, I got blamed. Believe me, that time, the teachers were like Devils!! Though I knew it was mostly my fault for not being able to be a good leader.

The part that really hurt me the most that time?

I got demoted! Yes, really despicable. My assistant became the class leader instead. It stung, okay! Plus, why not make him the class leader earlier, not after all the teachers humiliate me!

Thank goodness, I managed to run away to Mukah. Yeah me!

However, the things that happened there really hit me. I knew I was not a good leader. Seriously, I suck at it! And big time too, for mostly all the teachers in my class reprimanded me. Woe me! How I held back all my tears while they go on and on about how terrible a class leader I was. Yes, I have a tendency to cry when scolded or reprimanded. Yes, you won't cry over such a small thing as that. I get it, I'm a crybaby, there.

So being angry at myself for failing then, I took on the class leader role in Form 5. Initially wanted to become earlier but I didn't have the courage and there were other students more suitable to lead. I thought about it long and hard. Then when Form 5, they chose a person but she didn't want to take on the role.

Here was my chance!

I approached her and asked for the role. I even went to the teacher to ask for it. When the teacher told the class that I'm their leader, you could tell that the response was lukewarm. Okay, your class leader was not popular, not pretty and not super, brilliant clever. But she could do her duty well.

And so I was the class leader for Form 5A. I could only say I did well but not perfectly well. I could tell too that some of the students disliked me. Never mind, I did my duty and satisfy myself of the injustice of Primary 5. Thank you so much for that chance!

Moving on to Pre-University life, I took Foundation of Built Environment in University of Malaya. I couldn't believe my courage (OR idiotic) action. I went up on the stage to volunteer to become their girl leader for HaluanSiswa. There were three of us, not mistaken. Okay, here I got stung AGAIN. This time, it was the greatest sting ever.

Somewhere, a guy's voice said.

"Tak lawa langsung! Tak nak ahh dia jadi penghuluwati!"

Translated version: Not pretty at all! Don't want her as the girl leader!

Like, "Oh, pardon me!"

Since when did all the world leaders need to be handsome, beautiful etc.

That was forever the greatest sting I got! Thanks so very much. Do let me bow down to you who said it.

ps: The guy never owned up! Cowardly custard! You're despicable of the lot!

Well, I didn't get selected. Fine by me, after the insult anyway. Luckily, I didn't really get the insult. You see, lawa in Sarawak language means snobbish. Though I did know that the guy wasn't praising me, considering the awkward silence after his stupid comment.

But I did get to be the assistant for the class representative for my foundation course. One point here, my class leader is a hot guy. I mean he's really like a model. Okay, enough about that, I won't tell more or he'll get his trumpets and also I'll get a message from Teddy later. Teddy, you're still the hottest guy for me!

This is going to be long but since I wanted to spare you all from short-attention span, I'll cut the ending a bit.

Time passed by and I got involved in quite a lot of activities. I was more active than my Primary and Secondary life. It was really fun and I got to know lots of people.

The conclusion was that I enjoyed leading people. I mean calling the lecturers and informing the class about any happenings. I wasn't perfect. Actually I don't know how I did in their eyes. I feel like doing a survey and asking them. However, is it conceited? Because it's like I'm promoting myself and some people might think I'm so full of myself. Seriously, I just want to know how well I did as a leader. You can criticize all you want but please include ideas to improve. What I really hate is people who criticize but don't give ideas to improve. That means you're shallow, you just want to criticize.

Did you enjoy my story about leadership? It's my own story, feel free to take whatever morals you find in it.

So question here: Should I or should I not do a survey about my leadership capabilities? 

Thank you for reading. 


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