Semester 1 result

2:10 PM

This is for my own reference. If you're not interested, just go to the top right corner and click on X. I won't mind because anyway this post is about my studies in UM.

For friends who's been asking my pointer, check here. Not showing off but I really don't mind who views my result. I'm actually not the type that cares who knows my result. Sharing is caring! Though, please don't ask me to teach you or something akin to that. I'm not a good teacher, seriously I'm very, very bad at it.

To those that excelled, congratulations!

To those who think that they could do better, study smarter okay. :)

Right, now if you're the type who doesn't mind viewing my result, scroll down.

My semester 1 result

My analysis:

BVEV1101: B
This is the core subject. Thank goodness a B. I think maybe the tests had helped, in a way, in a little way. Yeah, a 20++ out of 40% helped? Still, I had to pat myself on the back for this grade. Considering this is one of my must-fall-asleep subject. <<< around 60% sure I'm falling asleep >.< Oh, I didn't do the calculations' questions! I didn't remember the equations so I put my bet on the facts' questions. Wise choice anyway. :)

BVEV1102: A-
This is purely in the exam hall, coursework was A. I left the exam paper in UM. It was mostly facts. Guess I should not study last minute since I knew what I could get. I'm thanking my years in PASUM for this. 

BVEV1103: B-
Law. I knew I could do better in this! I had all the laws, the cases in my head. Thankful for the B-. Oh, one of the must-fall-asleep subject. Damn! I'll be needing lots of coffee for semester 2.

BVEV1104: A-
Accounts. Thanking PASUM again. Even the lecturer is the same from PASUM year. Though I kinda understood better that semester than the PASUM year. And his questions this time wasn't as confusing like PASUM year.

GTEE1103: B+
This I dislike so much! I pride myself in English courses, okay and to get a B+? Even my MUET's better! It must had been the letter at the back. Oh, never mind. Semester 2 is Effective Presentation Skills. Let's sharpen your speaking skills, Jue!

GXEX1401: S
Nothing much here. Just glad I passsed.

Oh, I just noticed that "Keputusan ini belum muktamad dan adalah tertakluk kepada kelulusan Senat."

So my result isn't final yet? 

Why do I feel kinda worried?

ps: If you want to spread word about what I get, please tell me first. 



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Love cooking?

Trying out new recipes?

Have your own and want to share?

Visit this site!
ps: Click on picture below. :)

Ingin belajar atau berkongsi resipi baru?  profile image

Pictures below to make you hungry and click on the above picture!

ikan masin masak asam pedas cili padi

agar-agar santan

bihun ala Singapore

ikan goreng ala Tomyam

kek batik KisahQaseh

Still not feeling hungry?

I don't believe that. You must have had your dinner recently! No fair! <<< Gedik? xP I don't care~

One last note here---------------------------------

Malaysia BOLEH!!!
ps: Though I'm not watching TV, am still supporting the team! Update me on the scores, fellow bloggers! :)



2010 ending soon

3:05 PM

You know as I know what this is going to be about mostly. Yes, all the resolutions, 2010 or the coming year 2011, of achievements, failures, what has and has not, etc.

Simply put, this post is typical and kinda boring because it's the same stuff every time a year is ending and a new year is coming. Don't you get bored with it? I know I do.

Come on, yes, you regret and hope for better next year. However, I don't want to sound so mean to all you nice people. Congratulations on your achievements, the what has/have in your 2010 life. For all the failures and what has/have not, don't fret. You still have 2011 to live them out. Just, this time try harder or maybe smarter?

I'm the type that makes resolution but not keeping to it. Yeah, 2010 resolution list, where are you anyway? Wait, I never did wrote them down or typed them here. Okay, burn that. How about 2011 resolution list? It makes me think of groceries and lectures list instead. I'm not sure doing this list helps me. Yeah, it's all the 2011 goals I might have like achieving CGPA 4.00, 42kg, jogging every morning, not falling asleep in lectures, etc.

ps: The falling asleep is kinda hard if the lectures' dull.

 So, how about your resolutions or azam? Mind sharing them? In English or Malay is okay. I won't bite you.

ps: I dislike long posts. If I could avoid the scroll bar from becoming so small that its length is only 5cm, I'll try! Besides, we all don't have long attention span anyway. You'll only be reading the first 5 paragraphs/15 lines before skipping to the end of the post.

Short updates: Sister is safe and sound in UiTM right now, her room is really quite spacious and nice and a four person room. One thing, they sure have a wider store there, UM's much smaller. Damn! Oh, but they're not selling Dove! UM doesn't too. -.-lll Only Safi or something else there, I'm not the observant type. My result's not out yet! *Fidget, fidget, fidget~
( Don't know fidget? Search Dictionary. You're learning vocab here!)



500 BLOG

3:22 PM


This blog is really interesting with cool and surprising segments. Always wanted to join one and here I am right now, writing this post and posting it in his entry after this! I checked and there are already 100 blogs joining! There's still time until 500 blogs so start yours too!

