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12:23 PM

I'm writing this post because I'm joining the BPM for Sarawak bloggers! For now there are already 6 bloggers. I do hope there are more.

Nama Manja/Glamer : Anna<<< This is what my family calls me. Shorten from Julianna. Oh, do notice the 2 N. I get irritated when people leave out one N because then you have a different Juliana okay. And I could just ignore you.

Status anda: Taken by Teddy~ Marriage is later, still studying now. ^.^ Maybe I'll invite you to the wedding if you live nearby.

Cara hubungi: You could add me in Facebook but please state where you got my Facebook from. I don't simply accept strangers. For Twitter, you can follow me through the Widget on the sidebar. Email? Check my Blog profile if you want but no spams please.

Daerah/Jajahan: Born in Kuching, mostly living in Bintulu and currently studying in KL.

Tempat tinggal: Living during long holidays (>2weeks) is in Bintulu. Less than that means I'll be staying in my college's hostel at KL.

Apa yang menarik di tempat anda: Which one? For Kuching, there's the Cat Museum. I always enjoy going there since I'm a cat-lover. Sadly, I don't keep cats but a dog. The irony! Bintulu? Well, I didn't venture out much so all I can say is the beaches. Oh, and the playgrounds. Yes, I know I can't play anymore there. Why don't they build playgrounds for adults? I don't like the gyms. xP KL? Malls! Okay, not all but pretty much right? However I prefer Kuching more to KL. :)

Somehow I think I got a little off topic. Well, just a little anyway. At first I was thinking whether I could join this BPM since my blog's in English. But BPM had a post script saying they don't mind in Malay or English. Yeah! 1Malaysia alright! Thanks!

Now I'm ending with a little surprise. Nothing special but I hope you all did realize something.

Did you all notice?

How will you all know me if I don't show my face?

I'm not pretty, not beautiful and far from drop-dead gorgeous!

Here is one of my photos! It is a combination of four photos.

And so, the end of this post.


ps: If you are a Sawarak-ian blogger, do join! And to Pahang, Sabah, Perlis and Kedah bloggers, check BPM now!

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  1. hi! staying where? I have a friend living in tuaran >.<

  2. hello:)

    I'm a sarawakian as well :) from bintulu, studied in miri and currently in the UK :)


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