Carl and Karl

2nd piece

4:36 PM

Carl & Karl

Chapter 2

It was April the 23rd.

Melisa found out about Karl, the brown Spaniel after all. It had managed to let itself out from the cardboard box Carl made into its home in Carl’s room. Melisa had let out  a scream at first, mistaking it for a cat. She had a definite dislike for cats. But for dogs and especially puppies, she loved them very much. All the same, Carl wished she hadn’t found out. Now she wanted to name it Cutie. Carl winced at the name.

For God’s sake! He had thought in disbelief. Karl’s a male, Melisa.

Luckily, with Melisa on his side, Dad had just nodded his head when Melisa asked if they could keep the Spaniel. Then Dad went up and locked himself in his room, busying himself as usual. Ever since Mum died two years ago. The day Carl Gregory had his Graduation Ceremony at his university.

Carl sighed and watched as Melisa hugged the Spaniel in her arms. Karl looked up to him with his brown eyes. Carl smiled and walking over to Melisa, he brushed its ears. Melisa laughed as it shook Carl’s hand off. Carl’s smile saddened and turning away, he went up to his room.

As Carl laid down on his bed, he wondered if there was still a chance for his part time job at the grocery store. The Sunday he brought the Spaniel home had caused him the job. Mr. Jason  was strict about animals. Carl sighed again.

I can’t leave the pup alone, Carl thought sadly as he remembered that Sunday. The owner must have had forgotten it when he left the store. Convincing Mr. Jason about that possibility was hard and in the end, he laid Carl off. Unable to say anything more, Carl had walked out of the store with the pup scampering behind him.

Adding insult into injury, Matt Terry was entering the store. Carl sulked at the former classmate. Matt Terry, never had to lift a finger, his parents were so rich, they owned the store Carl worked in. Or previously had worked in.

Carl stepped aside as Matt went into the store. The Spaniel had let out a tiny growl.

“ Yeah, I don’t like him either.”

“ Matt doesn’t like dogs either.”

Carl looked in front of him and stared at Kerry Harriet, Matt’s girlfriend.

To be continued.


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4:25 PM

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Following blogs

9:20 PM

I keep visiting blogs. If I like their entry, I click on the Followers and become their follower. The bad side is that I'm too lazy to check on their updates in my Dashboard. Yeah, too many blog updates. Lazy to scroll down and click the link one by one. XDD

I'll need to add the links later and hopefully soon. I bookmark some to come back later and add them anyway.

I'm so bored that I love to visit blogs. Randomly, any blog. Even some which I think the blogger has left to rot. Nothing personal but the last entry was like two years ago. So I skipped that as nothing interesting in the entry either. Maybe the blogger forgot his password.

Well, will soon arrange the links next time. I'm actually dying to arrange them. I'm not a perfectionist but maybe just a little bit? Some relevant link titles like Creative Blogs(those blogs that make crafts/supply materials), Life Blogs(mostly posts about their life or happenings in life), Awesome Blogs(this one will list blogs which I think is AWESOME), Writers' Blogs(real authors or a blog that interviews them), Shopping Blogs(as the title describes itself), and others that I can't think of. Maybe a link to non-blogs too. You just have to wait and see what will happen. XDD

After this is a boring part about my finals. Please skip if you are not interested about my daily stresses. Thank you. :)

As all my course mates in UM know, today was the Property paper. I feel like vomiting right now. Seriously, I can't do even one calculation. In the end, I just went for all the facts' questions. DX Die!! I can't bear to check my notes at the moment. I know I'll end up so stressed that I'll probably cry. Maybe tomorrow morning. Just a quick look, to check whether I had the facts right. That paper was hard! And the cold DTC didn't help! WTH At least lower the damn air-conditioner! I nearly couldn't read what I wrote. Well, they were still readable, thank goodness. Hope the marker thinks so too later. The bad thing is that you need a pass, C in this paper. Anything below that like C-, REPEAT. >.< Die! XDD

Okay, I think that is enough frustration. Not to mention that bit of exam part is somewhat not relevant to the post title. But I'm not bothering myself to write about it in a new post. Leftover papers: Legal Studies, Principles of Economics and Accounting and Financial Management. Wish me luck.

A Thank You in advance if you had wished me luck. :)


Announcements that fail

10:51 PM

If you are one of my friends on FB, you'll know what I mean. For the moment, I haven't opened a private photo album for my screenshots of FB and other sites. I'm planning of doing that, so I can copy and paste the pictures from there at my leisure.

