Announcements that fail

10:51 PM

If you are one of my friends on FB, you'll know what I mean. For the moment, I haven't opened a private photo album for my screenshots of FB and other sites. I'm planning of doing that, so I can copy and paste the pictures from there at my leisure.

Okay, what do I mean by announcements that fail? First, when you announce, it's to get your information across. Like an advertisement. Just that by announcement, usually the boring but important stuff. Well, not that boring and important. Some announcement like the Registration for Semester 2, year 1, that's important, but, yeah, boring. Now, an announcement about Adam Lambert coming and doing his show? That's important and tops the list better than anything. Of course, maybe some other things would top that. Moving on, I'm getting off topic.

Well, an announcement is just that. But, not all announcement get their message across. Blame the PA system, the weather(try it during thunder and heavy downpour, who bother's listening to you?), maybe those people who needs the announcement aren't even listening(they've got MORE important news to get off their system) and other relevant reasons that I will let you think of since I'm lazy to list out all. Move your brains a little bit, don't be a spoon-fed baby.

So, yesterday was a really great weather for an announcement by the just-fixed PA system of my hostel. But, I swear that it wasn't NEW for long. You hear the usual tune *ding ding dong and that's the only sound you heard. Their voice? Okay, I know the PA system is not the type those DJ radio's have. At least make your voice audible! We can't make out the whole message! You are just wasting your pretty *cough voice, the electricity, and our time listening. From what I could make out(I have great ears,even after max volume on my earphones), you were informing something about a maintenance work. Okay, I got that, the time?


Okay, the time was just as stated above. Saturday, the 20th. Okay, checked. See, I got your announcement just right.

Then, please explain why I waited faithfully for that 2pm with bated breath, only to know that it was wrong!?

Damn! The electricity was cut off at 2:58pm! Yeah, I could include the seconds too if I had a clock with the seconds function!

Luckily for you guys(or ma'ams), I went to sleep. My room is geographically cool, blocked from the direct radiance of the Sun. So, I slept like a log. LOL And woke up at around 7pm.

Then, I just had to asked my good room mate, what time did the electricity came back on. Guess what time from the half hour the kind announcement had said?


WTH! Okay, maybe you maintenance guys had a problem fixing, I am not blasting at you.

What I'm p***ed at is that stupid, lame announcement! Get your damn facts right before you make an announcement! Or a suggestion: UPDATE if you had to start late!

And that will be tonight's post. LOL Yeah, announcements that fail.

ps: That wasn't the first lame announcement. Seriously, next time, try using the old-fashioned POSTERS since you're not used to the technology.

ps2: After this will be studying property. Happy studying to those having exams! :)

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