11:22 AM

Is it too late to wish right now? I think not anyway. 

Merry Christmas!!
to all those celebrating. ^.^

I'm in Kuching and tomorrow is my sister's registration into UiTM.

After that, maybe going to my father's kampung. It' a rumah panjang.

Which means there's going to be lots of photos in the coming posts.

I couldn't take much on the way to Kuching the other day. Only photos taken during the stop in petrol stations. Taken with a camera okay, not my cell phone.
ps: You do know that you're not supposed to use your cell phone while you're in petrol stations. The place could blow up because of your cell phone.

I got sick before reaching Tatau even and literally puke,vomit, whatever you want to call it.

Okay, enough about that. Moving on to other things.

I received two awards this week. Noticed that they're the same awards. Still I'm very grateful for the awards. 

From yAzid TorPedo bloG

From ilmuna punya kata

It's really a great boost considering I'm still new in this blog community.

I've reached 100 followers too! Thanks for following!

Sorry that I can't give an award, kinda busy now and I didn't expect to get 100 while I'm in Kuching.

All the same, thanks to all followers and to my 100th follower, thank you.<<< Click to see who that is.

Oh, and the next door neighbour has his/her volume on way too high! Come on, if it's classic, I don't mind but it's the one with drums, beats, the popular songs right now. Can't you be a little respectful, considering that my grandparents are living near you guys? Where's their parents? Send in the riot squad!

Okay, forgive my idiotic rantings above. 

Some of my friends said that the result for Semester 1 is out, posted at the board in the faculty at UM. Just great! So, how soon could they post it in the Net? It's supposed to be soon right because for them to print out showed that they've already arranged it! I'll wait patiently~

Done, that's all the updates. 


ps: I feel like jamming the next door's electricity! Who knows how to do that?

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