Why I want to be a blogger? Well, mostly because I wanted to vent my feelings, the method of writing down somehow lost its appeal in this modern times. Though this LWC was started in November, I can say that it has improved but I still have lots more to learn like not making the blog heavy. 

For details about me, you can read in the post "I'm a Sarawak-ian Blogger". It's mostly stated in there.

Okay, now to leave the URL of this post in his entry! Click on the banner to go there and enter! 



I'm a Sarawak-ian Blogger

12:23 PM

I'm writing this post because I'm joining the BPM for Sarawak bloggers! For now there are already 6 bloggers. I do hope there are more.

Nama Manja/Glamer : Anna<<< This is what my family calls me. Shorten from Julianna. Oh, do notice the 2 N. I get irritated when people leave out one N because then you have a different Juliana okay. And I could just ignore you.

Status anda: Taken by Teddy~ Marriage is later, still studying now. ^.^ Maybe I'll invite you to the wedding if you live nearby.

Cara hubungi: You could add me in Facebook but please state where you got my Facebook from. I don't simply accept strangers. For Twitter, you can follow me through the Widget on the sidebar. Email? Check my Blog profile if you want but no spams please.

Daerah/Jajahan: Born in Kuching, mostly living in Bintulu and currently studying in KL.

Tempat tinggal: Living during long holidays (>2weeks) is in Bintulu. Less than that means I'll be staying in my college's hostel at KL.

Apa yang menarik di tempat anda: Which one? For Kuching, there's the Cat Museum. I always enjoy going there since I'm a cat-lover. Sadly, I don't keep cats but a dog. The irony! Bintulu? Well, I didn't venture out much so all I can say is the beaches. Oh, and the playgrounds. Yes, I know I can't play anymore there. Why don't they build playgrounds for adults? I don't like the gyms. xP KL? Malls! Okay, not all but pretty much right? However I prefer Kuching more to KL. :)

Somehow I think I got a little off topic. Well, just a little anyway. At first I was thinking whether I could join this BPM since my blog's in English. But BPM had a post script saying they don't mind in Malay or English. Yeah! 1Malaysia alright! Thanks!

Now I'm ending with a little surprise. Nothing special but I hope you all did realize something.

Did you all notice?

How will you all know me if I don't show my face?

I'm not pretty, not beautiful and far from drop-dead gorgeous!

Here is one of my photos! It is a combination of four photos.

And so, the end of this post.


ps: If you are a Sawarak-ian blogger, do join! And to Pahang, Sabah, Perlis and Kedah bloggers, check BPM now!



11:22 AM

Is it too late to wish right now? I think not anyway. 

Merry Christmas!!
to all those celebrating. ^.^

I'm in Kuching and tomorrow is my sister's registration into UiTM.

After that, maybe going to my father's kampung. It' a rumah panjang.

Which means there's going to be lots of photos in the coming posts.

I couldn't take much on the way to Kuching the other day. Only photos taken during the stop in petrol stations. Taken with a camera okay, not my cell phone.
ps: You do know that you're not supposed to use your cell phone while you're in petrol stations. The place could blow up because of your cell phone.

I got sick before reaching Tatau even and literally puke,vomit, whatever you want to call it.

Okay, enough about that. Moving on to other things.

I received two awards this week. Noticed that they're the same awards. Still I'm very grateful for the awards. 

From yAzid TorPedo bloG

From ilmuna punya kata

It's really a great boost considering I'm still new in this blog community.

I've reached 100 followers too! Thanks for following!

Sorry that I can't give an award, kinda busy now and I didn't expect to get 100 while I'm in Kuching.

All the same, thanks to all followers and to my 100th follower, thank you.<<< Click to see who that is.

Oh, and the next door neighbour has his/her volume on way too high! Come on, if it's classic, I don't mind but it's the one with drums, beats, the popular songs right now. Can't you be a little respectful, considering that my grandparents are living near you guys? Where's their parents? Send in the riot squad!

Okay, forgive my idiotic rantings above. 

Some of my friends said that the result for Semester 1 is out, posted at the board in the faculty at UM. Just great! So, how soon could they post it in the Net? It's supposed to be soon right because for them to print out showed that they've already arranged it! I'll wait patiently~

Done, that's all the updates. 


ps: I feel like jamming the next door's electricity! Who knows how to do that?


Going Kuching

12:40 AM

I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog or blog walking for the coming days. I'll try maximizing my Maxis broadband and keep up-to-date with all the blog links. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

ps: When I'm back, I'll post some pictures of the trip! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to those celebrating!



Celcom user?

8:28 PM

Prepaid or Postpaid?

Doesn't matter which, as long as you are a Celcom user!


Below is the reason!

The Everyone Sale 

Malaysians to receive RM500 off popular smartphones. profile image
Click on photo!

Check out how long have you been with Celcom, check how many tokens you've earned!

Then wait till the redemption date which begins from 15 Jan 2011.

There's Blackberry Torch 9800, Blackberry Bold 9780 & 9700, Blackberry Curve 9300 & 8520.

Not any of the Blackberry fans?

There are others!
Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nokia C7 & C3, LG Optimus 7 & ONE and last: Sony Ericsson Xperia X8!