Okay, what do I mean by announcements that fail? First, when you announce, it's to get your information across. Like an advertisement. Just that by announcement, usually the boring but important stuff. Well, not that boring and important. Some announcement like the Registration for Semester 2, year 1, that's important, but, yeah, boring. Now, an announcement about Adam Lambert coming and doing his show? That's important and tops the list better than anything. Of course, maybe some other things would top that. Moving on, I'm getting off topic.

Well, an announcement is just that. But, not all announcement get their message across. Blame the PA system, the weather(try it during thunder and heavy downpour, who bother's listening to you?), maybe those people who needs the announcement aren't even listening(they've got MORE important news to get off their system) and other relevant reasons that I will let you think of since I'm lazy to list out all. Move your brains a little bit, don't be a spoon-fed baby.

So, yesterday was a really great weather for an announcement by the just-fixed PA system of my hostel. But, I swear that it wasn't NEW for long. You hear the usual tune *ding ding dong and that's the only sound you heard. Their voice? Okay, I know the PA system is not the type those DJ radio's have. At least make your voice audible! We can't make out the whole message! You are just wasting your pretty *cough voice, the electricity, and our time listening. From what I could make out(I have great ears,even after max volume on my earphones), you were informing something about a maintenance work. Okay, I got that, the time?


Okay, the time was just as stated above. Saturday, the 20th. Okay, checked. See, I got your announcement just right.

Then, please explain why I waited faithfully for that 2pm with bated breath, only to know that it was wrong!?

Damn! The electricity was cut off at 2:58pm! Yeah, I could include the seconds too if I had a clock with the seconds function!

Luckily for you guys(or ma'ams), I went to sleep. My room is geographically cool, blocked from the direct radiance of the Sun. So, I slept like a log. LOL And woke up at around 7pm.

Then, I just had to asked my good room mate, what time did the electricity came back on. Guess what time from the half hour the kind announcement had said?


WTH! Okay, maybe you maintenance guys had a problem fixing, I am not blasting at you.

What I'm p***ed at is that stupid, lame announcement! Get your damn facts right before you make an announcement! Or a suggestion: UPDATE if you had to start late!

And that will be tonight's post. LOL Yeah, announcements that fail.

ps: That wasn't the first lame announcement. Seriously, next time, try using the old-fashioned POSTERS since you're not used to the technology.

ps2: After this will be studying property. Happy studying to those having exams! :)


Too much Tuna

2:37 PM


It's the third day the cafeteria's closed! I thought of eating rice, some healthy vegetables, maybe a bit of fish balls. Not! I had to eat a miserable meal of tuna sandwiches! I'm damn hungry. And, yeah, I know there's a thing called DELIVERY but I still had to go to 12th College to take that. WTH with DELIVERY. They're supposed to deliver right up to your door step(ok, maybe wait outside the locked gate). THAT'S DELIVERY!!

ps: Why 12th, you asked? Well, because 5th is so out of the road, they don't know where 5th is! F**k! There's even a small entrance gate! Or do they want a huge billboard for their puny eyes to see?

By the way, at the moment, I'm listening ignoring music. So, to does that have just returned from your oh-so-great holidays, just let me rant in here. I need the music full blast. I hope my laptop's speakers could hold out. Yeah, so if you're thinking of what to get for my Christmas/New Year/Birthday gift, a set of loud speakers would do just great.

Sniff. IF you remember when my birthday is.

ps: I'm sad and angry that SOME friends even forgot my birthday this year. To those that called and wished, thanks a heap. You guys and girls are the greatest!! Love you'll. Muaxxx!

Okay, my posts are getting bitchy! Live with it or just not follow. I don't freaking care. I'm fed up with controlling what I feel. Getting stomp on. F**k off. I'll blog what I like.

ps: This is a rare(haha) emotional post. Due to a miserable lunch.

ps2: Too much tuna makes my nose itchy/runny, that's why I'm in bad mood.

ps3: And I'm still hungry! I could lose 5kg like this!


Around 3pm, Tito came back with food!! So I'm safe from my hunger. Love you so much, Tito! Muaxxx!! Hahaha...In the end, I still feel full, even now. I purposely gorged myself because they were so delicious. T.T  Thank you.



