2010 ending soon

3:05 PM

You know as I know what this is going to be about mostly. Yes, all the resolutions, 2010 or the coming year 2011, of achievements, failures, what has and has not, etc.

Simply put, this post is typical and kinda boring because it's the same stuff every time a year is ending and a new year is coming. Don't you get bored with it? I know I do.

Come on, yes, you regret and hope for better next year. However, I don't want to sound so mean to all you nice people. Congratulations on your achievements, the what has/have in your 2010 life. For all the failures and what has/have not, don't fret. You still have 2011 to live them out. Just, this time try harder or maybe smarter?

I'm the type that makes resolution but not keeping to it. Yeah, 2010 resolution list, where are you anyway? Wait, I never did wrote them down or typed them here. Okay, burn that. How about 2011 resolution list? It makes me think of groceries and lectures list instead. I'm not sure doing this list helps me. Yeah, it's all the 2011 goals I might have like achieving CGPA 4.00, 42kg, jogging every morning, not falling asleep in lectures, etc.

ps: The falling asleep is kinda hard if the lectures' dull.

 So, how about your resolutions or azam? Mind sharing them? In English or Malay is okay. I won't bite you.

ps: I dislike long posts. If I could avoid the scroll bar from becoming so small that its length is only 5cm, I'll try! Besides, we all don't have long attention span anyway. You'll only be reading the first 5 paragraphs/15 lines before skipping to the end of the post.

Short updates: Sister is safe and sound in UiTM right now, her room is really quite spacious and nice and a four person room. One thing, they sure have a wider store there, UM's much smaller. Damn! Oh, but they're not selling Dove! UM doesn't too. -.-lll Only Safi or something else there, I'm not the observant type. My result's not out yet! *Fidget, fidget, fidget~
( Don't know fidget? Search Dictionary. You're learning vocab here!)


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