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This blog is really interesting with cool and surprising segments. Always wanted to join one and here I am right now, writing this post and posting it in his entry after this! I checked and there are already 100 blogs joining! There's still time until 500 blogs so start yours too!

Why I want to be a blogger? Well, mostly because I wanted to vent my feelings, the method of writing down somehow lost its appeal in this modern times. Though this LWC was started in November, I can say that it has improved but I still have lots more to learn like not making the blog heavy. 

For details about me, you can read in the post "I'm a Sarawak-ian Blogger". It's mostly stated in there.

Okay, now to leave the URL of this post in his entry! Click on the banner to go there and enter! 


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  1. salam kenalan dari mimiey...


  2. mamat pun dah join..
    salam perkenalan..
    jangan lupa follow mamat aw..nnti sdih mamat..haha



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