Hurry up and check how many tokens you have!

I'm checking mine now, hope I gathered lots. I'm thinking of one of the Blackberry but which one. Any suggestions?

Thanks and bye!


New Year's Eve Countdown Party!

8:06 PM

New years eve countdown party, let's go. profile image

Click on the photo!

But you can't just click without knowing a little bit right?

31 Dec 2010

Laundry bar
ps: To know where that is, click on the photo.

RSVP now, you get RM30 cash back on cover charge!
Only the first 30 people!

ps: I'm in Sarawak and I think this is in Kuala Lumpur. I'll go if I can to cover the story. Who's willing to pay for my flight ticket? <<< This is just a joke okay. 



2010 Walt Disney Movies

5:01 PM

The 2010 movies here are produced by Walt Disney and some might be co-produced by other producers too. If they are not produced with Walt Disney, they won't be listed here. Thank you.

By the way, they are not in order of latest release or rankings.

The Search for Santa Paws

Is this out yet in Malaysia? The dogs are cute!

Santa Claus has lost his magic crystal, causing him to remain mortal, threatening the future of Christmas. Coming to the rescue are the lovable Santa Buddies and assorted canine characters racing against time as they attempt to find the crystal and preserve the spirit of Christmas for the world's children. For more info, click on the photo.

Avalon High

Okay, the male leads are gorgeous. >.<

Avalon High at first appears to be a typical American high school to Allie Pennington, a transfer student, but soon the perception changes. Allie begins noticing unmistakable similarities between her new school and the legendary Camelot, and as the story progresses, Allie becomes obsessed to the point that she is convinced it's up to her to solve the mystery lest history repeat itself. For more info, click on the photo.

Den Brother

The Brother is so cute!

Den Brother is a Disney Channel Original Movie about a high school hockey player and his little sister. Alex Pearson (Hutch Dano) is the older brother attending Lemon Oaks High and has a crush on the prettiest girl in school. He desperately wants a car to impress her but his dad doesn't agree based on Alex's general attitude. In an attempt to get back in his father's good graces and get the car, he starts doing more chores and babysitting his little sister Emily (G. Hannelius). He finds himself becoming leader of his little sister's girl-scout type group called the Den Mothers. He is juggling his duties as a leader of the troop and his aspirations as a hockey player while trying to get the girl at the same time! For more info, click on the photo.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

I don't have a crush on either 3 of the Jonas brothers, Teddy!

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is a sequel to the popular "Camp Rock" movie and is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. In this film, Mitchie is excited to return to Camp Rock to jam with her friends Jason, Nate, and Shane. The crew is looking forward to spending the whole summer making music and enjoying time with all of their friends. However, a new camp (Camp Star) has opened on the other side of the lake. Many of the teachers and students who used to attend Camp Rock have left to go to Camp Star and the survival of Camp Rock hangs in the balance. One of the pivotal characters of Camp Rock (Tess Tyler) eventually ends up defecting to Camp Star. An interesting sub-plot develops as well, Nate falls in love with a girl from Camp Star named Dana Turner and they try to stick together even though their two camps are at odds with each other. Eventually the two camps decide to have a showdown to decide who stays open and who gets shut down. For more info, click on the photo.


I love horses!

Secretariat is a film based on actual events that took place in 1973. This movie is about a woman named Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) and her race horse named Secretariat. Penny's father is ill and she takes over his financially troubled stable. She decides to work with a trainer and a jockey to prepare Secretariat for Triple Crown season. After a lot of hard work and determination, Secretariat ends up winning the event and is the first horse to do so in over 20 years. Filming took place in both Kentucky and Louisiana on tracks where actual Triple Crown events are held on. If you enjoyed SeaBiscut, you definitely will not want to miss this movie. For more info, click on the photo.


Don't you just love that face of hers? >.<

Tangled is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The story is loosely based on the ancient tale of Rapunzel. Rapunzel (voice by Mandy Moore) is a girl with very long, magical hair. She is a princess who was taken from her parents castle when she was a baby and locked away in a secluded tower. A bandit named Flynn Rider (voice by Zachary Levi) ends up choosing the very same tower as a hideout and is totally unaware that a princess is held captive there. Rapunzel ends up escaping with Flynn and they embark on a hilarious adventure. This is an adventure movie, a comedy, and a musical all wrapped up into one. For more info, click on the photo.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

I don't like Tinker Bell much. Sorry to her fans.

Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue is a story about Tinker Bell long before she ever met the lost boys. Tinker Bell is discovered by a human girl by the name of Lizzy. Lizzy truly believes in fairies and eventually ends up discovering Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell inadvertently ends up putting herself in danger as well as endangering fairy kind itself. The fairies in Pixie Hollow take off on a quest to save Tinker Bell and protect their very existence. This film is computer animated just as the previous films were and the special effects are absolutely beautiful. Tinker Bell fans will not be disappointed. For more info, click on the photo.

TRON Legacy

People who've seen it said it's the best ever!

