The language I use

11:35 PM

I'm stubborn.

Yes, I am. 


Because I only want to blog in English.

Sadly, most of the contests are in Malay. 

Though the comments are mixed. 

However, you are all still free to use Malay or English.

I may use Malay in my comments.

For the blog's posts?

Forever English.

That's a promise to LWC.



ps: That's why all my posts are in English.
ps: But my English won't be 100% perfect!

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  1. wow! ok,making myself clear.
    to pilotHans: I don't mind them writing their comments in Malay. I write back in Malay to them.I appreciate their comments on my posts.but my blog's posts is all English~
    to manna_salwa: don't worry.semua boleh komen. BM atau BI,saya xkisah. tapi harap2 xde cina k. saya xfaham cina.klo ada, saya minta kawan cina terjemahla. :)
    Peace you all! XD


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