Greed: Good or Bad?

8:33 PM

Humans have the seven sins: Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy. I will not touch on all the sins, that will be taking too much time and make this post too long. To read more about them, click here

What I’m interested in is this one special sin. Yes, you know what it is. 


Now, there are different methods to fool us into parting with our money. Just Google them. and yes, I’m lazy to do that myself. Move your own bums and work a little bit there.

What really pissed me off recently are some irresponsible members of this group I joined. Being a member of this group means you are to promote campaigns and participate in bids. Now, there are rules to promote. A few being no sending messages to total strangers (friends are okay, ask their favour, right?), no putting links in forums or in the campaign site or the group’s site, no promoting in job hunting sites etc. So guess what I found yesterday morning?

First, a confession here, I like clicking on job sites, trying to find a job that would suit me.

I found some idiots pasting a campaign on a particular job site. Yes, that job site didn’t do a good job in filtering. But is that a reason for you to violate the rules? The campaign is on promoting more friends to join the group. It seems okay, right? They’re promoting to strangers, not their friends. What, they don’t have any more friends? Or their friends don’t bother and they ran out of options to promote? F**K YOU GUYS!

Another part that pissed me off was that some had the nerve to type fake statements. Get RM500++ weekly? Come on! Getting that said amount is around ten years, if you’re lucky. One more to tip the iceberg was this: EASY MONEY, NOT SCAM, NOT TO FOOL YOUR MONEY. Okay, I forgot the exact heading but it was something around that context. Like, are you guys kidding?

Some big-headed idiots (I call them thus since they were actually buying it) replied, asking for more information. An anonymous (I will not state names and I didn’t remember either) asked whether he could join. He’s 48! Okay, maybe you’re trying to trick the one who posted the post.

Actually wanted to do longer, like how a baby we all are. Wanting money but not willing to work for it. My Dad goes on and on about ‘Money does not grow on trees’. I got that, so let me work a little bit. I dislike being a girl and I hate guys who just want to grab at a girl/woman. Those guys are so Mesolithic! No wonder your brains are undeveloped! WTH I sound like a feminist now.

Don’t you just wish money did grow on trees?

Causing inflation in the process too since we didn’t think of the after-effect (from above)?

Ps: Wi-Fi UM is damn slow, keeps disconnecting and my Maxis Broadband had just reached its limit that it is now as slow as the former! I might just cross the rules out and have my own way.

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