Tron: Legacy is a sequel to the original 1982 film entitled "Tron". The story focuses on a character named Sam Flynn(Garrett Hedlund) who is the technically inclined son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). Kevin has been missing for 25 years and Sam embarks on a journey to discover his father's whereabouts. He finds himself caught up in the same cyber-world his father is in. This world is full of dangerous programs and gladiator-type games. The father & son are reunited and embark on a dangerous journey into the depths of this beautiful cyber-verse. This place has gradually became more intelligent and is now far more dangerous than it ever was in the first film. Tron: Legacy is an action packed movie with dazzling special effects and everything you could ask for in a sci-fi movie. For more info, click on the photo.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

This I watched. But didn't really like.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a live action comedy based on the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" portion of the popular Disney movie "Fantasia". In modern day Manhattan, there is a master wizard named Balthazar Blake (Nicholas Cage) who takes it upon himself to protect the city from an evil wizard called Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). The evil wizard wants to claim the entire city as his own and recruits a young illusionist to help him carry out his evil plan. Balthazar does not believe he can stop Horvath by himself so he recruits a seemingly average person, Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), to help him stop the evil wizard. Dave is understandably reluctant at first but ends up joining Balthazar's cause. Dave finds himself in all kinds of hilarious situations as he struggles to learn magic from his new mentor. For more info, click on the photo.

Star Struck

How is the rating for this one?

Star Struck is a Disney Channel original movie about a girl named Jessica who ends up unintentionally falling for a pop star. Jessica is sick and tired of her little sister's obsession with an artist named Christopher Wilde and absolutely can not stand him. She accidentally runs into him and lets him know that she isn't very fond of him. Due to special circumstances involving the paparazzi, Jessica and Chris are forced to spend some time together. They get to know each other a little better and end up falling for each other. However, their relationship may be hurting Chris's chances of getting a career boosting part in a new movie and that makes things a little more complicated. For more info, click on the photo.

Toy Story 3

Love it!!

Toy Story 3 is the third installment of the popular series about a group of children's toys that come to life and engage in all sorts of wild adventures. Toy Story 3 brings back all of the characters from the previous two movies, including Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and Woody (Tom Hanks). In this installment, Andy (The child who owns the toys) is all grown up and preparing to enroll in college. The toys are supposed to be put into the attic for storage but are thrown away by accident. The toys end up on a new adventure looking for a new place to call home. For more info, click on the photo.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

I love the graphics!

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is a Disney movie based on the popular Prince of Persia video game series. It is the story of a prince who teams up with a rival princess to combat an evil ruler unleashing destruction on the world. The prince employs impressive combat and acrobatic skills throughout the adventure. The prince also acquires limited control over time and can travel in time to a certain extent. The prince is initially tricked by the evil ruler to unleash the Sands of Time which has devastating effects on the world. The prince and the princess intend to use an artifact called the Dagger of Time in order to restore the Sands of Time to the Hourglass in which it belongs. This is a very interesting story line with plenty of action and special effects. For more info, click on the photo.

Alice In Wonderland

The cat freaked me out.

Alice In Wonderland is a sequel directed by Tim Burton based on the original classic Disney movie. This sequel is filmed with a combination of live action and animation, unlike the original which was solely animation. This film tells the story of a now 19 year old Alice Kingsleigh and begins with Alice attending a party at a Victorian estate shortly after her father passes away. The party turns out to be a surprise engagement party arranged by her sister and her mother. As an arrogant upper-class male proposes to Alice, she spots a white rabbit wearing a waist coat dashing into a maze. Alice chases the rabbit, ends up falling down a rabbit hole, and finds herself in Wonderland again. An evil Queen has taken over Wonderland and it is up to Alice and some of her old friends to stop her. For more info, click on the photo.

For the source of this post, click here.

For a note, the movie descriptions are copied and pasted from the website but I linked back so just click on the photos (is this still plagiarism? do tell me). 

I watched only a few of the movies. Not much of a movie goer plus I prefer shopping for clothes albeit online. 

Okay, done with my first post that has little to do with My Story posts!


ps: I feel like blogging about Disney's princesses. But Mulan isn't one of them right? I love Mulan the most!



9:18 PM

Time for another story of my life. You'll derive yourself the moral of the story as you read it.

Okay, let's begin.

I had this good student-teacher relationship with a PJK teacher. You all know what is PJK right? Just in case your memory fails you or you never had it, it's called Physical Education (PE) in the States. Oh, when I mean by relationship, I mean I'm his student and he's the PJK teacher. The weird thing is he kinda treats me like the English teachers. He was like a father then. He's the PJK teacher in my Primary 4. Such a long time ago, right? Well, the story progresses.

During my Primary 5, he became my class teacher. I forgot what subject he taught (I'm a forgetful person,sorry). The terrible thing was he suddenly chose me to become the class leader.


Guess what I was doing when he made that faithful announcement on the first day of class?

I was talking with my friends, nearly at the back, right corner. My favorite past time.

Of course when he announced it, the class got quieter. Me, the class leader? Oh, hell!

Surprised, I didn't know what to do. I'm the type who hates responsibility at the time. Come on, I was 11 (okay, I should have been more responsible). Besides, all my life since Primary 2 till then I kinda hated anyone who became the class leader. Nothing really, just my spiteful nature maybe.

