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8:44 PM

If you remember, I joined this Giveaway by Asma's Felting Box. If you don't, you can click here.

This was the post!

Well, yesterday was the closing date. I wondered who the lucky person is so, once I woke up, immediately check her blog. XDD

Her header is really pretty. I like simple layout and minimum decorations. :)

Snapshots of her post!

The so-not-great thing was that only these three people joined! :( Why?

But then, fine. Easy to win. Just need really, really lots of luck! :)
See how she's really fair; folding the paper neatly. 
So I did win fair and square!

I was too happy delighted excited hyper that I commented first on her Facebook about winning! Sorry! >.<

I gave my college's address already. Hope the prizes come soon. She sent them this afternoon(while I was with my Legal Studies paper!). Will post pictures of me holding them! 

She said soon going to do Giveaway for her blog too. Don't know when but you bet I'm joining again. Who knows, I may still have luck on my side. :)

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