Too much Tuna

2:37 PM


It's the third day the cafeteria's closed! I thought of eating rice, some healthy vegetables, maybe a bit of fish balls. Not! I had to eat a miserable meal of tuna sandwiches! I'm damn hungry. And, yeah, I know there's a thing called DELIVERY but I still had to go to 12th College to take that. WTH with DELIVERY. They're supposed to deliver right up to your door step(ok, maybe wait outside the locked gate). THAT'S DELIVERY!!

ps: Why 12th, you asked? Well, because 5th is so out of the road, they don't know where 5th is! F**k! There's even a small entrance gate! Or do they want a huge billboard for their puny eyes to see?

By the way, at the moment, I'm listening ignoring music. So, to does that have just returned from your oh-so-great holidays, just let me rant in here. I need the music full blast. I hope my laptop's speakers could hold out. Yeah, so if you're thinking of what to get for my Christmas/New Year/Birthday gift, a set of loud speakers would do just great.

Sniff. IF you remember when my birthday is.

ps: I'm sad and angry that SOME friends even forgot my birthday this year. To those that called and wished, thanks a heap. You guys and girls are the greatest!! Love you'll. Muaxxx!

Okay, my posts are getting bitchy! Live with it or just not follow. I don't freaking care. I'm fed up with controlling what I feel. Getting stomp on. F**k off. I'll blog what I like.

ps: This is a rare(haha) emotional post. Due to a miserable lunch.

ps2: Too much tuna makes my nose itchy/runny, that's why I'm in bad mood.

ps3: And I'm still hungry! I could lose 5kg like this!


Around 3pm, Tito came back with food!! So I'm safe from my hunger. Love you so much, Tito! Muaxxx!! Hahaha...In the end, I still feel full, even now. I purposely gorged myself because they were so delicious. T.T  Thank you.

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