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Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goals, about yourself. At the end,choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Okay, 25 random things, fact, habits or goals.

1 Am a girl, born a girl, okay, in other words, I'm a female. <<< Random enough right?

2 Born in Kuching Sarawak, otherwise known as Cat City.

But that doesn't mean the city is filled with cats. Just that it does have a Cat museum. Pretty nice, should visit next time you come Kuching. Although I forgot whether there's an entrance fee or not. Next time when I go, I'll jot down everything important okay. And maybe take some pictures. <<< Yeah, if I'm not lazy for that.

3 I'm keeping my hair long. Right now, it reaches somewhere above my waist. Quite long? Not. I once kept it longer than that, during Primary 4,5. That time reached my waist already. Then I had to cut it. It was getting hot and I'm tired having to tie it all the time. But I miss the feeling when the wind blows. So yeah, I'm keeping it long. Well, not so long, just below the waist a bit. The limit is before my knees. ;)

By the end of next year, I hope it to be like below:
Maybe longer than that!

4 I love blogwalking! I like to follow too, so leave your blog links with Mister Linky at the top and I'll drop by your blog. If I haven't followed you, I will then! Hence I'm not able to have a blog roll. It's too long and I don't want to inconvenient you. I like to keep my blog easy to navigate. Do tell me if my blog is slow to upload. I did minimize the amount of pictures and HTMLs.

5 I loved yellow back in Primary days. If you had known me then, a lot of my shirts were yellow. Now only two, three. You see, they're so transparent! What's with clothes manufacturers these days? Purposely making them transparent? Well, yeah. So favorite color now: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, and Purple.

6 I like writing short stories too. I like to fantasize the characters. Though the story's kinda hard to finish. I don't plot, no drafts. I just write as I go along. So the ideas run out and I'm stuck until my next idea comes along. Which by that time makes the story utterly ridiculous! <<< Truly, ridiculous! Credit to my short-term memory and my laziness.

7 I have two phones (actually I don't know what else to say by now). One's Motorola L6.

NEVER purchase this brand if you could help it, please. Mine is so unreliable! To connect it to Internet is complex, someone (I blocked the person on Facebook) in the family did managed but I'm lazy to do it. Something about activating through another's phone.

Another one's Nokia 6220 classic.
Well, Nokia is okay and I like the lenses for the camera at the back. 5 megapixel, nice! The pictures turn out great! Oh, this one's bought around PASUM years. I think before Sem 2.

8 My birthday's on the day Kuala Lumpur became Wilayah Persekutuan! Why I'm telling this? Well, a birthday wish is highly appreciated. First, find out when the date is. ^.^

9 I have at least 5 email addresses. One is specially provided by um. Two Google, Yahoo and Hotmail one each. I mostly use Yahoo. But sometimes when the file is too big, Yahoo can't open it. So I just send it to Google and problem solved for a while. Hotmail is for my Twitter, by the way. <<< Irrelevant?

10 I collect comics. Not the expensive types, please. The translated ones from GempakStarz. Some are also by our local comic artists like Ben, Kaoru, Zint etc. Though I prefer the Japanese comics. Because they use simple drawings and the panels are neatly arranged. Our local artists tend to cramp out all the space. It's like they're saying, "I have so much to draw. I need to use all the space." Even Doraemon is great. The drawings are fairly simple but you get the story. That's why it's still a favorite now. <<< I'll never grow tired of it!

11 I like drawing but hate coloring. Terrible? Yeah, really terrible. I never liked coloring in the lines and never liked the color assigned to objects. Why can't a pineapple be green instead? Not the stalk, I mean the body itself. Is it weird in drawings?

12 I love maxi dress. They're long and pleasant. Yes, I have awful legs so I want to hide them. I love the types that reach my ankles and soft, almost satin-like. I have two now. Though are they the maxi dress type?

13 I love felt crafts. This is credit to Ilah Pinkberry. I saw her buying the DIY box, got curious and tried myself. Thank goodness I tried a small type first. Quite simple. So I progressed to bigger things. Though I kinda lost the Green felt for the Strawberry leaf! Where did it disappear to anyway?! I had to purchase it somewhere, sometime. :P

14 I'm trying crochet now. I can do double trebles but nothing beyond that. Still learning though! It's going to be hard finding the yarns in KL. Know any place that sells them, preferably near UM?

15 I'm thinking of keeping a hamster after graduating. A cute nice little hamster. And naming it Kit-chan. Oh, the name happens to pop out so not related to anything.

16 I have two RED sweaters! I love them so much that they are beginning to smell. <<< Not really, okay.
I wish my sweaters are this cool but they're not. 

17 My friends list on Facebook consists of friends and strangers. 

18 I registered again on Friendster because I wanted to play the games. Now, feeling bored by it, seldom signing in.

19 I have Myspace. Which I forgot the password by now.

20 I have at least 5 important things to remember which is vital to remember OTHER important things. The 5 important things? PASSWORDS. 5 of them. Oh, including bank PIN number and phone lock. 7?

21 I have made a promise to Teddy, which I must keep! Which to others, must not know!

22 I so badly want to complete The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I have the 1st and 2nd book. I need the 3rd and 4th! The stories are really great! Love them!

23 I'm not much of a gamer. I do like games but I'm not really into them. The games I played so far are Dragonica, TinierMe, Pet Forest Online, Reign of Blood etc. The last one I only played during day time. The graphics kinda scares me.

24 I love chocolates more than cards and roses!

25 At last! Last thing, fact, habit or goal! Wait, did I tell my goal? Maybe the long hair, the series, the Cat museum. Nope, not any of them, right? Okay, the last one to state my goal. Short term for next year: Get on the Dean's List! Long term for life: Be happy with Teddy! 

Thank you for reading such a long post. I'm supposed to be tagging 25 bloggers. I know this is really long so take your time. It's fun because you get to say all the stuffs you want to tell. Try it even if you do feel it tiring! 

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I'm breaking the rules by only tagging 20. Why? Because I want to. *Evil laugh

Hope you had fun reading since I added some pictures.


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