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This is one of the pieces of my stories. It's Chapter 1 from Carl & Karl. Still haven't figure out how how the ending would be. I will be thinking along the way. For now, I've written until Chapter 5 and stuck at that. Enjoy reading. 
By the way, I would appreciate any comments you may have about the story. Thanks!
Chapter 1 

It was a moody afternoon. It was just the afternoon for something puzzling to happen in the neighbourhood. Mr. Ford was reading his usual Sunday news on the kitchen table, his wife watching her Korean series in the living room. As she was glued to the screen, she did not hear when a loud rumble came from the garden. Mr. Ford heard however and asked her about it. Glancing up and seeing something that seemed not out of place, she replied, “Oh, just the son next door with his truck.” Mr. Ford mumbled something about problematic youths and went back to reading his paper.

Carl Gregory walked carefully to the front door. Something was following him closely behind. He had gasped at the sight of Mrs. Ford head appearing from the low windows of the house next door. Seeing her lowering her head again, he was glad he had ruined their garden plot just last week. Now, they regarded him as a trouble and did not mind him anymore. He had missed his friendly chat with Mr. Ford but now, he was very, very glad. Now, to just get into his room upstairs without so much as a whisper. His annoying 10-year-old sister would be too hard to keep silent if she saw what he had brought home this time.

“Why are you creeping up the stairs?”

Cursing, Carl swerved round and saw his sister at the foot of the stairs. A black shadow swept past him and disappeared into his parents’ room.

Thank goodness, Carl thought gladly, now to just get this brat away.

Melisa looked up at her brother. She hadn’t seen the black shadow. She had an expectant look on her face. Carl sighed and shook his head, remembering what he heard before he had left the house that morning. Melisa’s face crumpled and slowly said, “Oh well, never mind then, I’ll manage.” As she turned to the living room, Carl sighed again. He had forgotten to pick up a book for her at the mall. It was something about the basics of drawing. Melisa wanted it for her art class next week.

I’ll buy it tomorrow, Carl thought to himself as he went near his parents’ room. He hadn’t meant to forget but with what had happened that morning, a lot of things slipped his mind.

The black shadow slide slowly out from his parents’ bed. Carl smiled and held out his right hand. It went up to him and licked his hand.

It was a little brown Spaniel.

To be continued.

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