So, yeah. I was the class leader and I HATED IT!

I don't know anything about leadership. The class had their way. Most of them were the revolt type. The type that just won't quiet down. I was like a little tyrant! 

BUT still the teachers complained. The so unlucky part: My class was right behind the teachers' room!

So whenever the class got noisier, I got blamed. Believe me, that time, the teachers were like Devils!! Though I knew it was mostly my fault for not being able to be a good leader.

The part that really hurt me the most that time?

I got demoted! Yes, really despicable. My assistant became the class leader instead. It stung, okay! Plus, why not make him the class leader earlier, not after all the teachers humiliate me!

Thank goodness, I managed to run away to Mukah. Yeah me!

However, the things that happened there really hit me. I knew I was not a good leader. Seriously, I suck at it! And big time too, for mostly all the teachers in my class reprimanded me. Woe me! How I held back all my tears while they go on and on about how terrible a class leader I was. Yes, I have a tendency to cry when scolded or reprimanded. Yes, you won't cry over such a small thing as that. I get it, I'm a crybaby, there.

So being angry at myself for failing then, I took on the class leader role in Form 5. Initially wanted to become earlier but I didn't have the courage and there were other students more suitable to lead. I thought about it long and hard. Then when Form 5, they chose a person but she didn't want to take on the role.

Here was my chance!

I approached her and asked for the role. I even went to the teacher to ask for it. When the teacher told the class that I'm their leader, you could tell that the response was lukewarm. Okay, your class leader was not popular, not pretty and not super, brilliant clever. But she could do her duty well.

And so I was the class leader for Form 5A. I could only say I did well but not perfectly well. I could tell too that some of the students disliked me. Never mind, I did my duty and satisfy myself of the injustice of Primary 5. Thank you so much for that chance!

Moving on to Pre-University life, I took Foundation of Built Environment in University of Malaya. I couldn't believe my courage (OR idiotic) action. I went up on the stage to volunteer to become their girl leader for HaluanSiswa. There were three of us, not mistaken. Okay, here I got stung AGAIN. This time, it was the greatest sting ever.

Somewhere, a guy's voice said.

"Tak lawa langsung! Tak nak ahh dia jadi penghuluwati!"

Translated version: Not pretty at all! Don't want her as the girl leader!

Like, "Oh, pardon me!"

Since when did all the world leaders need to be handsome, beautiful etc.

That was forever the greatest sting I got! Thanks so very much. Do let me bow down to you who said it.

ps: The guy never owned up! Cowardly custard! You're despicable of the lot!

Well, I didn't get selected. Fine by me, after the insult anyway. Luckily, I didn't really get the insult. You see, lawa in Sarawak language means snobbish. Though I did know that the guy wasn't praising me, considering the awkward silence after his stupid comment.

But I did get to be the assistant for the class representative for my foundation course. One point here, my class leader is a hot guy. I mean he's really like a model. Okay, enough about that, I won't tell more or he'll get his trumpets and also I'll get a message from Teddy later. Teddy, you're still the hottest guy for me!

This is going to be long but since I wanted to spare you all from short-attention span, I'll cut the ending a bit.

Time passed by and I got involved in quite a lot of activities. I was more active than my Primary and Secondary life. It was really fun and I got to know lots of people.

The conclusion was that I enjoyed leading people. I mean calling the lecturers and informing the class about any happenings. I wasn't perfect. Actually I don't know how I did in their eyes. I feel like doing a survey and asking them. However, is it conceited? Because it's like I'm promoting myself and some people might think I'm so full of myself. Seriously, I just want to know how well I did as a leader. You can criticize all you want but please include ideas to improve. What I really hate is people who criticize but don't give ideas to improve. That means you're shallow, you just want to criticize.

Did you enjoy my story about leadership? It's my own story, feel free to take whatever morals you find in it.

So question here: Should I or should I not do a survey about my leadership capabilities? 

Thank you for reading. 



The language I use

11:35 PM

I'm stubborn.

Yes, I am. 


Because I only want to blog in English.

Sadly, most of the contests are in Malay. 

Though the comments are mixed. 

However, you are all still free to use Malay or English.

I may use Malay in my comments.

For the blog's posts?

Forever English.

That's a promise to LWC.



ps: That's why all my posts are in English.
ps: But my English won't be 100% perfect!


Me & My Teddy Contest

8:05 PM

Yeah! While I was blog walking a few minutes ago, I stumbled on this contest! I love it because it includes Teddy! 

Kudos to authentic for having this Me & My Teddy Contest!

So after leaving a message in her ShoutMix, time to rummage for pictures with my Teddy AKA Fawny!


Me & Fawny

Let's tell a bit about Fawny!

It's a boy. Well, I like it better as a male, no competition with other females!
Born on 2009, 20 September (when I bought him at OU for around RM30++).
Calculating---------we have been together for 1 year, 90 days. 
Fan+my=Fawny. I turn the M into W. >.<

How to join? Read below!

