2nd piece

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Carl & Karl

Chapter 2

It was April the 23rd.

Melisa found out about Karl, the brown Spaniel after all. It had managed to let itself out from the cardboard box Carl made into its home in Carl’s room. Melisa had let out  a scream at first, mistaking it for a cat. She had a definite dislike for cats. But for dogs and especially puppies, she loved them very much. All the same, Carl wished she hadn’t found out. Now she wanted to name it Cutie. Carl winced at the name.

For God’s sake! He had thought in disbelief. Karl’s a male, Melisa.

Luckily, with Melisa on his side, Dad had just nodded his head when Melisa asked if they could keep the Spaniel. Then Dad went up and locked himself in his room, busying himself as usual. Ever since Mum died two years ago. The day Carl Gregory had his Graduation Ceremony at his university.

Carl sighed and watched as Melisa hugged the Spaniel in her arms. Karl looked up to him with his brown eyes. Carl smiled and walking over to Melisa, he brushed its ears. Melisa laughed as it shook Carl’s hand off. Carl’s smile saddened and turning away, he went up to his room.

As Carl laid down on his bed, he wondered if there was still a chance for his part time job at the grocery store. The Sunday he brought the Spaniel home had caused him the job. Mr. Jason  was strict about animals. Carl sighed again.

I can’t leave the pup alone, Carl thought sadly as he remembered that Sunday. The owner must have had forgotten it when he left the store. Convincing Mr. Jason about that possibility was hard and in the end, he laid Carl off. Unable to say anything more, Carl had walked out of the store with the pup scampering behind him.

Adding insult into injury, Matt Terry was entering the store. Carl sulked at the former classmate. Matt Terry, never had to lift a finger, his parents were so rich, they owned the store Carl worked in. Or previously had worked in.

Carl stepped aside as Matt went into the store. The Spaniel had let out a tiny growl.

“ Yeah, I don’t like him either.”

“ Matt doesn’t like dogs either.”

Carl looked in front of him and stared at Kerry Harriet, Matt’s girlfriend.

To be continued.

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