3rd piece

4:58 PM

Carl & Karl

Chapter 3

Kerry Harriet.

Best student in almost every subject. Carl had initially disliked her as she usually hangout with Matt Terry, the guy who failed every subject.

Carl and Gary had laughed out loud when Matt Terry announced during lunch break that he was dating Kerry Harriet. Jumping down from the table he had stood up to make the announcement, Matt stormed over to Carl’s table.

“ What’s your problem, loser?”

Carl forced a smile. Gary gulped. Although dumb, Matt was huge and strong. Carl thought about his chances of going home with only a broken arm.

“ Matt, dear. Please stop and come with me to the park.”

Kerry Harriet had appeared next to Matt. Carl glanced at her.

Her dark brown eyes looked concerned. Gary let out a small whistle and promptly closed his mouth with his hand. Matt swung around to Kerry.

“ Yes, dear. Anything you ask.”

Kerry sighed.

Was that relief for me, are you actually saving me? Carl had wondered.

As Matt and Kerry walked away,  the tension in the air resolved and everyone assumed their daily routine; Sam with his notebook: Selena with her hair: and Paresh with his food. Back to normal, thankfully.

Gary stared at Carl and let out a long sigh.

“ I thought you were a goner.”

“ Yeah, thanks, man.”

“ Not that I mean anything but Matt’s a jerk. I can’t believe he got Kerry. Of all the impossible, man, he got Kerry Harriet.”

“ I know, the world’s come to an end. But, Kerry’s not dumb.”

“ Huh?”

Carl smiled.

If he had seen correctly, Kerry Harriet had smiled at him before leaving.

 To be continued.

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