Rules and Regulations

  1. This is open only to those that have a blog. You must be a follower of the blog authentic. Click here!
  2. Post an entry about this contest! In your entry, include :
  • the contest banner on top and a link to the original entry <<<just click to go there. 
  • include ONLY one picture of you with your teddy bear or bunny or etc. It must be yours, not somebody's else! Tell a bit about your teddy. The picture can have lots of Teddy bears in it too. If that is the case, tell a story about one of them. You are allowed to modify your pictures but not too much, at least make the Teddy bear visible! 
3. Tag 3 other bloggers.
4. Put the contest banner on your blog's sidebar and a link to the entry 
5. Leave your link in the entry.
6. The winner will be announced in authentic.

End date: 31 December 2010

The prize is a teddy bear 
(but you can't see yet or there will be no surprise!)

Only one winner is chosen 
(who knows, you may be the LUCKY one!)

Tagged bloggers: achu & Eiya & FaLiSha 

Have fun doing this entry! 

I love you, Fawny!! >.<
ps: Went too hyper while doing this!



25 randoms

4:47 AM

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goals, about yourself. At the end,choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Okay, 25 random things, fact, habits or goals.

1 Am a girl, born a girl, okay, in other words, I'm a female. <<< Random enough right?

2 Born in Kuching Sarawak, otherwise known as Cat City.

But that doesn't mean the city is filled with cats. Just that it does have a Cat museum. Pretty nice, should visit next time you come Kuching. Although I forgot whether there's an entrance fee or not. Next time when I go, I'll jot down everything important okay. And maybe take some pictures. <<< Yeah, if I'm not lazy for that.

3 I'm keeping my hair long. Right now, it reaches somewhere above my waist. Quite long? Not. I once kept it longer than that, during Primary 4,5. That time reached my waist already. Then I had to cut it. It was getting hot and I'm tired having to tie it all the time. But I miss the feeling when the wind blows. So yeah, I'm keeping it long. Well, not so long, just below the waist a bit. The limit is before my knees. ;)

By the end of next year, I hope it to be like below:
Maybe longer than that!

4 I love blogwalking! I like to follow too, so leave your blog links with Mister Linky at the top and I'll drop by your blog. If I haven't followed you, I will then! Hence I'm not able to have a blog roll. It's too long and I don't want to inconvenient you. I like to keep my blog easy to navigate. Do tell me if my blog is slow to upload. I did minimize the amount of pictures and HTMLs.

5 I loved yellow back in Primary days. If you had known me then, a lot of my shirts were yellow. Now only two, three. You see, they're so transparent! What's with clothes manufacturers these days? Purposely making them transparent? Well, yeah. So favorite color now: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, and Purple.

6 I like writing short stories too. I like to fantasize the characters. Though the story's kinda hard to finish. I don't plot, no drafts. I just write as I go along. So the ideas run out and I'm stuck until my next idea comes along. Which by that time makes the story utterly ridiculous! <<< Truly, ridiculous! Credit to my short-term memory and my laziness.

7 I have two phones (actually I don't know what else to say by now). One's Motorola L6.

NEVER purchase this brand if you could help it, please. Mine is so unreliable! To connect it to Internet is complex, someone (I blocked the person on Facebook) in the family did managed but I'm lazy to do it. Something about activating through another's phone.

Another one's Nokia 6220 classic.
Well, Nokia is okay and I like the lenses for the camera at the back. 5 megapixel, nice! The pictures turn out great! Oh, this one's bought around PASUM years. I think before Sem 2.

8 My birthday's on the day Kuala Lumpur became Wilayah Persekutuan! Why I'm telling this? Well, a birthday wish is highly appreciated. First, find out when the date is. ^.^

9 I have at least 5 email addresses. One is specially provided by um. Two Google, Yahoo and Hotmail one each. I mostly use Yahoo. But sometimes when the file is too big, Yahoo can't open it. So I just send it to Google and problem solved for a while. Hotmail is for my Twitter, by the way. <<< Irrelevant?

10 I collect comics. Not the expensive types, please. The translated ones from GempakStarz. Some are also by our local comic artists like Ben, Kaoru, Zint etc. Though I prefer the Japanese comics. Because they use simple drawings and the panels are neatly arranged. Our local artists tend to cramp out all the space. It's like they're saying, "I have so much to draw. I need to use all the space." Even Doraemon is great. The drawings are fairly simple but you get the story. That's why it's still a favorite now. <<< I'll never grow tired of it!

11 I like drawing but hate coloring. Terrible? Yeah, really terrible. I never liked coloring in the lines and never liked the color assigned to objects. Why can't a pineapple be green instead? Not the stalk, I mean the body itself. Is it weird in drawings?

12 I love maxi dress. They're long and pleasant. Yes, I have awful legs so I want to hide them. I love the types that reach my ankles and soft, almost satin-like. I have two now. Though are they the maxi dress type?

13 I love felt crafts. This is credit to Ilah Pinkberry. I saw her buying the DIY box, got curious and tried myself. Thank goodness I tried a small type first. Quite simple. So I progressed to bigger things. Though I kinda lost the Green felt for the Strawberry leaf! Where did it disappear to anyway?! I had to purchase it somewhere, sometime. :P

14 I'm trying crochet now. I can do double trebles but nothing beyond that. Still learning though! It's going to be hard finding the yarns in KL. Know any place that sells them, preferably near UM?

