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9:20 PM

I keep visiting blogs. If I like their entry, I click on the Followers and become their follower. The bad side is that I'm too lazy to check on their updates in my Dashboard. Yeah, too many blog updates. Lazy to scroll down and click the link one by one. XDD

I'll need to add the links later and hopefully soon. I bookmark some to come back later and add them anyway.

I'm so bored that I love to visit blogs. Randomly, any blog. Even some which I think the blogger has left to rot. Nothing personal but the last entry was like two years ago. So I skipped that as nothing interesting in the entry either. Maybe the blogger forgot his password.

Well, will soon arrange the links next time. I'm actually dying to arrange them. I'm not a perfectionist but maybe just a little bit? Some relevant link titles like Creative Blogs(those blogs that make crafts/supply materials), Life Blogs(mostly posts about their life or happenings in life), Awesome Blogs(this one will list blogs which I think is AWESOME), Writers' Blogs(real authors or a blog that interviews them), Shopping Blogs(as the title describes itself), and others that I can't think of. Maybe a link to non-blogs too. You just have to wait and see what will happen. XDD

After this is a boring part about my finals. Please skip if you are not interested about my daily stresses. Thank you. :)

As all my course mates in UM know, today was the Property paper. I feel like vomiting right now. Seriously, I can't do even one calculation. In the end, I just went for all the facts' questions. DX Die!! I can't bear to check my notes at the moment. I know I'll end up so stressed that I'll probably cry. Maybe tomorrow morning. Just a quick look, to check whether I had the facts right. That paper was hard! And the cold DTC didn't help! WTH At least lower the damn air-conditioner! I nearly couldn't read what I wrote. Well, they were still readable, thank goodness. Hope the marker thinks so too later. The bad thing is that you need a pass, C in this paper. Anything below that like C-, REPEAT. >.< Die! XDD

Okay, I think that is enough frustration. Not to mention that bit of exam part is somewhat not relevant to the post title. But I'm not bothering myself to write about it in a new post. Leftover papers: Legal Studies, Principles of Economics and Accounting and Financial Management. Wish me luck.

A Thank You in advance if you had wished me luck. :)

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  1. jue nmpk daa ad secret admirer..
    in the middle of final..
    wow.that is something

  2. weiyh! pe ni, qiu?? O.o ku xtaw pn sape hantu t taw... giler ahh dye chat kt sna.. atau ko taw sape..haaa,gtaw ku sape 2...


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