4th piece

10:16 PM

Carl & Karl

Chapter 4

Carl Gregory snapped out from his memory and stared at Kerry Harriet. He tried to think of something to say quickly but ended up in stutters.

“Don’t tell me you lost your tongue!!” Laughter issued after the remark. Carl winced at the familiar voice. Not now.

Matt Terry appeared behind Kerry and put a protective hand on her shoulder. “Thought you got fired, I told him days ago that you were a useless junk.”

Carl turned around. Better not to fight and lose in front of Kerry, he thought. Besides, I don’t have a chance against huge size Matt. Carl headed towards the truck. The Spaniel followed behind him, yelping happily.

Matt smirked and took quick steps behind the pup. He kicked it roughly until it fell down on the grass. Kerry gasped and stared in disbelief at him.


Matt lied down on the pavement, shocked. Carl picked up the Spaniel, brushing away some dried grass on its fur.

“Hurt him one more time and you won’t just be laying down there,” Carl said and went to his truck.

As Carl drove back to his home, he thought hard. What was that? I punched Matt till he was on the ground. 

All for this Spaniel? He glanced at it. The Spaniel looked up at him and wagged its tail happily.

I’ll keep you until I find your real owner, Karl. Karl. Hmmm, nice name. Carl and Karl. Wait till Gary hears all this. He won’t believe me easily. All that happened today especially the part about punching Matt. Didn’t know I had the strength to do that before. He tried to feel his arms, maybe some hidden muscles I never knew before. A face flashed before his eyes.


What will she think about me now? Carl sighed. An angel with a jerk. Why Matt Terry? Why not some decent good guy? Why not Carl Gregory? Kerry’s smart and nice. Really nice. Matt Terry? Evil and mean. Carl sighed. I forgot, the world’s never straight to the point after all. Just like what Mr. Ford had said once during their conversation.

To be continued.

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