15 I'm thinking of keeping a hamster after graduating. A cute nice little hamster. And naming it Kit-chan. Oh, the name happens to pop out so not related to anything.

16 I have two RED sweaters! I love them so much that they are beginning to smell. <<< Not really, okay.
I wish my sweaters are this cool but they're not. 

17 My friends list on Facebook consists of friends and strangers. 

18 I registered again on Friendster because I wanted to play the games. Now, feeling bored by it, seldom signing in.

19 I have Myspace. Which I forgot the password by now.

20 I have at least 5 important things to remember which is vital to remember OTHER important things. The 5 important things? PASSWORDS. 5 of them. Oh, including bank PIN number and phone lock. 7?

21 I have made a promise to Teddy, which I must keep! Which to others, must not know!

22 I so badly want to complete The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I have the 1st and 2nd book. I need the 3rd and 4th! The stories are really great! Love them!

23 I'm not much of a gamer. I do like games but I'm not really into them. The games I played so far are Dragonica, TinierMe, Pet Forest Online, Reign of Blood etc. The last one I only played during day time. The graphics kinda scares me.

24 I love chocolates more than cards and roses!

25 At last! Last thing, fact, habit or goal! Wait, did I tell my goal? Maybe the long hair, the series, the Cat museum. Nope, not any of them, right? Okay, the last one to state my goal. Short term for next year: Get on the Dean's List! Long term for life: Be happy with Teddy! 

Thank you for reading such a long post. I'm supposed to be tagging 25 bloggers. I know this is really long so take your time. It's fun because you get to say all the stuffs you want to tell. Try it even if you do feel it tiring! 

  • thesmuff91
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  • whitelover
  • Nurhanisah
  • FaLiSha
  • Eiya :)
  • nisa
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  • nabila
  • anis suriana
  • izzati liyana
  • nelly
  • firdaus
  • athirah salleh
  • Potretachu
  • daniel zaidi

I'm breaking the rules by only tagging 20. Why? Because I want to. *Evil laugh

Hope you had fun reading since I added some pictures.



My Decision

4:19 PM

Surprising action on a Sunday.

I want to change my course. It's not on a weak feeling. I really want to change!

I don't like the course now (Estate Management).

To me, it involves a lot of dealing with people and being introvert, it's scary!

I want to take Computational Science, at UNIMAS. Why that course and why there?

Well, Computational Science is like programming and seeing all those codes perk my interest!
Even the HTML of this blog is awesome! I want to know how to design templates too!

UNIMAS is because it is in Kuching. You know, it's sad when it's where you're born but you don't know a thing about the place. The only place I know is my grandparents house! :(

I don't like KL. Yes, there's lots to see but it's so crowded! I don't like too many humans. I'm sick of that place. No offend but being used to a boring town where there's nothing going on gets to you. You'll end up missing the calm of the boring town.

So yeah. I want to change my course. It's a big decision in my life. I've told my parents of my intentions and now to wait their say. *Sigh

I'm almost 20 now but I still depend on them. That makes me sick and guilty. I wish I could start working while studying.

The course I wish to take, don't worry about it. You won't hear me complaining any more about "It isn't my choice!"

Computational Science is going to be hard, with Calculus and Algebra which hopefully my math brain hasn't become moldy. I need the math exercise! I feel my brain silently screaming for math exercises!

So, could I ask whoever is reading my blog? Could you help me in prayers? I really decide the course myself. It's interesting, learning codes and programs. I'll love it straight away. Could you help make my decision come true?

Thank you.


For so long

10:01 PM

I am happy now. Maybe not as happy as I had been once or maybe not as happy as I could be in the future. However, this feeling of happiness is in the present. A feeling of joy and content. To think I nearly could never feel this way before.

It has been awhile. The uproar caused by a person who once lived. Yes, a suicide is a horrible thing. But is it really stupid?

To end one's own life is terrible. But why is it a must to say that, to conclude that the person was stupid in ending their own life?

How can you judge the person? Are you qualified to say that? Were you in their shoes?

Once, I myself nearly did it. I confessed that it was due to my own selfish reasons. Will you deem me stupid and useless and not thinking of God, of His retribution to those who commits suicide?

All thoughts of uselessness were in my head at the time. The knife held firmly in my hand. The target was my left wrist. Yes, you cower, you shudder, you're surprised, shocked. You may be thinking, "This girl is crazy." "She's pitiful." "She's seeking attention."

I was thinking how useless. Why was I born? Why didn't I die? I was a weak baby, wasn't I? I wasn't hospitalized but I was born before I was actually due to come into this world. Yet, I fought. I wanted to live to see what is in this world.

It was in Form 4. A friend did noticed the scars on my left wrist. I brushed her off. Because I sensed nothing but disgust in her words, in her voice. She wasn't pitying me but she was inclined to preach, to show how she herself would never do such a thing. To show me that it was a stupid, terrible and useless act.