9:45 PM

Asma's 1st Giveaway @ FaceBook

Her post on Asma's Felting Box @ blogspot

This is Asma's 1st giveaway since starting selling her felt crafts online. Her crafts are uniquely designed by her and crafted delicately, paying attention to details. She provides great service to her customers and keeps them informed through her posts. Her prices are in line with the cute items she made. Never too expensive, they are great as gifts and presents to loved ones, families and friends.

To go to her blog, head down to Interests on your right, just under the banner for Malaysia Craft Directory.

A testimony from a satisfied customer:

"Adorable designs and products were better than expected!! Excellent workmanship!! Entire transaction was handled professionally and great communication regarding my order!! Will be ordering again soon!!
Thanks!!!!! : ) "

Ms. Kyle McFadden; Sassy Bug Boutique; London, Ontario; Canada

Join her 1st Giveaway! I'm joining, how about you? 

Asma's 1st Giveaway @ FaceBook 



8:14 PM

Today is Wednesday, about three more days till the end of this week. My papers for Semester 1, Year 1 starts on Wednesday, 24 Nov. English paper and Information Skill paper in the morning. No papers in the afternoon or evening. Then, continue on Friday, 26 Nov. Introduction to Property paper. This course decides whether you continue on to the second semester or you'll have to repeat, adding one more semester to your 8 semesters. I came up with a study timetable but not really following it. When did I ever follow a study timetable anyway? Well, back to studying. So far, I have only studied Law of Contract. A lot more to read up on.


1st project

7:51 PM

This is my very first Do-It-Yourself project. I'll find the box at home, take some pictures and show how totally different and not perfect the finished project is compared to the one on the box.

This is the only picture I have right now. Next time I'll put the picture of the box.

Carl and Karl

1st piece

7:37 PM

This is one of the pieces of my stories. It's Chapter 1 from Carl & Karl. Still haven't figure out how how the ending would be. I will be thinking along the way. For now, I've written until Chapter 5 and stuck at that. Enjoy reading. 
By the way, I would appreciate any comments you may have about the story. Thanks!
Chapter 1 

It was a moody afternoon. It was just the afternoon for something puzzling to happen in the neighbourhood. Mr. Ford was reading his usual Sunday news on the kitchen table, his wife watching her Korean series in the living room. As she was glued to the screen, she did not hear when a loud rumble came from the garden. Mr. Ford heard however and asked her about it. Glancing up and seeing something that seemed not out of place, she replied, “Oh, just the son next door with his truck.” Mr. Ford mumbled something about problematic youths and went back to reading his paper.

Carl Gregory walked carefully to the front door. Something was following him closely behind. He had gasped at the sight of Mrs. Ford head appearing from the low windows of the house next door. Seeing her lowering her head again, he was glad he had ruined their garden plot just last week. Now, they regarded him as a trouble and did not mind him anymore. He had missed his friendly chat with Mr. Ford but now, he was very, very glad. Now, to just get into his room upstairs without so much as a whisper. His annoying 10-year-old sister would be too hard to keep silent if she saw what he had brought home this time.

“Why are you creeping up the stairs?”

Cursing, Carl swerved round and saw his sister at the foot of the stairs. A black shadow swept past him and disappeared into his parents’ room.

Thank goodness, Carl thought gladly, now to just get this brat away.

Melisa looked up at her brother. She hadn’t seen the black shadow. She had an expectant look on her face. Carl sighed and shook his head, remembering what he heard before he had left the house that morning. Melisa’s face crumpled and slowly said, “Oh well, never mind then, I’ll manage.” As she turned to the living room, Carl sighed again. He had forgotten to pick up a book for her at the mall. It was something about the basics of drawing. Melisa wanted it for her art class next week.

I’ll buy it tomorrow, Carl thought to himself as he went near his parents’ room. He hadn’t meant to forget but with what had happened that morning, a lot of things slipped his mind.

The black shadow slide slowly out from his parents’ bed. Carl smiled and held out his right hand. It went up to him and licked his hand.

It was a little brown Spaniel.

To be continued.


Blogging or just Boredom

5:58 PM

I am finally going to settle down and blog. Why blog? Because I can't find a decent old-fashioned DIARY. Just kidding. It wasn't that. It's because this study/holiday week is 'killing' me. Not physically, maybe mentally. I'm bored. I NEED to blog, as a way of expressing or I might end up doodling on the white, empty wall in front of me. But, the walls saved, for now. Feel free to follow if you want. I won't kill you for not doing that.

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