Want to meet new friends? Say Hi to them in this fun virtual world!

4:25 PM

Hi, readers! 

I want to share this campaign on YouthSays!

First, this is the excerpt on the campaign by Youthsays:

"Explore the new World of Everyone Connects. Not only will you get to know new friends, but you can also stream videos, listen to music, do shoutouts, get the latest football news and many more! There are so much fun in the World of Everyone Connects!"

And this is the HOME PAGE!

Entering, you will need to choose your AVATAR: 

By default, your name will be Fella OR Felli. 

It's easy to move them, just use your arrow keys!

On entering, you will be here:

Mine is RikaJue! :) 

ps:the girl in the middle of nowhere~

Some construction, just like REAL!



Meaning Cinema... :)



What's the Buzz?

From Facebook & Twitter!

Their Facebook page here.

Their Twitter page here.

That's all there is! 

To visit the site, click here!

Also, please support this campaign by clicking support on the bar at the top of the site. 

Thank you so much!

If you have any comments about this post, feel free to tell me. :)

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