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Asma's 1st Giveaway @ FaceBook

Her post on Asma's Felting Box @ blogspot

This is Asma's 1st giveaway since starting selling her felt crafts online. Her crafts are uniquely designed by her and crafted delicately, paying attention to details. She provides great service to her customers and keeps them informed through her posts. Her prices are in line with the cute items she made. Never too expensive, they are great as gifts and presents to loved ones, families and friends.

To go to her blog, head down to Interests on your right, just under the banner for Malaysia Craft Directory.

A testimony from a satisfied customer:

"Adorable designs and products were better than expected!! Excellent workmanship!! Entire transaction was handled professionally and great communication regarding my order!! Will be ordering again soon!!
Thanks!!!!! : ) "

Ms. Kyle McFadden; Sassy Bug Boutique; London, Ontario; Canada

Join her 1st Giveaway! I'm joining, how about you? 

Asma's 1st Giveaway @ FaceBook 

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