I lived on till now because I promised myself that until I see right, until the time really comes, then I'll put an end.

Why would you say the person who died of suicide, a stupid person?

I call them brave. They knew the pain of the act, they knew that they wanted to go. They accepted death willingly. Would you have the courage for that? Will you willingly accept Death at your door?

Yes, your God says do not waste the life that was given to you. No one but God should take your life. But ask yourself this. What are your words really saying?

By using God in your sayings, you are actually saying, "I represent God therefore I'm telling you this."

Please stop using His words as yours. You are not Him. The person is already gone. He/She is not there to listen, to read your sayings. Save your breath, stop trying to show that you care, when you never did before.

Suicidal persons are people who have lost hope, are people who have hope.

They lost hope and give up. These are the people who really wanted to go, they don't want to live any more. They think, "Yes, I'm useless and horrible. Everyone won't remember me when I'm gone."

They have hope and want to go. They think, "Please, let this world be a better place for others, without me. I cause nothing but trouble. When I'm gone, I hope everyone will be happier."

The person who had left, with the hope still fresh in their mind, let them rest in peace. Don't say that they are stupid and useless. Who are you to call them that?

You never cared. Remember. Was there a moment in the past. That the person suddenly approach you, wanting to tell you something? But you were busy, you didn't care.

Remember. Was there a moment that the person stare out far away. Looking in the distance with a smile on their face. They were thinking, "What a wonderful place I live in but I feel useless."

Remember. Was the person saying things you don't understand? Because the person was so nervous in case you think they are stupid and useless?

You won't remember all this. It's the same with me. I won't remember all that. I was busy, a lame excuse we all use to save ourselves. In truth, we regret. "If only I had called, if only I had sensed it."

There is regret. There is hope.

I was once suicidal. Thinking what is my purpose living now. Why am I still living when others have died. Through old age, accidents, war, diseases, even suicides. Why do I still live?

I can't say I believe or not in God. Yet I seek His guidance, selfishly seeking it.

I want to feel that I belong. That I am not useless. Not matter how small is my part in this world, I want to be useful, to be felt needed.

Even if finding myself in a course I don't like, in a group of friends that sometimes I care or not, in a room that I feel alone.

I want to be felt needed.


Happy Anniversary, Teddy!

Sorry for the solemn post above, it was to build up the suspense. You know I just love to bully you a bit.

Sorry again to readers but it's true, I did nearly commit suicide though the scars are gone now.

Yes, I'm horrible for posting this, making you feel all guilty for saying STUPID to suicides.
ps: Better not highlight the blank or you'll get offended. I DID warn you!
Oh, I forgot I disabled highlight to avoid copies! Well, never mind, better not to know, right?

Just let me off this once. 

After all, at 12am midnight is Teddy's and my 1st anniversary.

It has been a long tiring 1 year journey.

From friends, we became best friends.

Then lovers. Though there was a misunderstanding.

Okay, the misunderstanding was my part. I thought he rejected me. XD

But, yeah.

Happy Anniversary!

I never thought I'll be in love for a year.

My relationships never did last long before (a month, 3 months and about 6 months?).

And so, we are now a year in our relationship. YAY!

And, Teddy, the feeling of joy and content in the beginning of this post.

They are caused by you.

Thank you for always being by my side.

I love you so much, Teddy.

ps: Don't worry. I never think of suicide anymore. But these people who say STUPID should really reflect on themselves first before labeling others. To me, they're the STUPID ones! 

Anyone offended? Take it to the comments box! I'll be happy to debate with you.
Just a warning, you MIGHT get more offended. *Evil laugh



Blog Award

10:04 PM

Drum roll please!

Thanks to M@gd@lene for this blog award.

My first one and I'm passing to friends who are as active as me in blogging. :)

Qiu - I truly like reading your blog. You have more pictures than mine. 
ps: I'm lazy in posting pictures! XD

tHesmUff - UM friend. Seriously, I didn't know we are that near, same Youthsays and now same Blogger! 
ps: My room mates know you. But they told me not to tell you who they are. -.-

Okay. About this award:

There are NO RULES in getting this award. 
You can grab it and NOT link back to the giver (Anonymous giver).
You can pass it on to other bloggers too, it's your choice.

Again, thanks, M@gd@lene for the award. 
ps: And I'm tagging you back! XD


Short Quickie

No new updates on the UM results. The University didn't even inform us when the results are going to be available. Oh, great, give us the cliffhangers. So, I'll just be playing games and doing crafts until a hardworking soul someone stumbles onto the announcement for the results. Hopefully by next week, please. Course registration is 20-26 Dec. I need to know whether I pass THE compulsory course. 

I'm so vulnerable to DIY crafts, especially felt! Bought three boxes and currently cutting out templates for one box. Will MAYBE upload some photos. When I feel like doing it because I kinda don't like taking photos and uploading them. Gawd! I'm boring you all! 

Oh, I saw my little (6 years old) brother playing an old childhood game on his laptop! Got it in my laptop now. Again, MAYBE will upload some print screens of the game. Seriously, like that game so much! 

And that's all the updates there are. 


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